A true & faithful relation of what passed for many yeers between Dr. John Dee ... and some spirits tending ... to a general alteration of most states and kingdomes in the world : his private conferences with Rodolphe, Emperor of Germany, Stephen, K. of Poland, and divers other princes about it ... : as also the letters of sundry great men and princes ... to the said D. Dee
Dee, John, 1527-1608., Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671., Kelly, Edward, 1555-1595.


Actionis Tertiae altera pars. *

Preces ad Deum Omnipotentem, pro sua veritate nobis impartienda, ad nominis suo lau∣dem, honorem & gloriam.

Δ. Note Arthur was set to the stone, but nothing appeared; E. K. had brought the powder with him as he was bidden to do. Then I desired him to apply himself to see as he was wont. And so he did.

E. K. Here appear all in the stone that appeared yesterday unto me in the air in that most disorderly and filthy manner. They are in the like apparel as yesterday.

Δ. O God confirm us in thy truth sor thine own honour and glory, and suffer us not to be overcome with any temptation, but deliver us from all evil now and ever.

E. K. There appeared Madimi, Il. and the rest: And so they are here; but now all the rest are gone, and onely Madimi remain∣eth.

Madimi openeth all her apparel, and her self all naked; and sheweth her shame also.

E. K. Fie on thee, Devil avoid hence with this filthiness, &c.

Mad. In the Name of God, why finde you fault with mee?

Δ. Because your yesterdayes doings, and words are provocations to fin, and unmeet for any godly creature to use.

Mad. What is sin?

Δ. To break the Commandement of God.

Mad. Set that down, so.

Mad. If the self-same God give you a new Commandement taking away the former form of sin which he limited by the Law; What remaineth then?

Δ. If by the self-same God that gave the Law to Moses, and gave his New Covenant by Christ, who sealed it by his blood; and had his witnesses very many, and his Apostles in∣structed by his holy Spirit, who admonished us of all cleanness in words and works, yea and in thoughts, if by the same God, hose former Laws and Doctrines be abrogated, and that Page  10 sufficient proof and testimony may be had that it is the same God: Then must the same God * be obeyed: For only God is the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, and Governour of all things.

E K She kneeleth, and holdeth up her hands.

Mad. The Laws of God, and of his Son Christ, stablished by the testimony of his Disciples and Congregation, and by the force and power of his holy Spirit, are not in any particular voca∣tion* abrogated, but rather confirmed.

For 〈◊〉 it falleth out, that God being offended at the wickedness of any man, or of some man private, sendeth down his Spirit of Death, infecting and tempting another mans minde; so that he 〈◊〉 void of Reason, and riseth up against him, whom God is offended with, and stri∣keth him, so that he dyeth. This, before man, is accounted sin before God it shall be imputed unto him for righteousness. Even so whatsoever the Spirit of God teacheth us from him, though it ap∣pear sin before man, is righteousness before him.

Therefore assure your selves, that whatsoever is seen and heard amongst you, is from above, and is a sign and 〈◊〉 even this day before you; for I that touched thy Son, * might also have taken away his breath.

But O, you are of little understanding: But behold I teach you.

That unto those that are accounted righteous (through the good will of God) sin is justly punished, but not as unto the wicked. For whatsoever you have done unto other men, even the self-same shall light upon you, but happy is he that receiveth not justice through the 〈◊〉 of 〈◊〉, but through the grace and mercy of God.

The Apostle Paul abounded in carnal lust: he was also offensive unto his brethren so that he despaired, and was ready to have left his vocation, untill the Lord did say unto him, My mercy and grace 〈◊〉 thee.

Beleeve me, that we are from above.

Which considered: Consider also, That as you cannot comprehend the heavens, so likewise can you not comprehend the wisdome of God, which saith, I will be merciful unto whom I list; and unto whom I will not, I have none in store: Foolish is he that asketh why?

And 〈◊〉 I say unto you, Stumble not against God. Who he is that made you? Who is he that hath given you power to look up towards heaven? You are fools, and of little understanding: This day saith G d unt you,

B hold you are become free: Do that which most pleaseth you: For behold, your own reason riseth up against my wisdome.

Not content you are to be heires, but you would be Lords, yea Gods, yea the Judgers of the heavens: Wherefore do even as y u list, but if you forake the way taught you from ab ve, behold evil shall enter into your senses, and abomination shal dwel before your eyes, as a recompence, unto such as you have done wrong unto: And your wives and children, shall be carried away before your face.

Δ. The Almighty God of heaven and earth be my comfort, as I desire comfort in his service; and give me wisdome as I desire it for his honour and glory, Amen.

E. K. I see a white pillar; and upon the pillar, I see four heads. *

Shee tieth the pillar round about with a list.

The four heads are like on two heads, and on two Wolves heads.

Now there cometh a thing like a white Crown of Christal, and standeth upon all our four heads. The heads seem to be inclosed by the necks within the pillar.

Now she taketh the pillar and goeth up with it.

Now she bringeth an half Moon down, and written in it as fol∣loweth.

Injustum nihil quod justum est Deo.

Now she goeth round about upon a thing like a Carpet; she goeth now beyond where is an Orchard; she cutteth branches of two trees, and shee seemeth to insert them, or graff them into another.

Now she goeth into a black place behinde the wood, and bringeth a thing with her in a chain: An ugly thing like a Devil.

Mad. ..... Behold, seest thou this: wherewithall thou thoughtest to overthrow, and most infect, thou art utterly overthrown, and shalt never return again.

E. K. Now he leapeth, and the ground openeth, and he sinketh in: Page  11 and there seemeth a stink of brimstone to come to my Nose from the pit.

Now the grafts are all grown in the tree, as if they were all of one tree.

Now she cometh out of that orchard. Now she goeth round about the orchard, and leaveth a darkness like a cloud round about the or∣chard.

Mad. ..... Visible to God, but invisible to man.

E. K. Now she cometh again upon her Carpet.

Behold, if you resist not God, but shut out Satan (through unity amongst you) thus it is said * unto you, Assemble your selves together every seventh day, that your eyes may be opened, and that you may understand by him that shall teach you, what the secrets of the holy books (deli∣vered you) are: That you may become full of understanding, and in knowledge above common men.

And in your works go forward, and detract no time, that you may also have fruit.

Unto William I will be merciful for ever, according to my promise. But I will buy him no Kingdom, after the manner of man, with money. But what I have determined unto him, shall happen unto him: And he shall become mighty in me.

¶ And this Powder which thou hast brought here, is appointed for a time by God, and cannot be used until then, without offence. Happy is he that heareth my words this day: and happy is he that understandeth them.

But if you deny the Wisdome of the Highest, and account us his Messengers, Crea∣tures of darkness. This day you are made free.

And look that you lay up all things that is spoken of from above; and whatsoever hath been taught you, (as well the books as instruments.)

You shall shortly have to do again with the cruelty of the Emperour, and the accursed Bishop.

Whereunto, if you go forward with God, you shall be taught to answer. If you leave off, as soon as you hear of it be going into Germany, lest you perish before then.

I have no more to say unto you, but my swiftness is from above.

E. K. Now she maketh her self ready, &c.

Mad. ..... If my friendship like you not, I beseech God send you as good will, as I (in powe) bear towards you.

I have not one word more given me to speak.

E. K. Now she is gone.

Δ. I was glad that an offer was made of being every seventh day to be taught the se∣crets of the books already delivered unto us: Thinking that it was easie for us to per∣form that unity which was required to be amongst us four; understanding all after the Christian and godly sense. But E. K. who had yesterday seen and heard another meaning of this unity required, utterly abhorred to have any dealing with them farther, and did intend to accept at their hands the liberty of leaving off to deal with them any more: which his understanding, as it was strange and unpleasant unto me, so I earnestly requested to be resolved therein in manner as followeth.

At the same time and in the same place this ensued.


Δ. Upon Mr. Kelly his great doubt bred unto me of Madimi her words yesterday, spo∣ken to him, that we two had our two wives in such sort, as we might use them in common, it was agreed by us, to move the question, whether the sense were of Carnal use (contrary to the law of the Commandment) or of Spiritual love, and charitable care and unity of mindes, for advancing the service of God.

E. K. Upon a Scroll, like the edge of a Carpet, is written, De utro{que} loquor.

Δ. The one is expresly against the Commandement of God: neither can I by any means consent to like of that Doctrine. And for my help in that verity, I do call down the power of Almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and all the good Angels, (his faithful Ministers) to assist me in the defence of my faithful obedience to the law of the Gospel, and of his Church.

Assist me, O Christ.

Assist me, O Jesu.

Assist me, O holy Spirit.

Page  12

E. K. It appeareth written upon a white Crucifix, as followeth, Mea gratia, major est 〈◊〉. Gratia enim 〈◊〉 mea est, ut hominibus insanis 〈◊〉 beatitudo: Et que ita dicta sunt, Vel sint, vel hodie libertas vobis restituitur. Amen dico vobis, quia si dicerem 〈◊〉 Eas, & fatrem Jugula, & non faceret, filius est pec∣cati & mortis. Omnia, enim, possibilia & licita sunt superis. Neque magis 〈◊〉 sunt pudenda illis, quam mortalium quorumcumque vultus.

Ita enim fiet, spurius cum 〈◊〉 (quod magis absurdum est) copulabitur. Et oriens cum occidente, Meridies quoque cum septentrione coadunabuntur.

E. K. Now it is vanished.

Δ. Hereupon we were in great amazement and grief of minde, that so hard, and (as it, yet seemed unto me) so unpure a Doctrine, was popounded and enjoyned unto us of them, whom I alwayes (from the beginning hitherto) did judge and esteem, undoubtedly, to be good Angels: And had unto E K. offered my soul as a pawn, to discharge E. K. his credit∣ing of them, as the good and faithful Ministers of Almighty God. But now, my heart was sore afflicted upon many causes: And E. K. had (as he thought) now, a just and suf∣ficient cause, to forsake dealing with them any more. As his prayer to God of a long time hath been (as in the former part of this Action may appear.)

After our going out of the Chappel, and at our being at dinner, when we four (whose heads so were united, in a pillar shewed, as is before set down, I found means to make some little declaration of our great grief (mine chiefly) now occasioned, either to try us, or really to be executed, in the common and indifferent using of Matrimonial Acts a∣mongst any couple of us four: Which thing was strange to the women: And they hoped of some more comfortable issue of the cause. And so we left off.

After Dinner, as E. K. was alone, there appeared unto him little creatures of a cubit high: and they came to the Still where he had the spirit of Wine distilling over out of a Retorto: And one of them (whose name they expressed Ben) said that it was in vain so to hope for the best spirit of the Wine: And shewed him how to distill it, and separate it better. And moreover how to get oyl of the spirit of Wine, as it burned in the lamps: And began to ask E. K. what Country-man he was? And when he had answered an English-man, he asked then, how he came hither? he answered by Sea: Then said he, And who helped you to pass the marvellous great dangers of the Sea. And so took occasion to speak of the benefits which God had hitherto done for us, very many. And this Ben, said than among very many other things (as Mr. E. K. told me on Saturday night after Supper holding on his talk almost till two of the clock after midnight) That he it was that deliver∣ed*him, or gave unto his hands the powder. And also he said either than or the next day at the furthest, that unleast he would be conformable to the will of God in this last Action declared, That he would take the vertue and force of the powder from it: That it should be unprofitable: And that he should become a beggar.

And of me also he said that I did evil to require proof, or testimony now, that this last Doctrine was from God Almighty, and said that I should be led prisoner to Rome, &c.

He told of England, and said, That about July or November her Majesty should from heaven be destroyed; and that about the same time the King of Spain should dye. And that this present Pope at his Mass should be deprived of life before two years to an end. And that another should be Pope, who should be Decimus quintus of his name; And that he would begin to reform things, but that shortly he should of the Car∣dinals be stoned to death. And that after that there should be no Pope for some years.

Of England he said, That after the death of our dear Queen, One of the house of Austria* made mighty by the King of Spain his death, should invade and conquer the land, &c. He said, One (now abroad) should at Milford-haven enter, and by the help of the Britans subdue the said Conqueror: And that one Morgan a Britan should be made King of the Britans, and next him, one Rowland, &c.

He said also, That this Francis Garland was an espy upon us from the Lord Treasurer of*England: And that Edward Garland is not his brother: And that so the matter is agreed between them, &c.

That my Lord Rosenberg should be in danger of poysoning for these certain months to come.

That my Tables of Enoch, were in some places falsly written. *

Of Antichrist he spake, and of his appearing:

Of Ely and Enoch coming out of Paradise: And of Saint John Evangelist, that he dyed not, but in Pathmos had his invisible being: And that he it was, who did give 〈◊〉 Apostata his deaths wound.

He said also that he hath at divers times preached visibly since the time of his invisible state entred.

Page  13

He confirmed the words of the great Famine and Blood-shed that should come shortly.

He said that on every side of us, people should be slain, but that we should (by the Di∣vine * protection) escape.

He said that shortly this Francis Garland should go into England: And that we should be sent for. But that it were best to refuse their calling us home.

He said that there were four other, who were made also privy of God his mysteries as we were, with whom we should meet at Rome.

He said that Mary and one more in England, should see the wonderful days to come.

Madimi appeared to him there also.

The same Ben went once away mounting up in a flame of fire: and afterward upon occasion of asking him somewhat, he came down so again.

And of the manner how to draw the oyl of the Spirit of wine being burnt, he brought thither the instruments of two silver dishes, whelmed one upon another with an hole pas∣sing through the middle of them both, and with sponge between them: in which the oyl would remain, &c.

After all these, and many other things told me by the same Mr. E.K. we departed each * to his bed, where I found my wife awake, attending to hear some new matter of me from Mr. Kelly his reports of the apparitions, continued with him above four hours, being else alone, I then told her, and said, June, I see that there is no other remedy, but as hath been said of our cross-matching, so it must needs be done.

Thereupon she fell a weeping and trembling for a quarter of an hour: And I pa∣cified her as well as I could; and so, in the fear of God, and in believing of his Admo∣nishment, did perswade her that she shewed her self prettily resolved to be content for God his sake and his secret Purposes, to obey the Admonishment.

Δ. Note, Because I have found so much halting and untruth in E. K. his reports to me made, of the spiritual Creatures, where I have not been present at an Action: and * because his memory may fail him, and because he was subject to ill tempters, I believe so much hereof as shall by better trial be found true, or conformable to truth.

Δ. Note ..... E.K. had this day divers apparitions unto him in his own Chamber, and instructions in divers matters which he regarded not, but remained still in his purpose of utterly discrediting those Creatures, and not to have any more to do with them. But among divers apparitions he noted this of one that said unto him.

..... Joyn Enoch his Tables.

..... Give every place his running number.

E.K. What mean you by places?

..... The squares. Which done, refer every letter in the Table to his number, and so read what I will, for this is the last time I will admonish you.

E.K. A man standeth in the Air in a fiery Globe of my heighth; accompanied with some hundred of Puppets: on the one side of him standeth a woman, and about her are four Clouds all white.

Page  14

The man upon a white Triangle Δ shewed these Numbers with spaces, as you see following.

174 —175411    
272 —27360365243116
225 —22641446405
250 —25139522846175
131 —13253269311490418
251 —25368400150534
303 —3044447539519696

Page  15

Δ. Note: When E. K. had shewed me this Note, I by and by brought forth my book of Enoch his Tables, and found the four letters r T b d to be the four first letters of the four principal squares standing about the black Cross: and that here they were to be pla∣ced otherwise than as I had set them. And in the first placing of them together, I re∣member that I had doubt how to joyn them; for they were given apart each by them∣selves.

Secondly, I found out the 4 Characters; saving they were inversed somewhat, and one of them closed: wherof I found none like, but very near. These Characters were of every square one.

Thirdly, I did take these numbers contained between the lines (some more and some fewer) to be words to be gathered out of the Table of letters: so many words as were distinct companies of numbers; it is to wit, 41.

Hereupon we began to number the squares wherein the letters stood in Enochs Tables as I had them, but we could not exactly finde the words, but somewhat near. Hereupon being tired, and desirous to know the sense of that Cypher, we left off till after supper, and then we assayed again: but we could not bolt it out, though we knew very near what was to be done by the instruction of a spiritual Voice, now and then helping us to∣ward the practise.

At length E. K. was willed to go down into his Chamber, and I did remain still at our Dineing Table till his return, which was within an hour or somewhat more. And at his return this he brought in writing.

My applying of Numbers for more easie reckoning.
  r Δ.
r z I l a fa y t l p at a o a d vp t d n I m24
a r d z a Id p a l a ma a b c o or o m e b b48
c o o n s ar e y a v bt o g c o nx m a l g m72
t o I t t zo p a c o cn h o d d Ia l c a o o96
s I g a s om r b z n bp a t a x Io v s p s n120
f m o n d at d I a r Is a a I x aa r v r o I144
o r o I b ah a o z p Im p h a r sl g a I o l168
t n a b r vI x g a s dm a m g l oI n l I r x192
o I I I t Tp a l o a Io l a a d ng a t a p a216
a b a m o oo a c v c ap a l c o Id x p a c n240
n a o c o tT n p r n tn d a z n zI v a a s a264
o c a n m ag o t r r II I d p o ns d a s p I288
s h I a l ra p m z o xx r I n h ta r n d I 〈◊〉 
b o a z a ro p h a r ad o n p a td a n o a a336
v n n a x op s o n d no l o a g eo o b a v a360
a I g r u no o m a g go p a m n ov g m d n m384
o r p m n In g b e a la p l s t ed e c a o p408
r s o n I zI r l e m vs c m I o on a m l o x432
I z I n r cz I a m h lv a v s g dl v r I a p456
m o r d I al h c t g ao I p t e aa p d o c e480
o c a n c hI a s o m tx s v a c Nr z I r z a504
a r b I Z mI I l p I zs I o d a oI n r z f m528
o p a n a la m s m a pd a l t t dn a d I r e552
d o l o p In I a n b ad I x o m on s I o s p576
r x p a o cS I z I x po o d x z Ia p a n l I600
a x t I r va s t r I mr g o a n nq a c r a r624

Page  16

..... The black Cross is right, and needeth no mending. But thus much I do, to let thee understand, that thou mayest consider thy self to be a man: And beneath this understanding, un∣less thou submit all into the hands of God, for his sake; who else leaving you, all naked, pro∣videth in his creatures to his own glory.

..... Cara tibi uxor, carior tibi sapientia, charissimis tibi ego sum. Electus tremis, & hesitando peccas: Noli igitur ad genium, & carmen sapere; sed obtempera mihi: ductor enim tuus sum & autor spiritus omnium. Hec omnia à me sunt, & licita vobis.

..... I admonish you as the children of God, to consider your vocation, and the love of God towards you; and not to prefer your reason before the wisdome of the highest, whose mercy is so great towards you, That you are chosen from the number of men to walk with him, and to un∣derstand his mysteries, and with all to execute his justice and praise throughout the Na∣tions and people of the earth. Consider that if he finde you obstinate, the plagues of haynous sinners, and contemners of the gifts of God shall fall upon you, to your great overthrow: This is the last time of your trial. Therefore shew your selves lovers of him that hath led you, and co∣vered you with a mighty shield: Or shortly look for the reward of such, as have contemned the Wisdome and Majesty of the Highest.

I Raphael, counsel you to make a Covenant with the Highest, and to esteem his wings more then your own lives.

Δ. When E. K. had brought me these things, I greatly rejoyced in spirit, and was ut∣terly resolved to obey this new Doctrine to us, peculiarly, of all people of the world en∣joyned. And after some little discourse and conference hereof, we went to bed, this 20. 20. day of April, at night.

Aprilis 21.

Δ. Thus, am I resolved, O Almighty God, as concerning the case, so hard to flesh and blood, to be resolved in, thus: And thus I desire, that we all four, might with one minde and consent, offer and present unto thee, this writing as a Vow, Promise, and Covenant, if it so please thy divine majesty to accept it.

WEE four (whose heads appeared under one Chrystalline Crown, in one pillar uni∣ted, and inclosed) do most humbly and heartily thank thee, O Almighty God (our Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier) for all thy mercies and benefits hitherto received, in our persons, and in them that appertain unto us: And at this present, do faithfully and sincerely confess, and acknowledge, that thy profound wisdome in this most new and strange doctrine (among Christians) propounded, commended, and enjoyned unto us four only, is above our humane reason, and Christian profession to like of: For that in out∣ward shew of words, it seemeth to us expresly to be contrary to the purity and chastity, which of us, and all Christians, thy followers, is exactly required. Notwithstanding, we will, herein, captivate, and tread under-foot all our humane timorous doubting of any inconvenience, which shall, or may fall upon us, or follow us in this world, or in the world to come, in respect or by reason of our imbracing of this Doctrine, listened unto, of us, as delivered from our true and living God, the Creator of heaven and earth; who only hath the true original power and Authority of sins releasing and discharging: And whose pardoning, and not imputing of fin unto us, through our lively faith in the most worthy merit, and precious blood of the Lamb Immaculate, shed for us, is and shall be our justification and salvation. We, therefore (according to blessed Raphael his coun∣sel last given) most humbly and sincerely require thy Divine Majesty, to accept this our Covenant with thee (for that, thy merciful promises made unto us, may be to us per∣formed; and thy divine purposes in us and by us, may be furthered, and advanced and fulfilled.) That, as we acknowledge thy divine wisdome and grace offered unto us in this thy last mystical Admonishment: And dost most earnestly will us to accept the same, as lawful and just with thee; Which Admonishment standeth upon two parts: That is to wit, upon our true Christian charity spiritual between us four, and also upon the Matrimo∣nial licence and liberty, indifferently among us four to be used: So we the same four (which hereunto will subscribe) covenant with thy Divine Majesty, upon the two prin∣cipal respects before rehearsed, truly and unfainedly to accept and perform hencefor∣ward amongst us four, in word, thought and deed, Christian charity, and perfect friend∣ship, and all that belongeth thereto: And as for the Matrimonial-like licence, and liberty, Page  17 we accept and allow of it, and promise unto thee (O our God) to fulfill the same, in such sort, as the godly are permitted to fulfill, and have been by divers testimonies com∣mended for, and by Divine doctrine willed to fulfill, in Matrimonial conversation, when∣soever thy motions and allurements (Matrimonial-like) shall draw and perswade any couple of us. Beseeching thee, as thou art the onely true Almighty and Everlasting God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Thou wilt, in thy infinite mercies, not impute it unto us for sin, blindness, rashness, or presumption, being not accepted, done, or per∣formed upon carnal lust, or wanton concupiscence; But by the way of Abraham-like faith and obedience, unto thee, our God, our Leader, Teacher, Protector and Justifier, now and for ever. And hereunto we call the holy Heavens to be witnesses, for thy ho∣nour and glory (O Almighty God) and our discharge, now and for ever. Amen.

I Edward Kelly by good and provident (according to the Laws and ordinances of God) determination and consideration in these former Actions, that is to say, appearings, shews made, and voyces uttered, by the within named in this Book, and the rest whatsoever Spirits have from the beginning thereof (which at large by the Records appeareth) not only doubted and disliked their insinuations and do∣ctrine uttered, but also divers and sundry times (as coveting to es∣chew and avoid the danger and inconvenience that might either by them, their selves, or the drift of their doctrine ensue, or to my indamagement divers wayes, happen) sought to depart from the ex∣ercises thereof: and withal boldly (as the servant of the Son of God) inveighed against them: urging them to depart, or render bet∣ter reason of their unknown and uncredible words and speeches de∣livered; and withall often and sundry times friendly exhorted the Right Worshipful Master JOHN DEE (the chief follower thereof) as also in the Records appeareth, to regard his souls health, the good proceeding of his wordly credit (which through Europe is great) the better maintenance to come of his wife and children, to beware of them, and withall to give them over: wherein although I friendly and brotherly laboured, my labour seemed to be lost and counsel of him despised, and withall was urged with replies to the contrary by him made, and promises, in that case, of the loss of his souls health, if they were not of God: Whereunto upon as it were some farther taste of them, or opinion grounded upon the frailty of zeal, he ceased not al∣so to pawn unto me his soul, &c. which his perswasions were the chief and onely cause of my this so long proceeding with them: And now also at this instant, and before a few dayes having manifest oc∣casion to think they were the servants of Sathan, and the children of darkness; because they manifestly urged and commanded in the name of God a Doctrine Damnable, and contrary to the Laws of God, his Commandements, and Gospel by our Saviour Christ as a Touchstone to us left and delivered, did openly unto them dislike their proceeding, and brotherly admonished the said Worshipful, and my good friend Mr. JOHN DEE to beware of them: And now having just occasion to determine what they were, to consider all Page  18 these things before mentioned by me, and wisely to leave them; and the rather because of themselves, they (as that by their own words appear∣eth) upon our not following that Doctrine delivered, gave unto us a Quietus est, or pasport of freedome: But the Books being brought forth *, after some discourse therein, after a day or two had, and their words perused spoken heretofore, did as it were (because of the possible verity thereof, Deo enim omnia sunt possibilia) gave us cause of further deliberation: so that thereby, I did partly of my self, and partly by the true meaning of the said Mr. DEE in the receiving of them, as from God; and after a sort by the zeal I saw him bear unto the true worship and glory of God to be (as that was by them, pro∣mised) by us promoted, descend from my self, and condescend unto his opinion and determination, giving over all reason, or whatsoever for the love of God: But the women disliked utterly this last Do∣ctrine, * and consulting amongst themselves gave us this answer, the former actions did nothing offend them but much comforted them: and therefore this last, not agreeing with the rest (which they think to be according to the good will and wholesome Law of God) maketh them to fear, because it expresly is contrary to the Commandement of God: And thereupon desiring God not to be offended with their ignorance, required another action for better information here∣in; in the mean, vowing, fasting, and praying, Mrs. DEE hath cove∣nanted with God to abstain from the eating of fish and flesh untill * his Divine Majesty satisfie their mindes according to his Laws esta∣blished, and throughout all Christendome received. To this their request of having an action, I absolutely answer, that my simplicity before the Highest is such as I trust will excuse me: And because the summe of this Doctrine, given in his name, doth require obedi∣ence which I have (as is before written) offered, I think my self dis∣charged: And therefore have no farther cause to hazzard my self any more in any action. Wherefore I answer that if it be lawful for them to call this Doctrine in question, it is more lawful for me to doubt of greater perril; considering that to come where we are ab∣solutely answered were folly, and might redound unto my great in∣convenience. Therefore beseeching God to have mercy upon me, and to satisfie their Petitions, doubts and vows, I finally an∣swer, that I will from this day forward meddle no more herein. 22. of April, 1587.


Page  19
Aprilis 24. Trebonae.*

Δ. PRayers to God made in respect of this strange and new doctrine, requiring his Divine Majesty to be merciful unto us, and to give us wisdom and faith that we may herein please him; and that we cannot finde how we may do the thing required, being contrary to the Laws of Moses, Christ, his Church, and of all Nations. Therefore seeing God is not contrary to himself, we desired that we might not be contrary to him or his Laws, &c.

Δ. Not long, lo, there appeared a great flame of fire in the principal Stone, (both standing on the Table before E. K.) which thing though he told me, I made no end of my Prayer to God. And behold, suddenly one seemed to come in at the south window of the Chappel, right against E. K. (But before that, the stone was heaved up an handful high, and set down again well, which thing E. K. thought did signifie some strange mat∣ter toward.) Then after, the man that came in at the window seemed to have his nether parts in a cloud, and with spred-abroad arms to come toward E. K. At which sight he shrinked back somewhat, and then that Creature took up between both his hands the stone and frame of gold, and mounted up away as he came.. E. K. catched at it, but he could not touch it. At which thing being so taken away, and at the sight thereof E. K. was in a great fear and trembling, and had tremorem cordis for a while. But I was very glad and well pleased.

¶ Here appeareth a fire in this other stone also, and a man in the fire, with flaxen hair hanging down upon him, and is naked unto his Paps; and seemeth to have spots of blood upon him. He spake, and said as followeth.

If I had intended to have overthrown you, or brought you to confusion, or suffered you to be * led into temptation beyond your strength and power, then had the Seas long ago swallowed you. Yea, there had not a soul lived amongst you.

But the law and tidings (to mankind) of gladness, are both grounded in me, I am the Be∣ginning * and the Ending: And behold, happy is he that delighteth in me, for in me is truth and understanding. Whatsoever you have received, you have received of me; and without me you have received nothing. Behold, I my self was even the figure of misery and death for your sins. Why (therefor) disdain you to be figured after me? I will gather the four quarters of the earth together, and they shall become one.

And as I have made you the figure of two people to come, and amongst them, the*executors of my Justice: So likewise have I sanctified you in an holy Ordinance, giving you the first fruits of the time to come. Happy is he that is a Serpent in the wilderness hanged up upon the Cross, being the will and figure of my determination, and Kingdom to come: I am even in the doors; and I will overthrow all flesh. I will no more delight in the sons of men.

* Contrary to my self, I teach you nothing. *

For this Doctrine is not to be published to mortal men: but is given unto you, to manifest your faith, and to make you worthy in the sight of the heavens, for believing in me of your vocation to come.

Therefore I say unto you, Rejoyce, and be not careful for to morrow: for I, even I, have provided for you: Sin no more.

Behold! None of the Orders, either of Heaven or Earth, are armed to open their mouthes in my Name, teaching or opening this Doctrine, unless it were of me, for I am the First and the Last. And I will be Shepherd over all, that the Kingdom of my Father may come, and that my Spirit may be upon all flesh, where there shall be no law, nor need of light: I my self am their lanthorn for ever.

And behold, I will be as a Rock between you and the teeth of Leviathan, which seek∣eth to set you asunder, and to bring you to confusion.

And I am, and am holy, and holiness it self: Out of me cometh no unclean thing.

For even as the time of Moses was wonderful to all the Gentiles, even so shall those days to come be unto the Nations and Kings of the earth. I am a law for ever. And behold, power is given unto me from above: And I have visited the earth, and have thrown my curse * upon her: And lo, she shall become barren.

He that fasteth and prayeth doth but that which is commanded: He that also fulfilleth 〈◊〉 will, is justified before me: for who is he that raiseth up, or who is he that casteth down? Yea, even I it is that have taken you four Trees out of the forrest of the world, and have covered * you hitherto with my wings. And behold, this that is taken away shall be restored again to you with more power. And Might shall be in it, and a brestplate unto you, of Judgement and Knowledge.

And if there be any of you that seeketh a Miracle at my hands, and believeth in my words, let him or her present themselves here the next Monday, with the rest, and he shall perceive that I was the Judge of Abiram, and the God of Abraham: Walk before me as the sous of myPage  20 Father, in all righteousness. And follow you that which you call unrighteousness even with gladness: for I can make you whiter then snow.

Your unity and knitting together is the end and consummation of the beginning of * my harvest. I will not dally with you, but I will be mighty in deed amongst you. And lo, I will shortly open your eyes, and you shall see: And I will say, ARISE, and you shall go out. What I am, I am.

E. K. The flame and all is disappeared.

Δ. Gloria Patri, & Filio, & Spiritui Sancto, sicut erat in principio, & nunc, & in sem∣piterna saeculorum saecula. Amen.

E. K.

..... said after, that his body had in it like a fiery heat, even from his brest down unto all his parts, his privities and thighs.

Deo Omnipotenti, Misericordi & Regi seculorum sit omnis laus, honor & gloria nunc & semper.

J. D. E. K. J. D. J. K.

WEE four (whose heads appeared under one Chrystalline Crown, and in one pillar * united and enclosed) do most 〈◊〉 and heartily thank thee (O Almigh y God, our Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier) for all thy mercies and benefits 〈◊〉 recei∣ved in our own persons, and in them that appertain unto us: And at this present do faithfully and sincerely confess and acknowledge, that thy profound wisdom in this most new and strange Doctrine (among Christians) propounded, commended and enjoyned unto us four onely, is above our humane Reason, and our Catholick Christian Profession to like of: for that, in outward shew of words, it seemeth to us expresly to be contrary to the purity and 〈◊〉 which of us and all Christians (thy followers) is exactly requi∣red. No withstanding, we will for thy sake herein captivate and tread under foot all our humane timerous doubting of any inconvenience which shall or may fall upon us, or follow us (in this world, or in the world to come) in respect, or by reason of our em∣bracing of this Doctrine, listned unto of us, as delivered from thee, our true and living God, the Creator of heaven and earth, who onely hast the true original power and au∣thority of sins releasing and discharging; and whose pardoning, or not imputing of sin 〈◊〉 us, through our lively faith in the most worthy Merit and precious Blood of thy Lamb immaculate, shed for us, is and shall be our Justification and Salvation. We therefore, (according to blessed Raphael his counsel lately given) most humbly and sincerely re∣quire * thy divine Majesty to accept this our Covenant with thee (to the intent that all thy merciful and gracious promises made unto us four, and any of us, may be to us perform∣ed: and also that thy divine purposes in us, and by us, may be furthered, advanced and fulfilled) That as we acknowledge thy divine wisdom and grace opened unto us in this thy last mystical Admonishment of universal unity to be between us: And dost most in∣stantly and earnestly will us to accept and use the same, as both mystically most needful, and also lawful and just with thee: (which Admonishment standeth upon two parts; that is to wit, upon true and consummate Christian Charity between us four unviolably to be kept. And also upon the New Matrimonial-like licence and liberty indifferently amongst us four to be used:) So we the same four above-named (which hereunto will also sub∣scribe our Names) do this day Covenant with thy Divine Majesty (besides all other re∣spects, chiefly upon the two principal intents and respects * before here rehersed) truly and unfeignedly to accept and perform henceforward amongst us four (in word, thought and deed, to the uttermost and best of our power) a perfect unity, and with incompa∣rable true love and good Christian Charity, friendship, imparting and communicating each unto other, all and whatsoever we have or shall have hereafter during our lives. And as for the Matrimonial-like licence, we accept and allow of it: And promise unto thee (O our God, the Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth) to fulfil the same in such 〈◊◊〉 the go 〈◊〉 are permitted to fulfil, and have been (by divers testimonies) commen∣ded for, and by divine Doctrine willed to fulfil in Matrimonial-like conversation, when∣soever thy 〈◊〉 and allurements Matrimonial-like shall draw and perswade any couple of us thereunto: Beseeching thee, as thou art the onely, true Almighty and everlasting God, Creator of heaven and earth, Thou wilt in thy infinite mercies not impute it unto us for sin, blindness, rashness or presumption; being not accepted, done or performed of us upon carnal lust, or wanton concupiscence, but by the way of Abraham-like faith and obedience unto thee our God, our Leader, Teacher, Protector and Justifier, now and for ever. And hereunto we most humbly and faithfully require thy Divine Majesty to be our witness: And moreover we call thy holy Angels, and to bear record for thy honour Page  21 and glory, and for our discharge, now and for ever. And for a further consummation of this New Covenant on our behalf, (by thy will and permission) made with thee (the God of heaven and earth) we the same four first notified, and particularly and vùlgarly named John Dee, Edward Kelley, Jane Dee, and Jone Kelley, have faithfully, obediently, willingly and wittingly subscribed our Names with our own hands day of May, Anno 1587. In Trebon Castle.

And finally, as thou hast warned us (O God) that this doctrine and doings should un∣to no mortal man else be disclosed, but among us onely the above-named four to be kept most secret: and hast said, that whosoever of us should by any means disclose the same, and he also or she to whom the same should be disclosed, should presently and im∣mediately be strucken dead by thy Divine power: So we all and every of us four do re∣quest thee most earnestly, and Covenant with thee as our God, that so all this doctrine and doing may be kept most hid and secret; and also that the sudden and immediate bo∣dily death may light and fall on the discloser, and on him or her to whom the same do∣ctrine or doing any manner of way shall be disclosed or known. Amen, Amen, Amen.


Note and remember, That on Sunday the third of May, Ann. 1587. (by the new ac∣count) I John Dee, Edward Kelley, and our two wives, covenanted with God, and subscribed the same, for indissoluble and inviolable unities, charity and friendship keeping between us four, and all things between us to be common, as God by sundry means willed us to do. Ad Dei honorem, laudem & gloriam in fide & obedientia Factum esto.

1587. Trebonae, in the fine Chappel. *

Δ. THe foresaid Covenant being framed by me John Dee, as near as I could according to the intent and faith of us required, to be notified and declared by the works of unity both spiritual and corporal. Now it was by the women as by our selves thought ne∣cessary to understand the will of God and his good pleasure, Whether this Covenant and form of words performed, is and will be acceptable, and according to the well liking of his Divine Majesty: And that hereupon, the act of corporal knowledge being performed on both our parts, It will please his Divine Majesty to seal and warrant unto us most certainly and spee∣dily all his Divine, Merciful and bountiful Promises and Blessings; and also promises us wis∣dome, knowledge, ability and power to execute his justice, and declare and demonstrate his infallible verity amongst men, to his honour and glory.

Hereupon E.K. and I went to the Chappel to the South Table. Δ. To this intent I prayed to the Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, fatherly, favourably and mercifully to regard the singleness and straits of my heart, desiring him to encrease the faith, and to open the eyes of my heart, that I may see Opera digitorum & mirabilia ejus, nobis sicuti necessaria, for his service and glory, and for the confusion and overthrow of his enemies. Amen.

I read over the Covenant (verbatim) before the Divine Majesty, and his holy Angels.

Pausa ¼ horae.

E. K. Here appeareth Madimi.

As a thing like a head with three eyes cometh upon her head, and one of the eyes seem to come one into another.

Mad. ..... Pepigistis.

Δ. Pepigimus.

Ratum est: perumpite sunt vobis omnia communia.

Dei, non hominis estote: Promissa quae sunt, possidete: Vobis destinata, vera sunt: AEternus sum.

E. K. She is gone.

E.K. My thought an infinite number of spiritual Creatures stood afar off behinde her like as in an half Moon.

Δ. Illi qui AEternus est Omnipotens, Sapiens, Bonus, Verus, Misericors, & rerum omnium Crea∣tor, Redemptor noster & Illuminator omnium (lumine vero Collustratoru) Sit omnis gratiarum actio, laus, benedictio, honor & gloria: Nunc & in sempiterna saeculorum saecula.

Page  22
1587. Trebonae.

PReces ad Dominum Creatorem Cali & terrae, &c. Then as concerning the Covenant * which was made subscribed and delivered in, but the next day required again of Mr. E.K. and in his wifes name to put out his name, &c. But when he had it, he cut it into equal parts; keeping that half wherein his subscription and his wifes were, and deliver∣ed unto me, the other half but after a few dayes desired to have the sight and reading of both together; and then he kept the other part from me also: But afterward Madimi did with her finger draw on the two papers make them whole again, &c. and then she gave the print of my Characters, and said a red Circle should alwayes appear in the Stone to all mens sight, &c.

E. K. There is here a great Globe of fire hanging in the top of * the Stone; and in the Globe a man standing with a purple Robe like Christ, I cannot well perceive his face.

..... Who sitteth upon the Cherubins, and is carried abroad with their wings: Who is he that is lifted up in thunders, and in the voyce of many waters exalted and magnified through the power of a Seraphin (which is the power of him that made him?) Who is he that stretcheth out his arms and imbraceth all things? Who is he that is not, and is? Who is he that numbreth the Stars as the letters of a V lumne? or entreth down into the waves? In the multitude of his wonders who is he that maketh his Whelps there, where the Sea glideth, and keepeth them in Chains, till the day of his stretch-forth power come? Who is he that maketh his habitation in the Sun, or filleth the Moon with a perpetual River? Who is he that hath made Winter and Sum∣mer, times and seasons? Who is he that is the Lord of all beasts and fowls? Who is he that hath made you of nothing? even he it is that hath led you out, even he it is that hath carried you to the Seas even he it is, that hath kept you sleeping, and preserved you waking: Even he it is that hath 〈◊〉 his thunders underneath your and hath harnished you.

With the 〈◊〉 of 〈◊〉 against the people of Ethan, yea even he it is (I say) that is, and liveth for ever, and hath provided you as the chiefest reapers, yea and over-seers of his harvest, which hath made you a promise: That the Kings of the earth shall be inriched by you, and hath made you free from all men, against the day when you shall see me. But O you of little faith and understanding, O, I say, you of little faith and understanding, how long will you be your own masters, nay your own servants, how long do you contemn, the profound and unspeak∣able floods of my wisdome, and fore-knowledge in you.

How long (I say) will you run after your own imaginations and contemn the present counsels which I give you, hindring the power that is ready to fall upon you, O 〈◊〉 of little faith and under∣standing.

Behold I have prepared a banket for you, and have brought you even unto the doors; but be∣cause you smell not the feast you disdain to enter, happy is he that entreth in through me: For I am the very gate to all felicity and joy, and without me is nothing: Are you more discreet then I am wise? or more honest than I am holy? Righteousness, and righteousness is that, which is re∣warded with honour. Behold I made all things, Is it not contrary to Nature, that the lights of * heaven should stand: Why therefore at the prayer of the Carpter call you upon the Sun in my name; Calling (I say) upon my name did the Sun stand still. Rebuke him therefore if he hath done a∣miss; or teach him, why he so abused Nature, O you wretches, I say unto you, you are the last of the beginning of the times to come, so figured by my determination and eternal purpose: And * behold the Son and Moon shall stand still, even at your voyces, and the Mountains shall bring themselves together before the face of man, at your commandement, that the people and Kings of the earth may say, Lo this is the finger of him that hath created all things.

Be therefore obedient and full of faith.

And see that all things be one amongst you, and cleave not asunder, lest I take vengeance*upon you, for behold Sathan hath power to cast you asunder, but a little he should∣be faithful therefore, and provident, be watchful, and take heed for you have made a Covenant; and behold it is written before my face in heaven, even as whatsoever I have spoken unto you, is laid up in my treasures. Take heed that you run neither to the right hand, neither to the left;*but that you cast away your selves for me: As I humbled my self to death, wherein the unity be∣tween my Congregation and me, was before my Father perpetually sealed, whereby I am alwayes present with such as put their trust in me. Even so as the East and the West, the North, and the South, Esau and Jacob, shall be gathered together through the power I will give you, and united * for ever in the Kingdome of my Father which is to come, in one holy and eternal fel∣lowship, so be you contented also to be the figures of the things that are to come by you, that it may be a perpetual testimony before the heavens, and before men, of your perfect and sound faith:*And thou, even thou that hast tore in peeces even this morning again this Covenant which thouPage  23 hast made with me, Behold the time shall come that thou shalt be torn in peeces thy self, and I will turn even my face away from thee for a time: And even as thou hast obstinately and ignorantly, blasphemed the company of my holy messagers, even so shall the people of the earth obstinately and ignorantly throw thee out from Town to Town: And even as thou hast done unto me, even so shall men do unto thee. But because thy minde was inwardly never to forsake me, even so shalt thou never be forsaken of me, but I will return again unto thee. And now behold, thou hast made a bargain, and behold thou thinkest to take thee up a new dwelling place, and thou shalt not do so: But who so receiveth thee into his house shall as truly as I am, both he and his family fink down into the very lake of hell. But before thou enter in, I will by dreams and visions warn him; therefore run not abroad: Take heed of the Tempter, Thou made a Co∣venant with me, which thou canst not in breaking of the papers put out; for my register is eternal: And those that bear witness before me are the compass of my wings.

And lo behold Carpio hath for his former intent of separating you, cut off the day of his Father, and is become fatherless: Behold even shortly shall his mother perish also.

And, if hereafter, he attempt any farther, I will throw the vengeance of Justice upon him, that he shall be a laughing stock to the people amongst which he was born: Wo be unto them that riseth up against me.

..... After a while I come again.

E. K: I thought we should have nothing else, but

Δ. I read this over to E.K.

E. K. He is here again.

He that pawneth * his soul for me, loseth it not, and he that dyeth for me, dieth to eternal life. Behold you shall both as Lambs be brought forth before men in your latter dayes, and shall be overthrown and slain, and your bodies tossed to and fro: But I will revive you again, and will be full of power: And you shall be comforted with the joyes of your brethren, for I have many that secretly serve me, and when you have shewed your obedience, the second day after, come here again before me; for I will lead you into the way of Knowledge and Vnderstanding: And Judgement and Wisdome shall be upon you, and shall be restored unto you: And you shall grow every day, wise and mighty in mee.

E. K. He is gone: and in going he made a Cross (toward us) of blessing.

Rerum omni Creatori Omnipotenti, Misericordi & Justo, Domino nostro & Deo nostro, sit omnis laus, honor, gloria, gratiarum actio & Jubilatio: Nunc & in sempiterna saeculorum saecula. Amen.

I can, and by our two Consents, and at the request of Jane Δ ... unto the women. And Mr. E.K. hereupon said to his wife, That his boots were now put off, and changed his pur∣pose of going away with Carpio now. God confirm his minde in all good purposes according * to the well-pleasing of the Highest. Amen.

..... Δ ..... As I, and E.K. walked out at the new stairs, into the new Orchard∣ward* along the little River to view the small fish, and returning to the fore stairs again, E.K. saw twain as high as my son Arthur fighting by the River side with swords; and the one said to the other, thou hast beguiled me: Then I at length, said unto them, Can I take up the matter between you? one said yea that you can: in what is it quoth I? Then said he, I sent a thing to thy wife by my man, and this fellow hath taken it from him. They fought fore, and at length, he that had it was wounded in the thigh, and it seemed to bleed. Afterward he that was wounded, did bring a yellow square thing out of his bo∣some; then I guessed it to be my Stone that was taken away. The other said unto him, let it be carried, suddenly he seemed to have been out of sight, and to be come again; he threatned * the other that had wounded him, and said he would be even with him. The other said, Hast thou laid it under the right pillow of the bed where his wife lay yesternight.

At length they both went (one after another) into a little Willow tree body on the right hand next the new stairs into the garden; the tree seemed to cleave, or open, and they to go in.

Hereupon we went away: And I coming to my Chamber, found my wife lying upon her bed (where I lay yesternight) and there I lifted up the right pillow, upon which she lay resting herself (being not well at ease) And in manner under her shoulders there I found my precious Stone, that was taken away by Madimi: Whereat E. K. greatly wondred, doubting the verity of the shew. But I and my wife rejoyced, tkanking God.

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Saturday May 23. Mane circa 9.½

PReces ad Deum fundebantur, &c. And then we requested that the act of obedience per∣formed (according to our faith conceived of our vocation, from the Almighty and Eternal God of heaven and earth) might be accepted: And that henceforward we might be instructed in the understanding and practice of wisdome, both such as already we have received some introductions Mystical, and also of all other what the Almighty God shall deem meet for us to know, and execute for his honour and glory, &c.

Δ E. K. Took Pen and Inke, and wrote the request here adjoyned; and he read it to me, and he requested me to read it to the Divine Majesty; and so I did, and hereupon we waited both to the first my prayer and to this Petition, the Divine answer.

Δ. Omnipotens sempiterne, vere & vive Deus mittas lucem tuam & veritatem tuam ut ipsae nos ducant & perducant admontem, sanctum Syon, ex hac valle miseriae & ad Celestem tuam Jerusalem. Amen.

E. K. From the beginning of this our coming, there appeared a purple Circle as big as a star in the Circumference of the holy Stone, which yesterday was brought again: And that it should so be, Madimi had forewarned E. K. when she shewed it unto him, when also she gave the prints of the letters of the backside of the bottome of the gold frame of it.

..... E. K. There appeareth here a great man all in bright * harness sitting upon a white horse: he hath a spear all fiery in his left hand, he now putteth into his right hand: he hath a long sword by his side: he hath also a target hanging on his back, it seemeth to be of steel: It hangeth from his neck by a blue lace; it cometh up be∣hind him as high as the top of his head. The horse is milk white, all studded with white: a very comely horse it is. The man is in com∣pleat harness, the top of his helmet hath a sharp form.

Upon his Target, are many Cherubins, as it were painted in Circles: there is one in the middle: About it as a Circle with six in it, and then a Circle with eight, and then a great Circle with ten in it, and in the greatest are twenty; and about the Circle of twenty * are seven parts: at each of which points is a Cherubin; Their faces be like burning gold, their wings be more brighter and as it were their wings coming over their heads do * not touch together. His horse is also harnished before and be∣hind. The horse legs behind are harnished as with boots mar∣veilously contrived, for defence as it were of his hinde legs.

E. K. He is ridden away, he seemeth to ride through a great field.

E. K. Here is now come Madimi.

E. K. She is gone into the field, that way which he rode.

E. K. Here is another, like a woman all in green.

E. K. Here cometh another woman: All her attire is like beaten gold; she hath on her forehead a Cross chrystal, her neck and breast are bare unto under her dugs: She hath a girdle of beaten gold slackly buckled unto her with a pendant of gold down to the ground.

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I am the Daughter of Fortitude, and ravished every hour, from my youth. For behold, I am Vnderstanding, and Science dwelleth in me; and the heavens oppress me, they covet and desire me with infinite appetite: few or none that are earthly have imbraced me, for I am shadowed with the Circle of the Stone, and covered with the morning Clouds. My feet are swifter than the winds, and my hands are sweeter than the morning dew. My garments are from the beginning, and my dwelling place is in my self. The Lion knoweth not where I walk, neither do the beasts of the field understand me. I am defloured, and yet a virgin: I sanctifie, and am not sancti∣fied. Happy is he that imbraceth me: for in the night season I am sweet, and in the day full of pleasure. My company is a harmony of many Cymbals, and my lips sweeter than health it self. I am a harlot for such as ravish me, and a virgin with such as know me not: For lo, I am loved of many, and I am a lover to many; and as many as come unto me as they should do, have enter∣tainment. Purge your streets, O ye sons of men, and wash your houses clean; make your selves holy, and put on righteousness. Cast out your old strumpets, and burn their clothes; abstain from the company of other women that are defiled, that are sluttish, and not so handsome and beautiful as I, and then will I come and dwell amongst you: and behold, I will bring forth chil∣dren 〈◊〉 you, aud they shall be the Sons of Comfort. I will open my garments, and stand na∣ked before you, that your love may be more enflamed toward me.

As yet, I walk in the Clouds; as yet, I am carrried with the Winds, and cannot descend unto you for the multitude of your abominations, and the filthy loathsomness of your dwelling 〈◊〉. Behold these four, who is he that shall say, They have sinned? or unto whom shall they * make account? Not unto you, O you sons of men, nor unto your children: for unto the Lord belongeth the judgement of his servants.

Now therefore, let the earth give forth her fruit unto you, and let the Mountains forsake their barrenness 〈◊〉 your footsteps shall remain. Happy is he that saluteth you, and cursed is he that holdeth up his hands against you. And power shall be given unto you from henceforth to resist your enemies: and the Lord shall alwayes hear you in the time of your troubles. And I am sent unto you to play the harlot with you, and am to enrich you with the 〈◊〉 of other * men. Prepare for me, for I come shortly. Provide your Chambers for me, that they may be sweet and cleanly; for I will make a dwelling-place amongst you: and I will be common with the father and the son, yea and with all them that truly favoureth you: for my youth is in her flowers, and my strength is not to be extinguished with man. Strong am I above and be low, there∣fore provide for me: for behold, I now salute you, and let peace be amongst you; for I am the Daughter of Comfort. Disclose not my secrets unto women, neither let them understand * how sweet I am, for all things belongeth not to every one. I come unto you again.

E. K. She is gone along that green field also.

Δ. I read it over to our great comfort.

Δ. We most humbly and heartily thank thee, O God Almighty, the onely fountain of Wisdome, Power, and all goodness: Help us now and ever to be faithful and fruitful servants to thee, for thy honour and glory. Amen.

E. K. The field appeareth a very level ground, covered with pretty grass even to the brinks of the ..... It is bright if the Sun light, but I see not the Sun, but the clear sky over it.

Δ. Pausa semihora unius.

E. K. Now cometh the horseman, and rideth by into the field, and so doth Madimi. Now cometh the third, and so goeth away into the field.

Now cometh she that was left here: she standeth still: she hath * a book in her hand covered (as it were) with Moss three inches at the head, and four inches long, and a finger thick: it hath no Clasps; it is plain.


The fourth hour after dinner, repair hither again: And whatsoever you shall reade out of*this book, receive it kneeling upon your knees; and see that you suffer no Creature female to enter within this place: Neither shall the things that be opened unto you, be revealed un∣to your wives, or unto any Creature as yet: for I will lye with you a while, and you shall perceive that I am sweet and full of comfort, and that the Lord is at hand, and that he will shortly visit the earth, and all his whole Provinces.

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E. K. She turneth her self into a thousand shapes of all Creatures: * and now she is come to her own form again.

She hangeth the Book in the air.

Give God thanks, and so depart.

Δ. All laud, thanks, honour and glory be to our God, our King and Saviour, now and ever.