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dashen v.
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(a) To strike (sb., sth.) violently, as with a weapon; dash to pieces, shatter; ~ to peces, ~ a two; ~ doun, strike or knock (sb., sth.) down; ~ out, knock or dash out (teeth, the brain); ~ to deth, kill (sth.) with a blow; (b) to deliver violent blows; spread ruin.
(a) To break up (a marriage); (b) law to quash, annul.
To beat or roll (drums); of drums: to roll, reverberate.
(a) To proceed swiftly; rush, dash; ~ forth; ~ on, assault (the enemy); ~ togeder, clash; -- intr. & refl.; (b) to fall precipitously, collapse; ~ doun; ~ to grounde, crash to the ground.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1450(a1338) Mannyng Chron.Pt.1 (Lamb 131)11185 : Þe ladies lede Many fair palfray…In mud, in mires, to soille & dasche Siþen in wayres to watre & wasche.
  • Note: New spelling: Also..dasche.
    Note: Probably belongs to sense 4.(a).--per MLL