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cristal n.
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(a) The transparent form of crystallized quartz, rock crystal; (b) some material resembling crystal; (c) fig. the clear part of the eye [see cristalline]; (d) in comparisons: bright as ~, cler as ~, shinen as ~, etc.
(a) A box or container made of crystal, a reliquary of crystal; crois ~, a crystal reliquary shaped like a cross; (b) a small piece of crystal used as a gem; crystal regarded as a precious stone; (c) a slab of crystal; a piece of crystal acting as a mirror; (d) a piece of crystal used in foretelling the future; loken in ~, to indulge in crystal gazing; (e) med. crystal as a remedy, powdered crystal dissolved in drink; drinken ~, poudre of ~.
In translations from the Old Testament: ice; hail.