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dampnen v.
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Note: Cp. condempnen.
To pass adverse judgment upon (sth., sb.); condemn or repudiate (a doctrine); object to or condemn (a practice); ban (a book); blame, censure or criticize (sb.).
Law (a) To declare (sb.) guilty; convict, condemn to death; (b) to sentence (sb.); -- with to (of) phrase, inf. phrase, or that clause.
Theol. (a) To consign (sb.) to perdition, condemn to hell, damn; also, cause to be damned; ~ for ai, ~ withouten ende, damn eternally; (b) ~ to (in) hell; ~ to dol, peine.
Ppl. (also as noun): (a) theol. damned to eternal suffering in hell; the damned; (b) doomed or destined (to die, to be destroyed, etc.).
Law (a) To declare (sth.) illegal: outlaw (a currency); condemn or confiscate (inferior merchandise); (b) to void (an item of record).