The reformed school by John Dury.

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The reformed school by John Dury.
Dury, John, 1596-1680.
London :: Printed by R.D. for Richard Wodnothe ...,

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Education -- Early works to 1800.
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Secondly of the Education of Children.

The Girles should all be lodged in the same house with the associated women; to be under the perpetuall inspection of the Governess, by whom, their severall tasks for all the dayes of the week and houres of the day, should be set unto them; and the tymes of taking an account of them concerning every thing, or∣dered and strictly observed.

The Boyes should be in a severall house, or part of the house so, that they should not be able at any time to have free communication with the Girles; but should be alwayes under the inspection of their Tutors who should be men belonging to the association, for such Offices which women are not fit to be em∣ployed in: and these Tutors and Teachers should all be under one generall Overseer, who should give them their tasks, and see the same performed according to settled Orders.

The main scope of the whole work of Edu∣cation, both in the Boyes and Girls, should be none other but this; to train them up to know God in Christ, that they may walke worthy of him in the Gospell; and become profitable instruments of the Common-wealth in their Generations. And in order to this, two things are to bee taught them. First, the

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way of Godliness, wherein every day they are o be exercised, by prayers, reading of the word, Catecheticall Institutions, and other xercises subordinat unto the life of Christia∣ity. Secondly, the way of Serviceableness to∣wards the Society wherin they live, that they may be enabled each in their sex respectively, o follow lawfull callings for profitable uses; nd not become a burden to their generation y living in Idleness and disorderlinesse, as most commonly those do which come from he Schools of this age.

The Rule then according to which their ducation is to be Reformed fundamentally, s this.

That no time of the day is to be lost with∣out some teaching exercise; and that nothing s to bee taught but that which is usefull in t self to the Society of mankind, therin fitting hem for employments approvable by the Gospel; and which will bring them to be∣ave themselves so as it becometh those who re called to walke with the lamb upon mount ion in the presence of God, that is, as Saints n his Church.

Upon this ground, all the matters of shew nd appearance, which please the fancies of en in the world, whether they be in points f knowledge or practice; (wherin all the ime of the youth is most commonly spent in

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ordinary Schools) are to be laid aside in the course of this Education.

Therefore as to the Girls, the ordinary van••••ty and curiosity of their dressing of hair an putting an of apparell; the customes and principles of wantonness and bold behaviours which in their dancings are taught them; an whatsoever else doth tend onely to fomēt pri and satisfie curiosity and imaginary delights shall be changed, by this our course of Education, into plain, decet cleanliness and health full wayes of apparelling themselves; an into such exercises of their hearts, heads an hands, which may habituat them through th fere of God, to become good and carefu houswiues, loving towards their husbands an their children when God shall call them t be married; and understanding in all thing belonging to the care of a Family, accordin to the Characters which Salomon doth give 〈◊〉〈◊〉 a virtuous Godly woman. And such as ma be found capable of Tongues and Science (to perfect them in Graces and the knowledge of Christ for all is to be referred t him above the ordinary sort) are not to b neglected; but assisted towards the improv••••ment of their intellectuall abilities.

As for the Boyes; the same Rule is to be oserved in the way of their Education, bo for Tongues, Sciences and Employments. S

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••••at all the preposterous Methods of teach∣••••g the same; by which, not only their time is ••••st, but their spirits and affections are in∣red to evill customes of Disorderliness, of anity, Pride and Self conceitedness, which is he root of all our contentions about matters f Learning and Science falsly so called: and ll the unprofitable exercises of their mind nd body in things which take them off from e aime of Christianity unto the customes of e world shall be altered into profitable mployments which may fit them to be good Commonwealths men, by the knowledge of l things which are fundamentall for the ••••tlement of a State in Husbandry, in ne∣••••ssary Trades, in Navigation, in Civill Of∣••••ces for the Administration of Justice; in ece and War; and in Oeconomicall Duties 〈◊〉〈◊〉 which they may be serviceable to their own ••••milies, and to their neighbours.

And if these Generall Grounds be assented nto by those that have a mind to associat, d to help forward the Education of youth r a beginning of some Reall Reformation in r age; the particular Models both for Boyes ••••d Girls Institution, Inspection and Employ∣ents may be soon added, and offered to their ••••nsideration.

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