Gods drawing, and mans coming to Christ discovered in 32 sermons on John 6. 44 : with the difference between a true inward Christian, and the outward formalist, in three sermons on Rom. 2. 28, 29
Vines, Richard, 1600?-1656., Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.
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THe Name and Memory of the judicious and Learned Author of these Sermons, is so precious to me for his great worth and eminent abilities, that I cannot but heartily rejoyce in the publication of any of his La∣bours, that are proper and genuine. And that these Sermons are such, I am confidently assured. If thou question the truth of this, Come and see; do but per∣use them; their features will shew who was their Fa∣ther; Sic oculos, sic ille manus, sic or a ferebat. I commend them therefore to thy reading, and thy self in all thy Christian endeavours to Gods blessing.

Tho. Jacomb, D.D.