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drenchen v.
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Note: Cp. drinchen, drinken.
(a) To drown (sb.), kill by drowning; (b) refl. to drown oneself; also, to die by drowning; (c) to drown, be drowned; (d) fig. to engulf (sb. or sth.), overwhelm, plunge (sb. into sth.), destroy; -- also refl.; also, to be engulfed or overwhelmed, to plunge (into sth.); ~ in teres (sorwe), drown (sb.) in tears (sorrow), be drowned in tears.
(a) To sink (a ship, its cargo, etc.); to scuttle (a ship); also fig.; (b) to sink, be sunk, go under.
(a) To inundate (a country, etc.), flood; (b) to soak (sth.), steep, immerse, dip, drench; also fig.; (c) to sink (into sth.), permeate, become closely involved with; (d) to make (a medicine) penetrate (into the body).
(a) To give (sb.) drink; (b) to poison (sb.) with a drink; (c) to swallow (food or drink).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1425 Chauliac(2) (Paris angl.25)276/27 : An vlcer wiþ softe, deed flesche is þat in þe whiche drenched [*Ch.(1) marcide; L marcida.] flesche is founden wiþoute kynde.
  • Note: New sense
    Note: Gloss: Of flesh: decayed or withered.--per MLL