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Murder upon murder committed by Thomas Sherwood, alias, Countrey Tom: and Elizabeth Evans, alias, Canbrye Besse: the first upon M. Loe, the 2. of M. George Holt of Windzor, whom inhumanely they kild neare Islington on the 22. day of Ianuary 1635. The last upon M. Thomas Claxton of London, whom mercilesly they murdered upon the second day of Aprill last past, neare unto Lambs Conduit on the backside of Holborne, with many other robberies and mischiefes by them committed from time to time since Midsomer last past, now revealed and confest by them, and now according to judgement he is hangd neare to Lambs Conduit this 14 of April, 1635. to the terror of all such offenders. To the tune of Bragandary downe, & c.
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Printed at London : For T. Langley, and are to be sold by Thomas Lambert in Smithfield, neare to the hospitall gate,
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