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endenten v.
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(a) To make notches, dents, or indentations in (something); give (something) a toothed, serrate, or jagged character or appearance; (b) fig. heckle.
endent(ed ppl., (a) of jewels: set or mounted (in gold, etc.); also fig.; (b) of a surface or object: set, enchased, decorated (with precious stones, etc.); also fig.; (c) of a structure: framed or braced (with steel).
Her. Surround (a shield, or the charge of a coat-of-arms) with a border of notches or toothlike indentations.
Law (a) To make a written formal agreement or contract, to write or draft an indenture;--often followed by with, betwen, betwix phr.; (b) fig. to make a covenant (between God and man); (c) endented, ppl., made in the manner of an indenture: bil endented, deed ~, wil ~, writing ~, etc. [An indented document was usually, if not always, written in two or more identical versions. Orig. these were written on a single sheet of parchment and then cut apart along a zigzag, or 'indented' line. Each party to the agreement retained one copy, which he could readily authenticate by matching its serrate edge with that of another copy.]