A treatise of cleanness in meats and drinks of the preparation of food, the excellency of good airs and the benefits of clean sweet beds also of the generation of bugs and their cure : to which is added, a short discourse of the pain in the teeth shewing from what cause it does chiefly proceed, and also how to prevent it / by Tho. Tryon.

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A treatise of cleanness in meats and drinks of the preparation of food, the excellency of good airs and the benefits of clean sweet beds also of the generation of bugs and their cure : to which is added, a short discourse of the pain in the teeth shewing from what cause it does chiefly proceed, and also how to prevent it / by Tho. Tryon.
Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703.
London :: Printed for the Author and sold by L. Curtis ...,

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Food handling -- Early works to 1800.
Teeth -- Care and hygiene -- Early works to 1800.
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"A treatise of cleanness in meats and drinks of the preparation of food, the excellency of good airs and the benefits of clean sweet beds also of the generation of bugs and their cure : to which is added, a short discourse of the pain in the teeth shewing from what cause it does chiefly proceed, and also how to prevent it / by Tho. Tryon." In the digital collection Early English Books Online. https://name.umdl.umich.edu/A63810.0001.001. University of Michigan Library Digital Collections. Accessed June 22, 2024.


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A SHORT DISCOURSE OF THE PAIN in the TEETH, Shewing from what Cause it does chiefly proceed, and also how to prevent it.

THE terrible Pains and Diseases of the Teeth do chiefly proceed from two Causes. The first is rom certain fil∣thy phlegmy Matter which the Stomach and Vessels do continually breathe and send forth, which does lodge or center in the Mouth, especially between the Teeth, and on the Gums; and some People having fouler Stomachs than others, such do breathe forth very sowr, stinking, phlegmy Matter, which does not only increase the Pain, but causeth the Teeth to become loose and rot∣ten: And for want of continual cleansing and washing, those Breathings and this Phlegmy Matter turns to Putrifaction, which does eat away the Gums, as though Worms had eaten them: And this Defect is generally attributed to the Disease called the Scur∣vey; but it is a mistake: the Cause is chiefly, as is mentioned be∣fore, from the Stomach, or for want of Cleansings.

2. This Distemper of the Teeth and Gums does also proceed from the various sorts of Meats and Drinks, and more especially from the continual eating of Flesh, and fat sweet things, com∣pounded of various things of disagreeing Natures, which do not only obstruct the Stomach, but fur and foul the Mouth, part thereof remaining upon the Gums, and between the Teeth. For all such things do quickly turn to Putrifaction, which does by de∣grees

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corrupt both the Teeth and Gums. Besides, our Beds take up near half the time of our Lives, which time the Body is not only without motion, but the Bed and Coverings do keep it much hotter than the Day-garments, especially of those that draw the Curtains of their Windows and Beds so close, that the pure Spi∣rits and thin refreshing Vapours of the Air are hindred of having their free egress and regress, which does dull and flatten the Acti∣on of the Stomach; and this is the chief Cause why Suppers lie hard in the Stomach, and require more than double the time for perfect Concoction, than the same Food does when a Man is up, and in the open Air: For this Element, if it hath its free Influen∣ces, is sucked in, as by Spunges, through all the Pores of the Bo∣dy, and does wonderfully refresh, comfort, open, and cleanse all the Parts, having power to assist and help Concoction: but hot, dull, thick Airs do destroy the Action of the Stomach, and as it were suffocate the pure Spirits, drying up and consuming the Ra∣dical Moisture. Therefore the Night does foul the Mouth more than the Day, furring it with a gross slimy Matter, especially those that hav foul Stomachs, and are in Years, which ought to be well cleansed every Morning.

3. Whatsoever are the Disorders in the Body, the Mouth does always partake of them; besides the Evils that the variety of Food, and the improper mixtures of Flesh and Fish, and many other things, which do foul and hurt both the Teeth and Gums. When any Person is disordered with inward Diseases, does not the Mouth quickly complain of the Evils thereof? This very few do consider in time.

4. It is to be noted, That most People do attribute the Disea∣ses of the Teeth to Colds, and Rheums, and other outward Ac∣cidents. It is true, outward Accidents will further this Disease, but then there must be Matter before-hand, otherwise outward Colds can have no power to cause this Pain. The same is to be understood in all Stoppages of the Breast, and other Obstructions, as Coughs, and the like. For, if any Part be obstructed, or there be Matter for Distemper, then, on every small occasion of out∣ward Colds, or the like Accidents, Nature complains. If your Teeth and Gums be sound, and free from this Matter, take what Colds you will, and your Teeth will never complain, as daily Ex∣perience

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doth shew. For all outward Colds, and other Accidents of the like nature, have no power to seise any part of the Body, except first there be some inward Defect or Infirmity: Suppose the Teeth be defective, then the Disease falls on that Part; or if it be the Head, Eyes, Breast, Back, or any other Part or Member of the Body, that is obstructed, the Evil is felt in that Part. Therefore if the Mouth be kept clean by continual Washings, it will prevent all Matter which may cause Putrifaction; and then Colds, and the like Accidents, will have no power to seise this Part, or cause this terrible Pain. Even so it is in all other Parts of the Body. If Temperance and Sobriety be observed in Meats, Drinks, and Exercises, with other Circumstances belonging to Health, then Stoppages, Coughs, Colds, and other Obstructions, would not be so frequent on every small occasion: For Tempe∣rance has an inward Power and Operation, and does as it were cut off Diseases in the very Bud, preventing the Generation of Matter whence Distempers do proceed, increasing the Radical Moisture, and making the Spirits lively, brisk, and powerful, able to withstand all outward Colds, and other Casualties of the like nature.

5. There are many various things, of divers Natures, prescri∣bed by Physicians, and others, as Washes to preserve the Teeth and Gums; but most of them, if not all, to little or no purpose, as daily Experience teaches: For, all high, sharp Salts, and things of a sowr or keen nature, do rather cause the Teeth to perish, than the contrary; as do all hot Spirits, be they what they will: Many have destroyed their Teeth by the frequent use of such things, and it hath hardly ever been known that any such things have ever cured or prevented the aking Pains of the Teeth, but Water only. Many Examples I could mention, if it were convenient. Physici∣ans, and others, do daily prescribe such things for the Cure and Prevention of this Disease of the Teeth, which most of them do know by experience can do no good, but rather the contrary: But when People come to them, they must give them something for their Money; for Interest and Ignorance have more affinity with this sort of People, than Vertue, and the true Knowledge of the Nature of Things. Most certain it is, That the Shepherd and Husbandman do know far better how to prepare the Meat for their Cattel, and also how to preserve them from Disorders,

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than many Physicians do their Food or Physick: and a Man shall understand more by conversing with some of this sort of People, than with the Learned: For the Shepherd and Husbandman un∣derstand something of Nature; but most of the Learned are de∣parted from the simple Ways of God in Nature, putting out their own Eyes, and then boasting what Wonders they can see with other Mens: They have invented many Words to hide the Truth from the Unlearned, that they may get the greater esteem. This hath chiefly been done to advance Pride and Interest; so that the Divine Eye is departed from many of them, who never make any Inspexion into the true Nature of Things, being contented to take other Mens Words, let it be right or wrong, as long as they have Authority and Law on their sides, wherefore should they trouble their weak Heads?

6. The best and most sure way to prevent the Diseases and Pains in the Teeth and Gums, is every Morning to wash your Mouth with at the least ten or twelve Mouthfuls of pure Water, cold from the Spring or River, and so again after Dinner and Supper, swallowing down a Mouthful of Water after each Wash∣ing: For there is no sort of Liquor in the World so pure and clean as Water; and nothing doth cleanse and free the Teeth and Gums from that foul Matter which does proceed from the Brea∣things and Purgings of the Stomach, and from the various sorts of Food, so well as Water: The use of other Washes is to little or no purpose; but whosoever do constantly wash their Mouths with Water, as is before mentioned, shall find an essential Reme∣dy. All hard Rubbing and Picking of the Teeth ought by any means to be avoided, for that is injurious to them. Also whensoever you find your Mouth foul, or subject to be slimie, as sometimes it will more than at others, according to the good or evil state of the Stomach, though it be not after eating; at all such times you ought to wash your Mouth. This Rule all Mothers and Nurses ought to observe, washing the Mouths of their Children two or three times a day; and also to cause their Children to swallow down a little Water, which will be very refreshing to their Sto∣machs: For Milk does naturally foul and fur the Mouth and Teeth, and if they be not kept clean by continual washing, it causes the Breeding of Childrens Teeth to be the more painful to them.

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7. To keep your Teeth white, one of the best things is a piece of a China Dish, or a piece of a fine Dutch Earthen Dish, made into fine Powder, and the Teeth rubbed with it.

8. Few there be that understand or consider the excellent Ver∣tues of Water, it being an Element of a mild and cleansing Na∣ture and Operation, friendly unto all things, and of universal Use: But because it is so common, and so easily procured, I am afraid that many People will be like Naaman the Syrian, when the Prophet Elisha advised him to wash seven times in the River of Ior∣dan to cure his Leprosie; it being the Ignorance and Folly of most People, to admire those things they do not know, and, on the other side, to despise and trample under foot those Things and Mysteries they do know; which the Learned in all Ages have ta∣ken notice of: For, should some People know what Apothecaries and others give them, they would despise the Physick, and have but little respect for their Doctor.

All Housewifes do know, that no sort of Liquor, be it what it will, will cleanse and sweeten their Vessels, but only Water; all other Liquors leaving a sowr stinking Quality behind them, which will quickly cause Putrifaction: But Water in its own nature is clean and pure, not only for all Uses in Housewifery, and the Pre∣servation of Health; but the Saints and Holy Men of God have highly esteemed this Element, by using it in the exteriour Acts of Divine Worship, as having a Simile with the Eternal Water of Life, that does purifie and cleanse the Soul from Sin.

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