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Tître Title
Caractères et Alphabets de Langues Mortes et Vivantes Characters and alphabets of dead and living languages
Cardier Carder
Cartier Card maker
Cartonnier et gaufreur en carton Boardmaker and board embosser
Ceinturier Belt maker
Chainetier Chain maker
Chamoiseur et mégissier Tanner of chamois leather and sheep and goat leather
Chandelier Candlemaker
Chapelier Hatmaker
Charpenterie – [Planches I-XXVII] Carpentry – [Plates I-XXVII]
Charpenterie – [Planches XXVIII-XXX] Carpentry – [Plates XXVIII-XXX]
Charpenterie – [Planches XXXbis-LI] Carpentry – [Plates XXXbis-LI]
Charron Cartwright
Chasses Hunting
Chaudronnier Coppersmithing
Chimie Chemistry
Chirurgie Surgery
Chorégraphie ou l'art d'écrire la danse Choreography or the art of writing dance
Cirier Wax making
Ciseleur et damasquineur Ornamental metalwork and damasking
Cloutier Grossier Heavy nail making
Cloutier d'épingles Pin making
Coffretier-malletier-bahutier Chest and trunk making
Confiseur Confectioner
Corderie Rope making
Cordonnier et cordonnier-bottier Shoe and boot making
Corroyeur Leather currying
Coutelier Cutlery