A fruitful treatise of fasting wherin is declared what ye Christen fast is, how we ought to fast, [and] what ye true vse of fastyng is. Newlye made by Thomas Becon.
Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567.

The .iii. Chapter

ANd as the godlye menne in the tyme of theyr fasting did abstayne frome meate and drincke, so dyd they from al other thynges that myghte delyte the fleshe, and be haued them selues outwardlye accordinge to the so∣rowe and trouble of their hearte inwardlye. Oute of a mourning and soroweful hearte dyd spring outwarde yea and those vnfaye∣ned tokens of sorowe and mour∣nynge. For wee hearde before, that when Daniell fasted three Page  [unnumbered] weekes, and prayed vnto the Lorde hys God, although he did eate bread euerye nyghte for the comforte of hys weake body, yet he neyther eate flesh, nor dronck wyne, nor yet once anoynted hym selfe.* And in a nother place he sai¦eth: I turned me vnto God the Lorde for to praye,* and to make myne intercession wyth fastyng, sakcloth and ashes.* The people of Niniue, when they hearde the preachynge of Ionas, whyche threatened them and theyr cytye destruccion after fortye dayes, repented, beleued God, and pro∣claymed fastyng, and arayed thē¦selues in sackeclothe, as well the greate as the small of them. And when the tidyngs came vnto the king of Niniue: he also arose out of his seate, & dyd his apparel of Page  [unnumbered] and put on sackeclothe, and sate hym downe in ashes.* Agayne, the chyldren of Israell (as wee reade in Esdras) when they fa∣sted, dyd put on sackeclothe, and sprinkled earth vpon theyr hea∣des, knowledged theyr synnes, prayed vnto God, and redde in the booke of the lawe of the Lord theyr God.* Quene Esther also when she fasted, layed awaye her glorious apparel, and put on the garmentes that serued for sygh∣yng and mourning. In the stede of precious ointment, she scatte∣red ashes and donge vpon her heade, and as for her bodye, shee hūbled it with fasting, & brought it verye lowe. Lykewyse kynge Achab, whē he was reproued of the Prophete Helyas for kyl∣lynge Nabothe, fell to fastynge,*Page  [unnumbered] and as he fasted, so dyd he putte sake cloth about hys flesh, lay in sackclothe, wente barefoote and hangyng downe hys heade.