The everlasting covenant, a sweet cordial for a drooping soul, or, The excellent nature of the covenant of grace opened in a sermon preached January the 29th, at the funeral of Mr. Henry Forty, late pastor of a Church of Christ, at Abingdon, in the county of Berks, who departed this life Jan. 25th 1692
Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704.

These BOOKS next following, are published by Benjamin Keach.

SInging of Psalms, proved to be a Gospel Ordinance, Price Bound, One shilling Six pence.

2. Rector Rectified, and Corrected; being an Answer to Mr. William Bur∣ket's Treaty of Infant Baptism, Rector of Mildin; in Suffolk. Price Bound, One Shilling.

3. Answer to the Athenian Society, concerning Infant Baptism.

4. The Counterfeit Christian; containing Two Sermons: Being an Exposi∣tion of that Parabolical Text, Mat. 12.43, 44. When the unclean spirit is gone out, &c. These Four Printed and Sold by the Author, at his House, near Horsly-down.

5. The Everlasting Covenant: A Sermon, Preach'd Jan. 29th. 1692/3. at the Funeral of Mr. Henry Forty, Minister of the Gospel. Printed for H. Barnard, at the Bible, in the Poultrey.

6. The Ax laid to the Root, 1st. Part: Containing Two Sermons, by way of Exposition, on Matth. 3.10. Proving, That God made a Two-fold Co∣venant with Abraham; and, That Circumcision, doth not appertain to the Covenant of Grace, but to the Legal Covenant God made with Abraham's natural Seed as such.

7. The Ax laid to the Root, 2d. Part: Wherein the last Arguments of Mr. John Flavell, in his Reply to Mr. Philip Cary, are Answered; also, A brief An∣swer to Mr. Rothwell's Book, intituled, Paede-Baptismus Vindicatus, as to what seems most Material: To which is added, some Reflections, by way of Reply, in confutation of a New Book, called, Plain Scripture Proofs, That Page  [unnumbered]〈1 page duplicate〉Page  [unnumbered]〈1 page duplicate〉Page  [unnumbered]John Baptist did certainly Baptise Infants, as the Adult. Written by one Mr. Exell Minister of the Gospel. These Two Sold by John Harris, at the Harrow, in the Poultrey.

8. The Marrow of Justification: Two Sermons, on Rom. 4.5. But to him that worketh not, but believeth, &c. Printed for Dorman Newman, at the King's-Arms in the Poultrey.

These Six last, in Quarto, stitched, may be had all bound together, and sold by John Harris, and H. Barnard.

9. Mystery Babylon, proved to be the Present Church of Rome: Toge∣ther with the Time of the End. Price Bound 1 s. Sold by N. Crouch, and the Author.

10. The Old Man's Legacy to his Daughters. Wherein the Hidden Myste∣ries of Faith, and Experience, are briefly discussed and laid down. In a plain and familiar Dialogue, in Six several Conferences, betwixt the Au∣thors Two Daughters, Elizabeth, and Margaret. To which is added, some Choice Discoveries of the Author's most excellent Experiences. In Two Parts. Written by N. T. Deceased, when near Ninety Years of Age, for the Private Use of his Daughters aforesaid, and now made Publick at the Request of many.

11. Chirurgus Marinus: Or, The Sea-Chirurgion. Being Instructions to Junior Chirurgic Practitioners, who design to serve at Sea in this Imploy. In Two General Parts. The First Part contains Necessary Directions, how the Chirurgion should furnish himself with Medicines, Instruments, and Ne∣cessaries, fit for that Office; together with a Medicinal Catalogue, and an Exemplary Invoyce. The Second Part contains the Surgions Practice at Sea, both Chirurgical and Physical; which Practical part serves as well at Land as at Sea. By John Moyle, Sen. One of their Majesties Superannua∣ted Sea Chirurgions.

12. The History of Madamoiselle de St. Phale. Giving a Full Account of the Miraculous Conversion of a Noble French Lady, and her Daughter, to the Reformed Religion. With the Defeat of the Intriegues of a Jesuite their Confessor. Translated out of French.

13. Christ alone Exalted in Dr. Crisp's Sermons, Partly confirmed in An∣swering Mr. Daniel William's Preface to his Gospel Truth stated; by alledging Testimonies from Scripture, and the Doctrine, of the Church of England, in the Book of Homilies establish'd by Law, and other Orthodox Autho∣rities: Shewing, How he had wronged as well the Truth, as the said Doctor in the great Point of Justification, by the Neonomian Doctrine.

These Four last Books, are to be Sold by Henry Barnard, at the Bible in the Poultrey: Where is to be Sold, at the same place, the Book, Entituled, Christ made Sin.

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