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alleǧǧen, allēgen v.(1)
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Note: Cp. alleien.
Law To make a formal declaration in court, either by way of bringing a charge, in defense against a charge, in support of a right, or in justification of a claim; ~ matier, present evidence; ~ chartres, present documents in evidence; ~ ayeins, make (a charge) against (sb.), make an allegation; ~ ayein, answer a charge; ~ the lawes, appeal to the law; ~ the right, if you claim the privilege [c1400 Pearl]; ~ exempcion, claim exemption.
Theol. & phil. (a) Adduce (sth.) as proof or by way of exemplification; cite (the Scriptures, an author) in support of a doctrine, assertion, or claim; ~ scripture; appeal to (faith, reason); quote (the Scriptures, an author); (b) ppl. quoted, cited (passage).
(a) To claim or charge (sth.); (b) to accuse or inveigh against (sth., sb.); ~ (might) ayein, do violence to, infringe upon.
(a) To plead or appeal; offer (sth.) as an excuse, an explanation or justification; ~ resouns (innocence); offer (prayers) [L allegare preces]; (b) to state or assert (sth.); express (an opinion, apprehension).