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Michigan Family Review (MFR), an open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary publication founded by the Michigan Council on Family Relations (MiCFR) in 1995, focuses on professional application and scholarly inquiry. Traditionally, MFR has been published once a year with each volume highlighting a single theme.

MFR provides a forum for a wide range of professionals and others interested in strengthening family life. Readers and contributors include educators at many levels in several fields, social service staff, researchers, attorneys, medical and health personnel, clergy, and public policy makers, as well as practitioners in community and citizen-action groups, and family members themselves.

The primary purpose of MFR is to publish empirical articles and critical literature reviews about contemporary problems confronting families and those who provide service to them. Articles are intended to be succinct statements of issues, research findings, theoretical ideas, policies, or program recommendations that will be useful in practice. Critical reflections drawn from experience working with families in the field or students in the classroom as well as curricula suggestions also will be considered for publication in MFR. If a submission focuses more on reflection we may invite a rejoinder to assist in placing the reflection in a scholarly context.

Views presented in articles do not necessarily represent the views of the MFR editor, editorial board members, or the MiCFR board or membership.

Publication Information

MFR was published in print from 1995 to 2003 and is now available only online. One thematic issue is published each year and is available as an open-access journal through agreement with Michigan Publishing at The University of Michigan Library.


How many issues are published each year?

Typically one issue is published annually, normally in November or December. In select years, there may be two issues per year.

Is this journal peer-reviewed?

Yes, MFR is double-blind peer-reviewed. Every submission is reviewed by scholars in the broad, interdisciplinary area of Family Studies. The editor attempts to find the most qualified and relevant peer reviewers for each submission, and depends on reviewer input when making their decisions about submissions. At least two blind peer reviewers review each submission before the editor makes a decision on a manuscript.

When are new submissions accepted for Michigan Family Review?

There is a Call for Papers for each issue of Michigan Family Review. Prospective authors should consult the current Call for Papers to find out the deadline for submissions and the general theme of future issues of this journal.

How long does the review process take?

While the length of the review process varies at times, the general editor attempts to make a decision on submissions within 8-12 weeks of receipt.

What is the current acceptance rate for submissions?

In 2012-2013 (for the 2013 issue), the acceptance rate was 42%. In 2013-2014 (for the 2014 issue), the acceptance rate was 38.5%.

What is an open access journal? What does “open access” mean for Michigan Family Review?

Since its 2004 issue, Michigan Family Review has been an online, open access journal. This means that no license, subscription, or registration is required for access to Michigan Family Review. Michigan Family Review is freely available on the web to readers across the world.

Does Michigan Family Review charge any author processing charges (APCs) or page fees?

There is no cost to authors to submit or publish work in Michigan Family Review.

Do Michigan Family Review publications have DOI numbers?

Yes, beginning with the Fall 2015 issue, each article published in Michigan Family Review will be assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number.

Do authors retain copyright when publishing in Michigan Family Review?

Yes, authors retain the copyright and agree to make their work available under the Creative Commons “Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives” license (CC BY-NC-ND). Permission for instructional uses are not necessary, since Michigan Family Review is accessible without charge to teachers and students alike. Permission for other uses is managed by the authors, who retain copyright for their work. This particular Creative Commons license generally allows readers to distribute and copy the article, as long as they credit the original author(s) and the original source of publication (Michigan Family Review), and do not modify the article without authors’ permission. If authors or readers have specific questions about copyright, they should direct their questions to the general editor of Michigan Family Review.


General Editor

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Guest Editor: Special Issue on Race, Ethnicity and Families

Jennifer Haskin, PhD
Barrett Honors Faculty
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Arizona State University
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