Murder upon murder committed by Thomas Sherwood, alias, Countrey Tom: and Elizabeth Evans, alias, Canbrye Besse: the first upon M. Loe, the 2. of M. George Holt of Windzor, whom inhumanely they kild neare Islington on the 22. day of Ianuary 1635. The last upon M. Thomas Claxton of London, whom mercilesly they murdered upon the second day of Aprill last past, neare unto Lambs Conduit on the backside of Holborne, with many other robberies and mischiefes by them committed from time to time since Midsomer last past, now revealed and confest by them, and now according to judgement he is hangd neare to Lambs Conduit this 14 of April, 1635. to the terror of all such offenders. To the tune of Bragandary downe, & c.
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The second part To the same tune.


FOr being flusht with humane bloud,
they thirsted still for more,
The more from God O man thou runst
the greater is thy score:
Like rauening wolues they pry & watch,
How they the innocent may catch.
O murder, lust and murder,
is the foule sinke of sin.
The last that fell into their hands,
was Master Claxton he,
A Gentleman of good descent,
and well belou'd truely,
Who walkt vnarm'd by breake of day,
In holborne fields they did him slay.
O murder, &c.
A scarlet coate from him they tooke,
new suit from top to toe,
His bootes, hat, shirt they tooke from him
much money eke also,
And left him in the fields so wide
So fled away and not discride.
O murder, &c,
But marke the goodnesse of the Lord,
on the succáeding day,
That Sherwood with his trull did think
beyond sea take their way,
In Hounsdich were together tane,
Selling the coat in the same lane.
O murder, &c.
With the new suit vpon his back,
and all things else befide,
The queane the hat of Master Holt,
which they had murdered,
So vnto Newgate were they sent,
Confest all this, and doe repent.
O murder, &c.
Wishing all men when as they walke
to haue a speciall care,
And not to go vnarm'd, or late,
but sword or truncheon weare,
Had they done so Sherwood doth say,
He had not ventred them to slay.
O murder. &c.
Within thráe quarters of a yeare,
these murders they haue done,
And maim'd and spoiled many a one,
by their confession:
Such deadly blowes he did them giue,
Twas strange that after they should liue
O murder, &c.
For these bad facts he now doth dye,
iust iudgement for his máede,
All such ill liuers grant they may,
no worse nor better spáed,
So shall England from crying sinne,
Be euer fráed, Gods mercy winne.
For murder lust and murder,
is the foule sinke of sinne.