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dǒuen v.(1)
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Of actions or things: to have worth or validity; be useful, profitable, helpful, or effective; avail; ~ the better, turn out all the better; ~ litel (neked), have little (no) effect, avail little (nothing).
(a) To be good, useful, profitable, helpful, or alleviating (to sb.); avail; (b) impers. to be possible or opportune (for sb.); (c) impers. to be fitting or proper; be becoming or due (to sb.); -- often with hit.
Of persons: (a) to be strong; (b) to be capable (of doing sth.), able (to do); (c) to have success, prevail, be victorious; (d) to have courage, be brave.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1350 Ballad Sc.Wars (Jul A.5)90 : Ay Toupe…es redy þare; A-gayn him yitt es nane þat dou [rime: prou]; On yonde-alf Humbre es ay Bare, Be he sped, sal side ssou.
  • Note: New spelling: sg. 3 dǒu.
    Note: ?Belongs to sense 3.(c).--notes per MLL