Sermons preached by ... Henry Hammond.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660.
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A Catalogue of some Books printed for, and [ A] sold by Robert Pawlett, at the Bible in Chancery-lane, near Fleetstreet. [ B]

THE Whole Duty of Man, laid down in a plain and familiar way for the use of all, but especially the meanest reader; Necessary for all families; with private Devotions for several occasions.

The Gentlemans Calling, Written by the Author of the Whole Du∣ty of Man. [ C]

The Causes of the Decay of Christian Piety, Or an Impartial Sur∣vey of the Ruins of Christian Religion, undermined by Unchristian Practice; By the Author of the Whole Duty of Man.

A Scholastical History of the Canon of the Holy Scripture; Or the certain and indubitate books thereof as they are received in the Church of England: by Dr. Cosin, Lord Bishop of Durham.

Divine Breathings, or a Pious Soul thirsting after Christ in One hundred excellent Meditations. [ D]

Hugo Grotius de Rebus Belgicis, Or the Annals and History of the Low-Country Wars in English, wherein is manifested that the United Netherlands are indebted for the glory of their Conquests to the Valour of the English.

A Treatise of the English Particles; shewing much of the variety of their significations and uses in English: and how to render them in∣to Latin, according to the propriety and elegancy of that language; with a praxis upon the same; by William Walker, B. D. Schoolmaster [ E] of Grantham.

The Royal Grammer, commonly called Lillyes Grammar explained, opening the meaning of the Rules with great plainness to the under stand∣ing of Children of the meanest capacity, with choice observations on the same from the best Authors: by W. Walker B. D. Author of the Trea∣tise of English Particles.

A Treatise proving Spirits, Witches, and supernatural operations by [ F] pregnant Instances and Evidences: by Meric Casaubon D. D.

A Catalogue of the names of all the Parliaments or reputed Parlia∣ments from the year 1640.

A Narrative of some Passages in or relating to the Long Parlia∣ment, by a Person of Honour.

Nemesius's Nature of Man, in English; by G. Withers Gent.

Page  [unnumbered] [ A] Inconveniences of Toleration.

Tolleration Intollerable.

A Letter about Comprehension.

A Rationale on the Book of Common-prayer of the Church of Eng∣land: by Anthony Sparrow Lord Bishop of Exon.

A Collection of Canons, Articles and Injunctions of the Church of England: by Anthony Sparrow Lord Bishop of Exon.

Golden Remains of the ever memorable Mr. John Hales of Eaton-Colledge, [ B] &c. The second Impression with Additions from the Authors own Copy; also more Letters and Expresses concerning the Synod of Dort, from an Authentick hand, not before publisht.

Mr. Chillingworth's Reasons against Popery.

Book of Homilies appointed to be read in Churches.

Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiastical.

Episcopacy as establisht by Law in England, written by the special Command of the late King, by R. Sanderson late Lord Bishop of Lin∣coln.

[ C] Petavius's History of the World.

Military and Maritime Discipline.

The Bishop of Exons Caution to his Diocess against false doctrines: delivered in a Sermon at his Primary Visitation.

A Thanksgiving Sermon preach'd before the King: by J. Dolben D. D. Dean of Westminster, and Clerk of the Closet.

Bishop Brownrigs Sermon on the Gunpowder Treason.

A Letter to a Person of Quality concerning the Fines received by [ D] the Church at its Restauration, wherein by the Instance of one of the richest Cathedrals, a fair guess may be made at the receipts and disburs∣ments of all the rest.

A Narrative or Journal of the Proceedings of the Lord Holles and the Lord Coventry, Ambassadors Plenipotentiary for the Treaty at Breda: written by a Person of Quality concerned in that Ambassy.

A Narrative of the Burning of London, 1666. with an account of the Losses, and a most remarkable Parallel between it and MOSCO, both [ E] as to the Plague and Fire.

Lluellyns three Sermons on the Kings Murder.

A Collection of the Rules and Orders now used in Chancery.

Iter Lusitanicum, Or the Portugal Voyage, with what memorable passages interven'd at the shipping, and in the Transportation of her Sacred Majesty Katherine Queen of Great Britain from Lisbon to England; by Dr. Samuel Hynde.

[ F] A Charge given by the most Eminent and Learned Sir Francis Bacon; at a Sessions for the Verge, declaring the Jurisdiction there∣of, and the offences therein inquirable as well by the Common Law as by several Statutes.

Mr. White's learned Tract of the Laws of England.

Graphice, Or the use of the Pen and Pensil in Designing, Draw∣ing Page  [unnumbered] and Painting: by Sir William Sanderson Knight.

Hypocrates Aphorismes in English.

The Communicant instructed for worthy receiving the Lords Supper: by Tho. Trot, of Barkston near Grantham.

All sorts of Law Books.

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