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Title:  A sermon of the credibility of the mysteries of the Christian religion preached before a learned audience / by Tho. Smith ...
Author: Smith, Thomas, 1638-1710.
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the whole seventh Verse, as we now read it, and the eight Verse, the latter part thus altered, . I shall lay no stress upon two Writings, which pass under the name of Athanasius, where this Verse is cited, because it is not to be met with in those larger works of his, which are acknow∣ledged genuine, the one is an account of a dis∣putation, according to the title, had with Arius in the Council of Nice; but the title is faulty, as appears from the Discourse it self; nor was A∣rius the Person disputed with there, but one of his followers; and the reason of the mistake of the title may be ascrib'd to an ignorant Libra∣rius, putting down Arius for Arianus, and the Dialogue not real, but supposed, as was usual a∣mongst the Fathers, introducing the Hereticks pleading their Cause, and the Orthodox refuting their Cavils and defending the Truth. And if this may pass for likely, there can be no great reason to suspect the Authenticalness of it, the 1 Vl. p. 147. Paristis. 1627. words are, . The other is in a Book extant only in LatineTom. 2 p. 55. lib. 1. de unitâ