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cǒverlī̆te n.
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A cloth for covering a bed; bedspread, coverlet.
A piece of cloth used for covering various other objects: an altar cloth, a pall, a couch cover, a cloak, etc.
Combs. ~ maker, ~ wever, ~ yarn.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1359) Doc.Beverley in Seld.Soc.142 : De quolibet textore, pro pannis iiij vel coverlitts texatis, quadrantem.
  • Note: Additional quot.
    Note: Probably belongs to sense 1.
  • (1390) Doc.Beverley in Seld.Soc.1433 : Ordinatum est…quod quilibet artifices…viz. mercers et drapers…walkers, coverlidwevers…and workmen habeant suos ludos et pagentes paratos…qualibet die in festo Corporis Christi.
  • Note: Needed for date; belongs to sense 3.
    Note: Modify gloss to include only quots. referring to members of the craft guild in this sense. Gloss: 3. A member of the weavers' guild; ~ maker(e (wever(e).
    Note: The (1469)quot. can be placed in sense 1. with ~ yarn placed after the existing gloss there.
    Note: This quot. has been taken back to books.
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