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Taubman Medical Library Homeopathy Collection

A project is currently underway to scan approximately 500 items from the Taubman Medical Library's Homeopathy collection and make their full text available on-line.

The homeopathy collection at the Taubman Medical Library of the University of Michigan originated in the holdings of the Homeopathic Medical College, first established as part of the University in Ann Arbor in 1875 and conducted concurrently with the allopathic Medical School until 1922. The collection itself contains items dating from the mid-1800ís to the present day. Of particular interest is the Bradford Homeopathy Collection, which is composed of 1027 pamphlets that detail 75 years of the history and development of the field of homeopathic medicine. Along with the holdings of the former Homeopathic Library, these pamphlets constitute one of the world's most complete collections on the subject.

For more information on the Taubman Homeopathy Collection, please consult the Homeopathy Collection Guide.





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