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an- pref.(3)
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(a) In words inherited from OE: an-biden, an-elen kindle; (b) in words not attested in OE with this prefix, but occurring in early ME up to c1225: an-belȝen, an-bursten; also an-ēlen kindle, an-hongen hang (sb.), which are current throughout the ME period; (c) in words not attested before c1300 (most of which are still current in the 15th cent.), all of them with stems beginning with a vowel or with h: an-angred, an-arwen, an-elen anoint, an-eling, an-enden, an-heien, an-heten, an-hitten, an-hungred, an-ugged.

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Note: Deleted an-hebben from (a) per slip--JL