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drēm n.(2)
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(a) A vision experienced in sleep, a dream; a nightmare; a prophetic dream; (b) dremen ~, meten ~, sen ~, to have a dream; in ~, on ~, in a dream or dreams; sweven and ~, ~ or sweven; (c) coll. dreams, dreaming.
(a) A vision;(b) ?a prophecy, ?a prophetic dream;(c) ?imagination, fancy.
In cpds. or combs.: ~ reder, one who interprets dreams, one who foretells the future from dreams; also a soothsayer or diviner; ~ reding, the interpretation of dreams.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: In sense 1.(b), the quot. c1450(c1380) Chaucer HF 9 does bit belong in this subsense, which is phrases. This is not sweven and ~ or ~ or sweven, though both terms appear in the quot. I think Chaucer intends drem and sweven as contrasts, as the pair avisioun (a false dream, dream sent by the Devil) and revelacioun (a communication from God) above. The gloss in sense 1.(a) (where the aforementioned Chaucer quot. probably belongs) misses this subtlety.
Note: Sense 2.(a) needs to be clarified: does it refer to the vision of someone who is awake (in contrast to sense 1.(a))--if so, this needs to be made explicit. (See avisioun n., sense 2.)--notes per MJW