Dyets dry dinner consisting of eight seuerall courses: 1. Fruites 2. Hearbes. 3. Flesh. 4. Fish. 5. whitmeats. 6. Spice. 7. Sauce. 8. Tabacco. All serued in after the order of time vniuersall. By Henry Buttes, Maister of Artes, and fellowe of C.C.C. in C.
Butts, Henry, d. 1632.
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THat that growes vpon great ships bottomes, or in places not muddy;

in those Mo∣neths that haue the letter R. in their names.

It hath a kinde of salt iuyce in it, that affecteth the palate more then other shell fishes: exciteth ap∣petite, and Venus: nourisheth litle.

Somewhat hard of degistion: greatly increaseth fleame in a cold stomacke: causeth obstructions.

Dresse it with pepper, oyle, the iuyce of sowre Orenges: after it be roasted on the imbers.

Hot in the first, moyst in the se∣cond.

Age. Constitu∣tion.
For cold weather, youth, cholle∣rists, and hot stomackes.