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An Interactive Cellular Automata Music Application in Cocoa Millen, Dale
Some recent actions to preserve, document and disseminate electroacoustic music by Latin American composers Dal Farra, Ricardo
Sounds of a Community: An Interactive Sound Installation Gluck, Robert J.
SDIF sound description data representation and manipulation in computer assisted composition Bresson, Jean; Agon, Carlos
M2 Diffusion - The live diffusion of sound in space Moore, Adrian; Moore, Dave; Mooney, James
Proposal for a Roundtable Discussion on the Role of Abstract Mathematics in Computer Music Fritts, Lawrence; Mazzola, Guerino; Morris, Robert; Rahn, John; Andreatta, Moreno
Cellular Automata Mapping Procedures Beyls, Peter
A New Efficient Approach to Query by Humming Fu, Leon; Xue, Xiang-yang
Khorwa: A musical experience with « autonomous agents » Malt, Mikhail
Learning to Play the Flute with an Anthropomorphic Robot Solis, J.; Bergamasco, M.; Isoda, S.; Chida, K.; Takanishi, A.
Adaptive High-level Classification of Vocal Gestures Within a Networked Sound Instrument Freeman, Jason; Ramakrishnan, C.; Varnik, Kristjan; Neuhaus, Max; Burk, Phil; Birchfield, David
Harmonizations of time with non periodic ordered structures in discrete geometry and astronomy Escudero, Juan García
Stochastic Estimation of Bsf Ilomôki, Tuukka; Kortesniemi, Yki
Predicting Reinforcement of Pitch Sequences via LSTM and TD Franklin, Judy A.
Spectral Tuning Lyon, Eric
MATConcat: An Application for Exploring Concatenative Sound Synthesis Using MATLAB Sturm, Bob L.
Spectral Characteristics of the Musical Iced Tea Can Sturm, Bob L.; Pope, Stephen T.
DIEM: Studio Report Siegel, Wayne
The Sonic Scanner and the Graphonic Interface Overholt, Dan
Interactive Paths Through Tree Music Shatin, Judith
Gem for pd - recent progress Zmölnig, Johannes M.
Signals and Systems Using MATLAB: An Effective Application for Exploring and Teaching Media Signal Processing Sturm, Bob L.; Gibson, Jerry
A Comparison between Local Search and Genetic Algorithm Methods forWavetable Matching Wun, Simon; Horner, Andrew; Ayers, Lydia
Understanding the Mathematics of the Frequency Transform: An Interactive Tutorial for Computer Musicians Pietrusko, R. Gerard; Boulanger, Richard C.
Searching for Sounds: A Demonstration of and FindSounds Palette Rice, Stephen V.; Bailey, Stephen M.
Latency Tolerance for Gesture Controlled Continuous Sound Instrument without Tactile Feedback Môki-Patola, Teemu; Hômôlôinen, Perttu
University of Leeds Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music Ng, Kia
An Object-Oriented Model of the Xenakis Sieve for Algorithmic Pitch, Rhythm, and Parameter Generation Ariza, Christopher
Evolving electroacoustic music: the application of genetic algorithms to time-domain waveforms Magnus, Cristyn
A Search for Best Error Metrics to Predict Discrimination of Original and Spectrally Altered Musical Instrument Sounds Horner, Andrew; Beauchamp, James; So, Richard
Synthesizing Timbre Tremolos and Flutter Tonguing on Wind Instruments Ayers, Lydia
Copy-synth-patch: A Tool for Visual Instrument Design Laurson, Mikael; Norilo, Vesa
Polyphonic Pitch Identification and Bayesian Inference Cemgil, Ali Taylan
WONDER - a software interface for the application of Wave Field Synthesis in electronic music and interactive sound installations Baalman, M. A. J.; Plewe, Daniel
A Performer's Musicological Research in Performing Interactive Computer Music ‒ The performance of Jean-Claude Risset: Duet for One Pianist‒Eight Sketches for MIDI Piano and Computer (Max program) (1989) Li, Wuan-chin
Designing for Emergent Behavior: a John Cage realization Burns, Christopher
IRIN: Micromontage in Graphical Sound Editing and Mixing Tool Caires, Carlos
AALIVENET: An agent based distributed interactive composition environment. Spicer, Michael
Cellular Automata in MIDI based Computer Music Burraston, Dave; Edmonds, Ernest; Livingstone, Dan; Miranda, Eduardo Reck
Analysis and Reconstruction of Interactive Electroacoustic Works for Obsolete Technology: Thea Musgrave's Narcissus Wetzel, David Brooke
Pitch Perception of Time-Varying Notched Noise - Hearing the absent frequencies Oishi, Satoshi; Hashimoto, Shuji
A Hierarchical Approach to Onset Detection Kapanci, Emir; Pfeffer, Avi
Linux as a Mature Digital Audio Workstation in Academic Electroacoustic Studios - Is Linux Ready for Prime Time? Bukvic, Ivica Ico
Adding Machine Cognition to a Web-based interactive composition Whalley, Ian
Optimal Filtering of an Instrument Sound in a Mixed Recording Given Approximate Pitch Prior Ben-Shalom, Adiel; Dubnov, Shlomo
Real-time Pitched/Unpitched Separation of Monophonic Timbre Components Sarlo, Joseph A.
Automatic Generation of Grouping Structure based on the GTTM Hamanaka, Masatoshi; Hirata, Keiji; Tojo, Satoshi
pmpd : Physical modelling for Pure Data Henry, Cyrille
MEDIATE: Key Sonic Developments in an Interactive Installation for Children with Autism Timmerman, Hans; van Wolferen, Gerard; Newland, Paul; Kunath, Simon
Cybersongosse 7Mi Clozier, Christian; Le Duc, Jean-Claude; Mihalic, Alexander
Robust Polyphonic Midi Score Following with Hidden Markov Models Schwarz, Diemo; Orio, Nicola; Schnell, Norbert
Enhancing Musical Experience through Proximal Interaction Tanaka, Atau; Authier, Antoine; Valadon, Guillaume; Violette, Laurent
Learning Expressive Performance Rules in Jazz Ramirez, Rafael; Hazan, Amaury
Centre for Digital Music: Studio Report Bello, Juan P.; Sandler, Mark
Musical Genre Classification by Instrumental Features Zhu, Jiajun; Xue, Xiangyang; Lu, Hong
Loop-based Composition with RTcmix and Hula Gibson, John
Introducing and Analyzing the Electro-Acoustic Bottle Penttinen, Henri
Composition for Ubiquitous Responsive Sound Environments Livingstone, Dan; Miranda, Eduardo
Sybil: Synthesis by Interactive Learning Clarke, Michael; Watkins, Ashley; Adkins, Mathew; Bokowiec, Mark
Three Approaches to the Dynamic Multi-channel Spatialization of Stereo Signals Keyes, Christopher J.
Automatic Genre Classification as a Study of the Viability of High-Level Features for Music Classification McKay, Cory
MidiTron MIDI to Real-World Interface Singer, Eric
GAIA: Graphical Audio Interface Application Topper, David
Phase Models to Control Roughness in Additive Synthesis Tind, Erling; Jensen, Kristoffer
Interactive Performance withWireless PDAs McAllister, Graham; Alcorn, Michael; Strain, Philip
PTL, a new sequencer dedicated to graphical scores Henry, Damien
Musical Time in Visual Space Evans, Brian
Automatic Discovery of Right Hand Fingering in Guitar Accompaniment Trajano, Ernesto; Dahia, Márcio; Sanatana, Hugo; Ramalho, Geber
From the visualization of sound to real-time sonification: different prototypes in the Max/MSP/Jitter environment Sedes, Anne; Courribet, Benoit; Thiébaut, Jean-Baptiste
Teabox: A Sensor Data Interface System Allison, Jesse T.; Place, Timothy A.
Annotated Music for Retrieval, Reproduction, and Sharing Hirata, Keiji; Matsuda, Shu; Kaji, Katsuhiko; Nagao, Katashi
Re-coupling: the uBlotar synthesis instrument and the sHowl speaker-feedback controller Stiefel, Van; Trueman, Dan; Cook, Perry
A Pragmatic Approach to Set-Based Algorithmic Composition Ricks, Steven L.; Quigley, Morgan L.
Timbre Representation of a Single Musical Instrument de Paula, Hugo B.; Loureiro, Mauricio A.; Yehia, Hani C.
SCREAM - SuperCollider Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music Leahy, Michael
The Transformation Engine Degazio, B. Graziano
Toward Construction of a Timbre Theory for Music Composition Osaka, Naotoshi
Combining Visual and Textual Representations for Flexible Interactive Audio Signal Processing Dannenberg, Roger B.
Crossing the Divide Appleton, Jon; Lansky, Paul; Schaaff, Tim; Risset, Jean-Claude; Miwa, Masahiro; Smirnov, Andre
Rock Music: Granular and Stochastic Synthesis based on the Matanuska Glacier Helmuth, Mara; Davis, Teresa
Georgia Tech Music Department - Studio Report Weinberg, Gil; Clark, Frank
"Voice Networks" - Exploring the Human Voice as a Creative Medium for Musical Collaboration Weinberg, Gil
IMP-CAM: Improvising with Cellular Automata Music Wong, Kam Wah
Loudness Scaling in a Digital Synthesis Library Guessford, Jesse; Kaper, Hans; Tipei, Sever
Simulation of Networked Ensemble Performance with Varying Time Delays: Characterization of Ensemble Accuracy Gurevish, Michael; Chafe, Chris; Leslie, Grace; Tyan, Sean
ATS: A System for Sound Analysis Transformation and Synthesis Based on a Sinusoidal plus Critical-Band Noise Model and Psychoacoustics Pampin, Juan
ATS User Interfaces Pampin, Juan; di Liscia, Oscar Pablo; Moss, William 'Pete'; Norman, Alex
Signal decomposition by means of classification of spectral peaks Roebel, Axel; Zivanovic, Miroslav; Rodet, Xavier
The Technophobe and the Madman: An Internet2 Distributed Musical Rowe, Robert; Rolnick, Neil
Inductive Logic Programming and Music Ramirez, Rafael
Evolving Decentralized Musical Instruments Using Genetic Algorithms Talmudi, Assaf K.
Intelligent Scripting in ENP using PWConstraints Kuuskankare, Mika; Laurson, Mikael
Computer Music at the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University Boyle, McGregor; Wright, Geoffrey
Trends on the synthesis of the singing voice: technical problems and perspectives Georgaki, Anastasia
Instrument Recognition Beyond Separate Notes - Indexing Continuous Recordings Livshin, Arie A.; Rodet, Xavier
Re-realizing Philippe Boesmans' Daydreams: A Performative Approach to Live Electro-Acoustic Music Esler, Robert
Digitizing North Indian Performance Kapur, Ajay; Davidson, Philip; Cook, Perry R.; Driessen, Peter F.; Schloss, W. Andrew
comp-i: A System for Visual Exploration and Editing of MIDI Datasets Miyazaki, R.; Fujishiro, I.; Hiraga, R.
Cancellation of Unwanted Audio to Support Interactive Computer Music Lee, Jonghyun; Dannenberg, Roger B.; Chun, Joohwan
The Shamanic Object as a Model for New Multimedia Computer Performance Interfaces Burtner, Matthew
Studio Report: The Music Technology Program at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana Kothman, Keith; Pounds, Michael; Seitz, Jeffrey
Java Music Specification Language, v103 update Didkovsky, Nick
Recent compositions and performance instruments realized in Java Music Specification Language Didkovsky, Nick
Real Time Sonification of Stock Market Data with sMax Cifariello Ciardi, Fabio
Spectromorphology Hits Hollywood: Black Hawk Down-A Case Study Rudy, Paul
Spectral Anticipations Dubnov, Shlomo
Improving score to audio alignment: Percussion alignment and Precise Onset Estimation Rodet, Xavier; Escribe, Joseph; Durigon, Sébastien
SonART: A framework for data sonification, visualization and networked multimedia applications Yeo, Woon Seung; Berger, Jonathan; Lee, Zune
Implementation of a Highly Diffusing 2-D DigitalWaveguide Mesh with a Quadratic Residue Diffuser Lee, Kyogu; Smith, Julius O.
CsoundXML: a meta-language in XML for sound synthesis Kröger, Pedro
Sound Analysis and Processing with AudioSculpt 2 Bogaards, Niels; Röbel, Axel; Rodet, Xavier
Music Structural Analysis via Novelty Shape Detection Nam, Unjung; Berger, Jonathan
A Dynamic Model of Metric Rhythm in Electroacoustic Music Morris, Jeff
Towards a Model of Parallelism Smeenk, Ralph G. W.
A fuzzy logic model for compositional approaches to audio-visual media Cádiz, Rodrigo F.
Statistical description models for melody analysis and characterization Ponce de León, Pedro J.; Iñesta, José M.
Andante: Composition and Performance with Mobile Musical Agents Ueda, Leo Kazuhiro; Kon, Fabio
Sound and musical representation: the Acousmographe software Geslin, Yann; Lefevre, Adrien
Recognition, Analysis and Performance with Expressive Conducting Gestures Kolesnik, Paul; Wanderley, Marcelo
The Music Technology Program at McGill University Scavone, Gary P.; Wanderley, Marcelo M.
Path Difference Learning for Guitar Fingering Problem Radisavljevic, Aleksander; Driessen, Peter
The Quest for Low Latency Lago, Nelson Posse; Kon, Fabio
Low-dimensional parameter mapping using spectral envelopes Puckette, Miller
Audio Segmentation by Singular Value Clustering Dubnov, Shlomo; Apel, Ted
CCRMA Studio Report Wright, Matthew; Berger, Jonathan; Burns, Christopher; Chafe, Chris; Lopez-Lezcano, Fernando; Smith, Julius
Waiting and Uncertainty in Computer Music Networks Rohrhuber, Julian; de Campo, Alberto
The First Retrospective of Mexican Electroacustic Music Rocha Iturbide, Manuel
Designing a Generalized Sonification Environment de Campo, Alberto; Frauenberger, Christopher; Höldrich, Robert
University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music Center for Computer Music - (ccm)² in 2004 Helmuth, Mara; Schedel, Margaret; Bernard, Jennifer; Bukvic, Ivica Ico; Ding, Shiau-uen
Mapping Spectral Frames to Pitch with the Support Vector Machine Schmeder, Andrew W.
Filter Design Using Second-Order Peaking and Shelving Sections Abel, Jonathan S.; Berners, David P.
Cross-Modal Parametric Composition Gerhard, David; Hepting, Daryl H.
Mixing with Mozart Basu, Sumit
The Audicle: A Context-Sensitive, On-the-fly Audio Programming Environ/mentality Wang, Ge; Cook, Perry R.
A New Beatbug: Revisions, Simplifications, and New Directions Aimi, Robeto; Young, Diana
Towards Timbre Recognition of Percussive Sounds Tindale, Adam; Kapur, Ajay; Fujinaga, Ichiro
Loudness-Based Display and Analysis Applied to Artificial Reverberation Huang, Patty; Smith III, Julius O.
Audio and Gesture Latency Measurements on Linux and OSX Wright, Matthew; Cassidy, Ryan J.; Zbyszyński, Michael F.
Examining Synthetic Databases in Melodic Retrieval Testing Parker, Charles
From Kafka to K...: Documenting an Electronic Opera Ramstrum, Momilani
Interactive Immersive Environments: A Composer's Journey Deane Berman, Anne
An In-Depth Analysis of Real-Time MIDI Performance Thom, Belinda; Nelson, Mark
Contour Hierarchies, Tied Parameters, Sound Models and Music Wyse, Lonce
AROOOGA: An Audio Search Engine for theWorldWideWeb Knopke, Ian
An Internet Browser Plug-in for Real-time Sound Synthesis using Pure Data Alonso, Marcos; Geiger, Günter; Jordà, Sergi
A physically informed model of a musical toy: the singing tube Serafin, Stefania; Kojs, Juraj
Medialogy: a bridge between technology and creativity based on the Aalborg model Nordahl, Rolf; Serafin, Stefania
Studio Report: the GRM - Groupe de Recherches Musicales, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel Teruggi, Daniel; Geslin, Yann
Pocket Gamelan: a J2ME environment for just intonation Schiemer, Greg; Sabir, Kenny; Havryliv, Mark
Electronic Music: An Interactive CD-ROM for Yong People Chen, Chia-Chun
Current Research in Music Technology at the Audiovisual Institute of the Pompeu Fabra University Serra, Xavier
Automatic rag classification using spectrally derived tone profiles Chordia, Parag
Real-time temporal segmentation of note objects in music signals Brossier, Paul; Bello, Juan Pablo; Plumbley, Mark D.
Feature Extraction and Database Design for Music Software Pope, Stephen Travis; Holm, Frode; Kouznetsov, Alexandre
Panel: Standards from the Computer Music Community Wright, Matthew; Dannenberg, Roger; Pope, Stephen; Rodet, Xavier; Serra, Xavier; Wessel, David
Aligning Polyphonic Musical Scores with Audio using a Latent Tempo Process Raphael, Christopher
Digital Instruments and Players: Part II-Diversity, Freedom and Control Jordà, Sergi
Understanding Supersaturation: A Musical Phenomenon Affecting Perceived Time Horenstein, Stephen