Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  267

Memorandum Concerning Bank Account of Stuart & Lincoln [1]

Jany. 24th. 1842.

I this day drew $71.70 cents being the ballance of Stuart & Lincoln's deposit in Bank, [2] and deposited $60.41 cents thereof to the credit of Logan & Lincoln, $20. of which is for the use of Stout, Ingoldsby & Co [3] and $40.41 for the use of Daniel Stafford Jr. [4] The remaining $11.29, not knowing exactly to whom it belongs, I have put in my pocket, holding myself responsible to whomever may hereafter prove to be the owner. A. LINCOLN

1842---Feb 28---$50 of the above this day drawn from Bank and loaned to Noah Richard, [5] with Noah Matheny as surety



[1]   Copy, ISLA.

[2]   The partnership of Stuart & Lincoln was dissolved and the firm of Logan & Lincoln began doing business April 14, 1841.

[3]   Unidentified.

[4]   Son of Daniel Sattley Stafford?

[5]   Noah M. Rickard, an older brother of Sarah Rickard. (See Lincoln to Speed, June 19, 1841, supra.)