Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 6.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Remarks to ``The One-Legged Brigade'' [1]

May 22, 1863

The President complimented the Chaplain, and said there was no need of a speech from him, as the men upon their crutches were orators; their very appearance spoke louder than tongues. As their Chaplain had alluded to the work he was at present very busy about, viz. in cleaning the devil out of Washington, the President hoped that when we could present that famous adversary at the

Page  227White House on his stumps, and therefore somewhat incapable of further rebellion against constituted and divine authority, that we would let him know. Whereupon the Chaplain informed the President that he would send him word when the funeral of that arch rebel and great secessionist was to take place.


[1]   Washington National Intelligencer, May 25, 1863. Other papers give brief mention of the visit to the White House of ``The One-Legged Brigade,'' convalescent veterans at St. Elizabeth Hospital. The veterans were introduced by their chaplain, the Reverend J. C. Richmond, in a short speech to which Lincoln replied.