The second part of the good hus-wiues iewell Where is to be found most apt and readiest wayes to distill many wholsome and sweet waters. In which likewise is shewed the best maner in preseruing of diuers sorts of fruits, & making of sirrops. With diuers conceits in cookerie with the booke of caruing.
Dawson, Thomas.
Page  28

To farse Egges.

TAke eight or ten eggs and boyle them hard, pill of the shelles, and cutte euery eg in the middle then take out the yolkes and make your farsing stuffe as you do for flesh, sauing only you must put butter into it insteede of suet, and that a little so doon fill your Egges where the yolkes were, and then binde them and seeth them a lit∣tle, and so serue them to the table.