A brief and true narrative of some remarkable passages relating to sundry persons afflicted by witchcraft, in Salem Village: which happened from the nineteenth of March, to the fifth of April, 1692.
Lawson, Deodat.
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ON the Nineteenth day of March last I went to Salem Village, and lodged at Nathaniel Ingersols near to the Minister Mr. P s. house, and presently after, I came into my Lodging Capt. Walents Daughter Mary came to Lieut. Ingersols and spake to me, but, suddenly af|ter as she stood by the door, was bitten, so that she cried out of her Wrist and looking on it with a Candle, we saw ap|parently the marks of Teeth both upper and lower set, on each side of her wrist.

In the beginning of the Evening, I went to give Mr. P. a visit When I was there, his Kins-woman, Abigail Williams, (about 12 years of age,) had a grievous fit; she was at first hurryed with Vi|olence to and fro in the room; (though Mrs. Ingersol, endeavoured to Hold her,) sometimes makeing as if she would fly, stretching up her arms as high as she could, and crying Whish, Whish, Whish! seve|ral times; Presently after she said there was Goodw N. and said, Do you not see her? Why there she stands! And she said Goodw N. offered her THE BOOK, but she was resolved she would not take it, say|ing Often, I wont, I wont, I wont, take it, I do not know what Book it is: I am sure it is none of Gods Book, it is the Divels Book, for ought I know. After that, she run to the Fire, and begun to throw Fire Briands, about the house; and run against the Back, as if she would run up Chimney, and, as they said, she had attempted to go into the Fire in other Fits.

On Lords Day, the Twentieth of March, there were sundry of the afflicted Persons at Meeting, as, Mrs. Pope, and Goodwife Bi••• Abigail Williams, Mary Walcut, Mary Lewes, and Docter Grigg's Maid. There was also at Meeting, Goodwife C. (who was after|ward Examined on suspicion of being a Witch:) They had seve|ral Sore Fits, in the time of Publick Worship, which did something interrupt me in my First Prayer; being so unusual After Psalm was Sung, Abigail Williams said to me, Now stand up, and Name your Text. And after it was read, she said, It is a long Text. In the begin|ning of Sermon, Mrs. Pope, a Woman afflicted said to me, Now there is enough of that. And in the Afternoon, Abigail Williams, up|on my referring to my Doctrine said to me, I know no Doctrine you had, If you did name one, I have forgot it.

In Sermon time when Goodw C was present in the Meeting house Ab. W. called out, Look where Goodw. C sits on the Beam suckling her Page  4 Yellow bird betwixt her fingers! Anne Putman another Girle afflicted said there was a Yellow-bird sat on my hat as it hang on the Pin 〈◊〉 the Pulpit! but those that were by, restrained her from ••aking 〈◊〉 about it.

On Monday the 21st. of March, The Magistrates of Salem ap|pointed to come to Examination of Goodw C. And about twelve of the Clock, they went into the Meeting-House, which was Thronged with Spectators: Mr. Noyes began with a very 〈◊〉 and pathetical Prayer; and Goodwise C. being called to answer to what was Alledged against her, she desired to go to Prayer, which was, much wondred at, in the presence of so many hundred, peo|ple. The Magistrates told her, they would not admit by they came not there to hear her Pray, but to Examine her, in 〈◊〉 was Alledged against her. The Worshipful Mr. Hathorne, asked her, Why she Afflicted those Children? she said, she did not Afflict them. He asked her, who did then? she said, I do not know; How should I know? The Number of the Afflicted Persons were about that time Ten, viz. Four Married Women, Mrs Pope, Mrs. Putman, Goodw. Bibber, and an Ancient Woman, named Goodall, three Maids, Mary Walcut, Mercy Lewes, at Thomas Putman's, and a Maid at Dr. Griggs's, there were three Girls from 9 to 12 Years of Age, each of them, or thereabouts, viz. Elizabeth Parris, Abigail William and Ann Putman; these were most of them at 〈◊〉 Examination, and did vehemently accuse her in the Assembly of afflicting them, by Biting, Pinching, Strangling, &c. And that they did in their Fit, 〈◊〉 her Likeness coming to them, and bringing a 〈◊〉 to them, she said, she had no Book; they affirmed, she had a Yellow-Bird, that used to suck betwixt her Fingers, and being asked about it, if she had any Familiar Spirit, that attended her, she said, She had no Fa|miliarity with any such thing. She was a Gospel Woman a which Ti|tle she called herself by; and the Afflicted Persons told her, ah! She was, A Gospel Witch. Ann Putman did there affirm, that one day when Lieutenant Fuller was at Prayer at her Fathers House, she saw the shape of Goodw. C. and she thought Goodw. N. Pray|ing at the same time to the Devil, she was not sure it was Goodw. N. she thought it was; but very sure she saw the Shape of G. C. The said C. said, they were poor, distracted, Children, and no heed to be given to what they said. Mr. Hathorne and Mr. 〈◊〉〈◊〉 it was the judgment of all that were present, they were 〈…〉Page  5Bewitched, and only she the Accused Person said, they were Distra|cted. It was observed several times, that if she did but bite her Under lip in time of Examination the persons afflicted were bitten on their armes and wrists and produced the Marks before the Magi|jestrates, Ministers and others. And being watched for that, if she did but Pinch her Fingers, or Graspe one Hand, hard in another, they were Pinched and produced the Marks before the Magistrates, and Spectators. After that, it was observed, that if she did but lean her Breast, against the Seat, in the Meeting House, (being the Barr at which she stood,) they were afflicted. Particularly Mrs. Rope complained of grievous torment in her Bowels as if they were torn out. She vehemently accused said C. as the instrument, and first threw her Muff at her; but that flying not home, she got off her Shoe. and hit Goodwife C. on the head with it. After these postures were watched, if said C. did but stir her feet, they were af|flicted in their Feet, and stamped fearfully. The afflicted persons asked her why she did not go to to the company of Witches which were before the Meeting house mustering? Did she not hear the Drum beat. They accused her of having Familiarity with the Devil, in the time of Examination, in the shape of a Black man whispering in her ear; they affirmed, that her Yellow-Bird, sucked betwixt her Fingers in the Assem|bly; and order being given to see if there were any sign, the Girl that saw it, said, it was too late now; she had removed a Pin, and put it on her head; which was found there sticking upright.

They told her, she had Covenanted with the Devil for ten years, six of them were gone, and four more to come. She was required by the Ma|gistrates to answer that Question in the Catechism, How many persons, be there in the God-Head? she answered it but oddly, yet was there no great thing to be gathered from it; she denied all that was charged upon her, and said, They could not prove a Witch; she was that Afternoon Committed to Salem-Prison; and after she was in Custody, she did not so appear to them, and afflict them as before.

On Wednesday the 23 of March, I went to Thomas Putmans, on purpose to see his Wife: I found her lying on the Bed, having had a sore fit a little before she spake to me, and said, she was glad to see me; her Husband and she, both desired me to pray with her, while she was sensible; which I did, though the Apparition said, I should not go to Prayer. At the first beginning she attended; but after a little time, was taken with a fit: yet continued si|lent, and seemed to be Asleep: when Prayer was done, her Husband going to her, found her 〈◊〉Fit; he took her off the Bed, to set her on his Knees; but at first she was so stiff, she could not be bended; but she afterwards set Page  6 down; but quickly began to strive violently with her Arms and Leggs; she then began to Complain of, and as it were to Converse personally with, Goodw. N. saying, Goodw. N. Be gone! Be gone! Be gone! are you not asha|med, a Woman of your Profession, to afflict a poor Creature so? what hurt did I ever do you in my life! you have but two years to live, and then the Devil will torment your Soul, for this your Name is blotted out of Gods Book, and it shall never be put in Gods Book again, be gone for shame, are you not afraid of that which is coming upon you? I Know, I know, what will make you afraid; the wrath of an Angry God, I am sure that will make you afraid; be gone, do not torment me, I know what you would have (we judged she meant, her Soul) but it is out of your reach; it is Clothed with the white Robes of Christs Righte|ousness. After this, she seemed to dispute with the Apparition about a par|ticular Text of Scripture. The Apparition seemed to deny it; (the Wo|mans eyes being fast closed all this time) she said, She was sure there was such a Text; and she would tell it; and then the Shape would be gone, for said she, I am sure you cannot stand before that Text! then she was sorely Af|flicted; her mouth drawn on one side, and her body strained for about a minute, and then said, I will tell, I will tell; it is, it is, it is! three or four times, and then was afflicted to hinder her from telling, at last she broke forth and said, It is the third Chapter of the Revelations. I did something scruple the reading it, and did let my scruple appear, lest Satan should make any, Super|stitious lie to improve the Word of the Eternal God. However, tho' not versed in these things, I judged I might do it this once for an Experiment. I began to read, and before I had near read through the first verse, she open|ed her eyes, and was well; this fit continued near half an hour. Her Hus|band and the Spectators told me, she had often been so relieved by reading Texts that she named, something pertinent to her Case; as Isa. 40. 1. Isa. 49. 1. Isa. 50. 1. and several others.

On Thursday the Twenty fourth of march, (being in course the Lecture Day, at the Village,) Goodwife N. was brought before the Magistrates Mr Hathorne and Mr Corwin, about Ten of Clock, in the Fore Noon, to be Examined in the Meeting House, the Reve|rend Mr. Hale, begun with Prayer, and the Warrant being read, she was required to give answer, Why she aflicted those persons? she pleaded her owne innocency with earnestness. Thomas Putman's Wife, Abigail Williams and Thomas Putmans daughter accused her that she appeared to them, and afflicted them in their fitts: but some of the other said, that they had seen her, but knew not that ever she had hurt them; amongst which was Mary Walcut who was presently after she had so declared bitten, and cryed out of her in the meet|ing-house; producing the Marks of teeth on her wrist. It was so dis|posed Page  7 that I had not leisure to attend the whole time of Examina|tion but both Magistrates, and Ministers, told me, that the things alledged, by the afflicted, and defences made by her, were much after the same manner, as the former was. And her motions, did produce like effects as to, Biteing, Pinching, Bruising Tormenting, at their Breasts, by her Leaning, and when, bended Back, were as if their Backs was broken. The afflicted persons said, the Black Man, whispered to her in the Assembly, and therefore she could not hear what the Magistrates said unto her. They said also that she did then ride by the Meeting-house, behind the Black Man. Thomas Put|man's wife, had a grievous Fit, in the time of Examination, to the very great Impairing of her strength, and wasting of her spirits, insomuch as she could hardly, move hand, or foot, when she was carryed out. Others also were there grievously afflicted, so that there was once such an hideous scrietch and noise, (which I heard as I walked, at a little distance from the Meeting house,) as did amaze me, and some that were within, told me the whole assembly was struck with consternation, and they were afraid, that those that sate next to them, were under the influence of Witchcraft. This woman also was that day committed to Salem Prison. The Magistrates and Ministers also did informe me, that they apprehended a child of Sarah. G and Exami|ned it, being between 4 and 5 years of Age. And as to matter of Fact, they did Unanimously affirm, that when this Child,〈◊〉 but 〈◊◊〉 eye upon the afflicted persons, they were 〈◊〉, and they held her Head, and yet so many as her eye could fix upon were afflicted. Which they did several times make careful observation of: the afflicted complained, they had often been Bitten by this child, and produced the marks of a small set of teeth, accor|dingly, this was also committed to Salem-Prison, the child looked hail, and well as other Children. I saw it 〈◊〉 Lievt. Ingersols After the commitment of Goodw. N. Tho: Putmans Wife was much better, and had no violent fits at all from that 24th of March, to the 5th of April. Some others also said they had not seen her so frequently appear to them, to hurt them.

On the 25th of March, (as Capt. Stephen Sewal, of Salem, did afterwards inform me) Eliza. Paris, had sore Fits, at his house, which much troubled himself, and his wife, so as he told me they were almost discouraged. She re|lated, that the great Black Men came to her, and told her, if she would be ru|led by him, she should have, whatsoever she desired, and go to a Golden City. She relating this to Mrs. Sewall, she told the child, is was the Divel, and he was a Lyar from the Beginning, and bid her tell him so, if he came again: which she did accordingly, at the next coming to her, in her fits.

On the 26th of March, Mr. Hathorne, Mr. Corwin, and Mr. Higison, were at the Prison-Keepers House, to Examine the Child, and it told them there, it had a little Snake. that used to Suck on the lowest Joynt of it Page  8 Fore-Finger; and when they inquired where, pointing to other places, it told them, not there, but there, pointing on the Lowest point of the Fore-Finger; where they Observed, a deep Red Spot, about the Bigness of a Flea-bite, they asked who gave it that Snake? whether the great Black man, it said no, its Mother gave it.

The 31 of March there was a Publick Fast kept at Salem on ac|count of these Afflicted Persons. And Abigal Williams said, that the Witches had a Sacrament that day at an house in the Village, and that they had Red Bread and Red Drink. The first of April, Mercy Lewis, Thomas Putman's Maid, in her fitt, said, they did eat Red Bread like Mans Flesh, and would have had her eat some: but she would not; but turned away her head, and Spit at them, and said I will not Eat, I will not Drink, it is Blood &c. She said, That is not the Bread of Life, that is not the Water of Life; Christ gives the Bread of Life, I will have none of it! This first of April also Mercy Lewis aforesaid saw in her fitt a White man and was with him in a Glorious Place, which had no Candles nor Sun, yet was full of Light and Brightness; where was a great Multitude in White glittering Robes, and they Sung the Song in the fifth of Reverlation the Ninth verse, and the 110 Psalm, and the 149 Psalm; and said with her self. How long shall I stay here! let me be along with you: She was loth to leave this place, and grieved that she could tarry no longer. This Whiteman hath ap|peared several times to some of them, and given them notice how long it should be before they had another Fit, which was sometimes a day, or day and half, or more or less: it hath fallen out accordingly.

The third of April, the Lords-Day, being Sacrament-day, at the Village, Goodw C. upon Mr. Parris's naming his Text, John 6, 70. One of them is a Devil, the said Goodw. C. went immediately out of the Meeting-House, and flung the door after her violently, to the amazement of the Congregation: She was afterward seen by some in their Fits, who said, O Goodw. C. I did not think to see you here! (and being at their Red bread and drink) said to her, Is this a time to receive the Sacrament, you ran away on the Lords-Day, & scorned to receive it in the Meeting-House, and, Is this a time to receive it? I wonder at you! This is the summ of what I either saw my self, or did re|ceive Information from persons of undoubted Reputation and Credit.

Remarks of things more than ordinary about the Afflicted Persons.

1. They are in their Fits tempted to be Witches, are shewed the List of the Names of others, and are tortured, because they will not yield to Sub|scribe, or meddle with, or touch the BOOK, and are promised to have present Relief if they would do it.

2. They did in the Assembly mutually Cure each other, even with a Touch of their Hand, when Strangled, and otherwise Tortured, & would endeavour to get to their Afflicted, to Relieve them.

Page  93. They did also foretel when another Fit was a-coming, and would say, Look to her! she will have a Fit presently, which fell out accordingly, as many can bear witness, that heard and saw it.

4. That at the same time, when the Accused Person was present, the Af|flicted Persons saw her Likeness in other places of the Meeting-House, suck|ling her Familiar, sometimes in one place and posture, and sometimes in a|nother.

5. That their Motions in their Fits are Preternatural, both as to the manner, which is so strange as a well person could not Screw their Body into; & as to the violence also it is preternatural being much beyond the Ordinary force of the same person when they are in their right mind.

6. The eyes of some of them in their fits are exceeding fast closed, and if you ask a question they can give no answer, and I do believe they cannot hear at that time, yet do they plainely converse with the Appearances, as if they did dis|course with real persons.

7. They are utterly pressed against any persons Praying, with them, and told by the appearanees, they shall not go to Prayer, so Tho. Putmans wife was told, I should not Pray; but she said, I should: and after I had done, reasoned with the Appearance, Did not I say he should go to Prayer!

8. The forementioned Mary W. being a little better at ease, the Afflicted persons said, she had signed the book; and that was the rea|son she was better. Told me by Edward Putman.

Remarks concerning the Accused

1. For introduction to the discovery of those that afflicted them, It is reported Mr. Parris's Indian Man, and Woman, made a Cake of Rye Meal, and the Childrens water, baked it in the Ashes, and gave it to a Dogge, since which they have discovered, and seen par|ticular persons hurting of them.

2. In Time of Examination, they seemed little affected, though all the Spectators were much grieved to see it.

3. Natural Actions in them produced Preternatural actions in the Afflicted, so that they are their own Image without any Poppits of Wax or otherwise.

Page  104. That they are accused to have a Company about 23 or 24 and they did Muster in Armes, as it seemed to the Afflicted Per|sons.

5. Since they were confined, the Persons have not been so much Afflicted with their appearing to them, Biteing or Pinch|ing of them &c.

6. They are reported by the Afflicted Persons to keep dayes of Fast and dayes of Thansgiving, and Sacraments; Satan en|deavour to Transforme himself to an Angel of Light, and to make his Kingdom and Administrations to resemble those of our Lord Jesus Christ.

7. Satan Rages Principally amongst the Visible Subjects of Christ's Kingdom and makes use (at least in appearance) of some of them to Afflict others; that Christ's Kingdom may be divided against it self, and so be weakened.

8. Several things used in England at Tryal of Witches, to the Number of 14 or 15 which are wont to pass instead of, or in Concurrence with Witnesses, at least 6 or 7 of them are found in these accused: see Keebles Statutes.

9. Some of the most solid Afflicted Persons do affirme the same things concerning seeing the accused out of their Fitts as well as in them.

10. The Witches had a Fast, and told one of the Afflicted Girles, she must not Eat, because it was Fast Day, she said, she would: they told her they would Choake her then; which when she did eat, was endeavoured.