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X,1 Articles on Kazaan, Godard, Agee, Leon

X,3 Retrospectives on Hitchcock, Wajda

XI,1-2 Special Tenth Anniversary Anthology Issue

XI,3 Film Noir, Leave Her to Heaven, The Reckless Moment, Despair

XII,3 Wiseman’s Welfare, Szabo’s Mephisto, Pasolini’s Pigsty, Schlondorff’s Swann in Love

XIII,2 Special Issue on Feminist film critisism, edited by Janice Welsch

XIII,3 Providence, Forbidden Planet, Cries and Whispers, Acting Styles

XIV,1 Anna Magnani, Pasolini, Music in The 400 Blows

XIV,2 The Big Clock, Gabriela, children in Cinema, interviews, book reviews

XIV,3 Special Issue on Psychoanalysis and Cinema, editied by Sonya Jones

XV,1 Special Issue on Modern British Cinema, edited by Luciana Bohne

XV,2 Pasolini’s Theory and Practice, Modernist Films by Ackerman, Duras, and Rocha, Kings of the Road, La Soufriere, The King of Comedy

XVI,1-2 Special Double Issue on British Cinema, 1900-1975, edited by Wheeler Winston Dixon

XVI,3 Disney and Warner Bros. animation, female narration, Swing Time, Wings of Desire

XVII,1 Cavalier’s Therese, Albert Brooks, Kricfalusi interviews, books

XVII,2-3 Special Double Issue on “Interpretation, Inc.”: Issues in Contemporary Film Studies, edited by David Bordwell

XVIII,1 Kuleshov’s Mr. West, Kurosawa’s early thrillers, Thelma and Louise

XVIII,2 Central American Cinema

XVIII,3-XIX,1 Special Double Issue on Fred Zinnemann, edited by Arthur Nolletti, Jr.

XIX,2 Vertigo, Naked, Days and Nights in the Forest; Eisenstein and Woody Allen

XIX,3 The New Auteurism: Egoyan, van Ackeren, Holland, Pasolini, Scorsese

XX,1-2 Special Double Issue on New Film Theory, edited by Wheeler Winston Dixon

XX,3 Special Issue on the Western, edited by Michael Vella and Luciana Bohne

XXI,1 Blade Runner, The Bicycle Thief, Scarlet Street, British B-Films

XXI,2 Special Issue on Post-Communist Cinema, edited by Andrew Horton

XXI,3 Basic Instinct, The Big Heat, feminist and gay male spectatorship, remakes, Trinh T. Minh-ha interview

XXII,1 Special Issue on Genre, edited by Christopher Orr

XXII,2 Hitchcock’s Silent Films, Schindler’s List, The Decaloque

XXII,3 Early Avant-Garde, Le Mepris, Bound, books

XXIII,2-3 Special Double Issue on Douglas Sirk, edited by Gerd Gemunden

XXIV,1 John Woo, Elvis, Henry Fool, The Full Monty

XXIV,2 Leigh’s BBC Films, Rope, To Live, Syberberg on Adolphe Appia, books

XXV,1 The Thin Red Line, Une Femme Est une Femme, Regeneration, Cain and Noir

XXV,2 Wong Kar-Wai, Australian films in America, Bazin on film technique, books

XXV,3 Special issue on New Zealand Cinema, edited by Andrew Horton

XXVI,1 Return of Martin Guerre/Sommersby, Stage Fright, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, books

XXVI,2 Being John Malkovich, To Be or Not To Be, La Nouba

XXVI,3 Film gris, Mississippi Burning, Interview with Budd Boetticher, books

XXVII,1 Special Issue on Contemporary French Cinema, edited by Walter Metz

XXVII,3 The Matrix, In Praise of Love, A-Bomb Films, books

XXVIII,1 Fight Club, Reflexity of the road film, Dixon interview

XXVIII,2 Boys Don’t Cry, Dark City, Minority Report

XXVIII,3 I Could Read The Sky, Fish and Elephant, The Face of the Bandit

XXIX,1 Fear and Desire, One-Eyed Jacks, Monster’s Ball, Janet Staiger on Gus Van Sant, books

XXIX,2 Manchevski’s Before the Rain and Dust, Cronenberg’s special effects, Greenaway interview

XXIX,3 Spirited Away, Roman Polanski, Jack Hill interview, Cannes Festival Report

XXX,1 Band Wagon, Burt Reynolds, Sergi Lopez, Dardenne Brothers interview

XXX,2 Reviews of Bonnie and Clyde, Terrance Fisher’s Crime Films, Beefcake

XXX,3 Soldier of Orange, Serbian cinema, D. Ross Lederman’s films, Berlin Film Festival Report

XXXI,1-2 Special double issue on Complex Narratives, edited by Janet Staiger

XXXI,3 Brokeback Mountain, The Girl of Your Dreams, Open Water, Cannes 2006

XXXII,1 Special Issue on Digital Visual Effects and Popular Cinema, edited by Kristen Whissel

XXXII,2 Radiography and Film Noir, Renoir’s 1930s Cinema, 3:10 to Yuma (1957), Cannes and Berlin festival reports

XXXIII,1 The Hole, Gun Crazy, and Alphaville

XXXIII,3 L’Age d’Or, Deja Vu, Theives’ Highway, Berlin Festival

XXXIV,1 Man With a Movie Camera, The King of Comedy, The State I am In, Marianne and Juliane, Hal Hartley, book reviews

XXXIV,203 Special Double Issue on Romanian Cinema

XXXV,2-3 Special Double Issue on Kore-eda; edited by Arthur Nolletti, Jr. N

XXXVI,1 Jia Zhangke’s 24 City and I Wish I Knew, Kubrick’s 2001, Antonioni’s Blow-Up, Berlin Festival

XXXVI,2 No Country for Old Men, Pulse, S.A. Truth and Reconciliation Films, Bryanston Noir of 1960s

XXXVI, 3 Academic Criticism and German Cinema, Persona and Adaptation

XXXVII, 1 Inland Empire, Dog Day Afternoon, De Sica

XXXVII, 2 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Kiarostami's Shirin, A Film Unfinished

XXXVII, 3-XXXVIII, 1Special Double Issue on 3-D Cinema

XXXVIII, 2 Ecocriticism and The Thin Red Line, Japanese Melodrama and Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World

XXXVIII, 3 Masculinity in Gran Torino, Rubble Films from Berlin and Munich

XXXIX, 1 Special Issue on the Cahiers Critics in Arts

XXXIX, 2 Special Issue on Cinematic Identification

XXXIX, 3 Kuhle Wampe and Monsieur Verdoux, Shirley Temple, Tony Scott and Post-Classical Hollywood