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Title:  The history of oracles, and the cheats of the pagan priests in two parts / made English.
Author: Fontenelle, M. de (Bernard Le Bovier), 1657-1757.
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which we have mentioned, without having Recourse to Daemons. But the Question is, Whether they be true? Let us be assured of the Matter of Fact, before we trouble our selves with enquiring into the Cause. It is true, that this Method is too slow and dull for the greatest part of Man∣kind, who run naturally to the Cause, and pass over the truth of the matter of Fact; but for my part, I will not be so ridiculous as to find out a Cause for what is not.This kind of Misfortune happened so pleasantly at the end of the last Age, to some Learned Germans, that cannot forbear speaking of it. In the Year 1593, there was a Report that the Teeth of a Child of Si∣lesia of seven Years old, dropp'd out, and that one of Gold came in the Place of one of his great Teeth-Horstius, a Physician in the Uni∣versity of Helmstad, wrote in the Year 1595 the History of this Tooth, and pretends that it was partly natural, and partly miracu∣lous, and that it was sent from God 0