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crāven v.
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(a) To ask for (sth.), ask (sb.) for (sth.), beg, pray, request; be asking; (b) ~ after (for, upon), to ask for (sth.); ~ at (of, on, unto), ask (sb.), beg, importune; (c) to beg, be a beggar; (d) to ask (sb. to do sth., that sth. be done, to have sth.); (e) to claim (sth.) as one's due; demand (rent, tithes, wages, inheritance, etc.); also fig.; ~ lif of, require (someone's) life of (sb.), hold (sb.) responsible for (someone's) death; ~ right, demand (someone's) rights, seek justice for (sb.).
To long for (sth.), desire.
(a) To ask (a question), question (sb.); (b) to interrogate (sb.) judicially [cp. Mat. 5.25; Luke 12.58].