The declaration of the Right Honourable Henry, Earle of Cumberland, together with diverse gentlemen of the county of York, who desire it may be put in print, and published in all the parish churches of this county, 26 August, 1642

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The declaration of the Right Honourable Henry, Earle of Cumberland, together with diverse gentlemen of the county of York, who desire it may be put in print, and published in all the parish churches of this county, 26 August, 1642
Cumberland, Henry Clifford, Earl of, 1591-1643.
York [England] :: Printed by Robert Barker ... and by the assignes of John Bill,

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Great Britain -- History -- Civil War, 1642-1649.
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THE DECLARATION of the Right Honourable Henry Earle of Cumberland, Together with divers Gentlemen of the County of York, who desire it may be put in print, and published in all the Parish Churches of this County.

WHereas it appears, That some Gen∣tlemen of this Countie, have given information to one of the Members of the House of Commons, of many great oppressions exercised upon His Majesties Subjects here, And that a Tyrannicall government is founded, under pretence of His Majesties service; and have thereby, and upon that misinformation, drawn a Decla∣ration from the Lords and Commons, bearing date the twentieth of August instant, to be published to the people, which is grounded upon those, and divers other false informations: We hold it our du∣ties to the Honourable Houses, to the satisfaction of the County, and vindication of our own honours and integrity herein, to declare, That we are so far from being contrivers, or Instruments of Arbitrary

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Government or Tyranny, or doing any Act, whereby the Countrey may receive losse, or suffer violence, That all our endeavours shall tend to no other end, then to assur it from spoile and rapine, and to protect every person therein, (as farre as we can) from injury and oppression.

To the better advancement of which good de∣sires and resolutions, the Grand Jury (the represen∣tative body of this County) at the Assizes last hol∣den, presented their humble requests to His Sacred Majestie, and received thereunto His Gracious ap∣probation: And thereupon some progresse hath been made, and resolutions taken, ayming onely at the tranquillity of this County, and at no other end or purpose whatsoever: And if any have, or do mis-understand those propositions, or wrest them to any other sence then they were intended, they do it without any ground at all. For we pro∣fesse, That we have not gone about to conceive, or act any thing, for sinister or by respects, but onely for the benefit and peace of the County in generall, and of every particular Person therein; and that we conceive our doings, warranted by the Law of Nature and Necessity, and Authorized by a former order of Parliament, which declares, That such Counties as put themselves in a posture of de∣fence, have done nothing but what is justifiable:

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And in pursuance whe••••of, and agreeing upon the like Resolutions and Propositions to these, we have formerly received approbation, and publike thanks from the House of Commons.

We do therefore further unanimously publish to all lovers of Peace, That we neither have, nor will do any act, or acts of other nature, or tending to other consequence, then those formerly agreed on in this County, upon the like occasion, by the Iustices of Peace, the eight and twentieth of Ianuary last, and for which, we, by order from the House of Commons, received thanks the first of February following. As also, That we will not go about to take the Arms of any honest Gentlemen, Yeomen, or Towns-men, as we perceive is falsely misreported to the House, we having Our selves hitherto done no such thing, nor intending as far as in us lies, to suffer others to do the same, unlesse we be enforced to the contrary by hostile actions, or pregnant suspicions from the parties.

We do likewise promise, That we will preserve to our uttermost endevours, the peace of the County, and by all just wayes, oppose, and bring to punish∣ment all such as plunder and pillage any person or persons of what degree, quality, or profession so∣ever in this County.

That we will constantly, and with one minde,

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aide and assist all his Mjesties Subjects, to de∣fend them from oppression or violence, and not go about to take any mans goods, or levie money by force.

These, and no other being our united resoluti∣ons, we are confident they will receive the assistance and concurrence of the whole County, to bring to a wished effect a work of so much safety and con∣cernment unto us all.

And therefore (according to the Presentment of the Grand Jury, who resolved, that lesse then eight thousand, six hundred, and fourty pounds, two shillings six pence, could not performe this ne∣cessary work) we have proportioned (according to ancient and unquestioned rates) the said Sum, and have sent the severall proportions agreed upon, just∣ly rated, to every Parish; not at all doubting, but that every mans good affection to his Countrey, and care of his own well being, will prompt him, with all cheerfulnesse, to put his ready hand to such a pious and necessary work, which we desire may be speedily put in execution in every respective Parish, the people called together by the Miniter, Constable, Churhwardens, and Overseers of the poor, or some other well-affected persons, and the name of those men returned in writing, who do accordingly pay, or agree to pay their pro∣portions;

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together wit the names of those (which we cannot beleeve will be many) who are backward, or deny to pay so small a Sum, thus laid in ballance, with the safety of themselves and their Countrey. And if there be any so void of af∣fection to his Countrey, as to refuse his concur∣rence in this affair, of such generall and particular concernment, we shall wash our hands, as guilt∣lesse from the consequence of that crime, and rest sa∣tisfied with the conscience of our good endea∣vours, for Unity, Peace, and a right understanding, the onely way to render this County safe and flourishing, and every particular person void of fear and mistakings, and assured of his person, goods, and family.

Since these, and no other, are the determinati∣ons of our (by some so much mistaken) meetings, if any who have not hitherto been present with us, will, for the time to come assist us, with their company and advice, they shall be willingly re∣ceived, as members of the same County, enjoy free liberty of debate, and receive suteable respect; that so, with united hearts and hands, we may all joyne together, to the glory of God, the service of our King, the preservation of true Religion, and the tranquillity and assurance of this our Countrey.

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