The treasury of healthe conteynyng many profitable medycines gathered out of Hypocrates, Galen and Auycen, by one Petrus Hyspanus [and] translated into Englysh by Humfre Lloyde who hath added therunto the causes and sygnes of euery dysease, wyth the Aphorismes of Hypocrates, and Iacobus de Partybus redacted to a certayne order according to the membres of mans body, and a compendiouse table conteynyng the purginge and confortatyue medycynes, wyth the exposicyo[n] of certayne names [and] weyghtes in this boke contayned wyth an epystle of Diocles vnto kyng Antigonus.
John XXI, Pope, d. 1277., Llwyd, Humphrey, 1527-1568., Diocles, of Carystus. Epistola de secunda valetudine tuenda. English., Hippocrates.

❧Remedies. Capi. xliiii.

*HEmlockes bound to a mans stones, take vtterly away all desyre of copulacion.

If Opium, Henbane sede, & mā∣drage be mynglid wyth wax & oyle, in the whyche they haue soden, and the members therwith be anoynted and a plaster therof beyng made, & bound vnto the coddes, it taketh a∣waye the desyer of copulacion.

Anoynte oftentymes the mem∣bres, with the ioyce of Nyght shade Singrene, and vyneger.

Al men and inespecially Diosco∣rides sayeth that Pper, Rue, Tut∣sayne, Calamint, Castoreum, waste the sde of generacyon, (by driuing it vp) of there popretie and stronge heate.

Page  [unnumbered]Item let the yarde be anoyntyd wt oyle,* wherin Camfore hath ben re∣solued, and he shall haue no feruent desyre to it.

I a man eate the flowers of a sal∣low or wyllowe tree, or of a Poplet tree, they wyl make cold al the heate of carnall lust in hym.

Bene flouer made in forme of a plaster and bound vnto the pryuye members of a boy,* quenchith al con¦cupiscence and sufferth not heares to growe ther.

Lettys sede dryethe vp the seede, & quenchith the desyer of copulacon.* Anonte the priuie members wyth he ioyce of Hēbane, and the carnal concupiscence shalbe quenchid ther¦by.