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Special character searching: To search for special Middle English characters, please use the upper case characters specified below:

  • to search for thorn (Þ, þ) or eth (Ð, ð), use T (uppercase T)
  • to search for ash (Æ, æ), use A (uppercase A)
  • to search for yogh, use Y (uppercase Y)
  • to search for the oe ligature, use O (uppercase O)
  • Other characters (long a, long o, etc.) are included in searches for all other normal lowercase occurrences of that letter (a, o).

    Regular expression searching: It is possible to use wildcard characters in a modified form of regular expression searching to look for variants on spelling or form of a word.

    * means zero or more of any character
    ? means one of any character
    [ ] means any one of the characters in brackets

    For example:

    tak "tak" as a complete form tak
    *tak "tak" at the end of a word psitak, stak, tak, thistel-tak
    tak* "tak" at the beginning of a word tak, takel, ta macronken, taket, etc.
    t[aeiou]k "tak", "tek", "tik", "tok", "tuk", as complete forms tak, tik, tuk
    t*aunce "t" followed by zero or more of any character before "aunce", as complete forms temperaunce, traunce, tresaunce, etc.
    tr?m "tr" followed by any one character before an "m", as complete formstrim, trum
    t???m "t" followed by any by any three characters before an "m", as complete formstharm, theim, thrum

    Click here for more help in searching.

    A search form with full regular expression searching is also available.

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