Gods drawing, and mans coming to Christ discovered in 32 sermons on John 6. 44 : with the difference between a true inward Christian, and the outward formalist, in three sermons on Rom. 2. 28, 29
Vines, Richard, 1600?-1656., Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.
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These Books following are to be sold by Abel Roper, at the Sun in Fleet-street.

ALl Mr. Vines Sermons published by himself, collected into one Volume. The Papers between his Majesty and the Divines at the Isle of Wight, concerning Episcopal Government; with Mr. Vines stating his Majesties Concessions.

Vindiciae F••deris, A Treatise of the Covenant of God entred into with man∣kind, in the several kinds and degrees of it, by Mr. Thomas Blake Minister of the Gospel.

The Covenant sealed, or a Treatise of the Sacraments of both Covenants, Polemical and Practical: especially of the Sacraments of the Covenant of Grace, by Mr. Thomas Blake.

—his vindication of the Birth, Priviledge, or Covenant-Holiness of Believers and their issue in the time of the Gospel▪ together with the Right of Infants to Baptism.

Mr. Anthony Burgess his Expository Comment, Doc••nal, Controversal and Practical, upon the whole first chapter of the second Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians.

—his Sermon at the Funeral of Mr. Blake.

Three Sermons of Dr. Tho. Jacombs.

Bucanus Common Places English.

A Discourse of the visible Church, by Francis Fulwood Minister of the Gospel.

The Italian Convert, or the life of Galeacius Caracciolus, his admirable con∣version from Popery, and forsaking a rich Marquesdom for the Gospels sake.

St. Augustines Confessions translated into English, by Dr. Watts.

Reynolds Celestial Amities, or the souls sighing for the love of her Saviour.

—his benefits of Afflictions.

—his Advice against Libertinism.

—his Eternity weighed with temporal and fading things of this world.

Iosephus History of the Iews, fol.

The works of Mr. William Perkins, first Vol. fol.

Dr. Fulk on the Rhemist Testament, fol.

The Temple of Solomon pourtrayed by light of Scripture, by Samuel Lee, fol.

The Story of Stories, in a Harmony of the four Evangelists, octavo.