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Black student activism, 1969-2001

Series Overview

The series Black student activism, 1969-2001 (5.5 linear feet) contains four alphabetically arranged subseries relating to the Black Action Movements (BAM) on the University of Michigan campus: BAM I, 1969-1987 (0.4 linear feet), BAM II, 1974-1975 (0.1 linear feet), BAM III, 1985-1995 (0.5 linear feet) and Conferences and Scholarship about BAM, 1970-2001 (0.1 linear feet). These records include correspondence, newspaper clippings, minutes and other records of the United Coalition Against Racism (UCAR), and they address both the movements themselves and reactions to them within the university community. There are also documents concerning incidents of racial harassment that had a part in inspiring the movements.

In 2014 the Bentley Historical Library digitized select archival records relating to BAM I, II and III housed in other University collections. Finding aid to Black Action Movement select documents, 1970-1987 digital collection is available online and contains links to the digitized files.

A fifth subseries, Other activism,1966-2000 (3.9 linear feet), includes newspaper clippings about the civil rights movement; and the anti-apartheid and divestment movements of the 1980s, as well as records of several activist organizations, particularly the Free South Africa Coordinating Committee (FSACC), and the Washtenaw County Coalition Against Apartheid (WCCAA). Some of these records pertain to activities on campus, but most are concerned with political and civil rights causes that are national or international in scope. The Washtenaw County Coalition Against Apartheid (WCCAA) records document that organization's efforts to encourage the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor banks to divest their holdings in South Africa.

More records relating to UCAR and the Baker -Mandela Center (BMC) are presented in the "Other activism" subseries, and pertain to activism and events at the University of Michigan during the 1980s and 1990s. Though UCAR and the BMC were separate entities, their records have been arranged together as a result of their frequent and close collaboration.

Black Action Movement (BAM), selected documents, 1970-1987 Journal Articles Michigan Alumnus, Michigan Journal of Political Science, 1970 Press releases, 1970 Student Publications, 1970
CAAS Library Black Student Activism Collection guides and collection maintenance, 1989-1999
Michigan Organizations, 1987-1993 Political Prisoners in the United States, 1990 Presidential Candidates, Rainbow Coalition, 1986-1989 Racial Incidents on University Campuses, 1986-1987 Soldiers and the Draft, Undated South Africa and Apartheid, 1971-1990 South Africa and Apartheid, Political Prisoner Bracelets, 1986-1990
South Africa and Divestment, 1985-1989
South Africa and Divestment, U-M and National Organizations, 1982-1988
South Africa and Divestment, U-S Universities, 1977-1980
Mandatory Course on Racism Proposal, 1988-1989
Minority Enrollment, 1970-1982 Newspaper Clippings, Race on Campus, 1987-1988 Programs and Events, 1992 Programs and Events, 2000
South Africa and Divestment, Michigan Pension Funds, 1985-1986

Blacks at U-M, 1969-2007

Series Overview

The Blacks at U-M, 1969-2007 series (4.5 linear ft.) concerns civil rights and anti-apartheid activism on the University of Michigan campus and in the surrounding community from the 1970s to the 1990s. This series includes records of political and student organizations that were active on campus, with the exception of UCAR and the BMC, mentioned above. This collection also includes a small number of topical files and records pertaining to offices and policies of the University. This series is comprised of six subseries: Organizations, 1984-1995 (1 linear foot.), Programs and events, 1981-2004 (0.5 linear ft.), Publications, 1975-1999 (0.5 linear ft.), Student organizations, 1972-2007 (1 linear ft.), Topics, 1971-1995 (0.2 linear ft.) and University of Michigan, 1969-1997 (1.4 linear ft.).

African-American Students in Design, 1990 African Students Association, 1991 Association of Black Journalists, 1990-1992 Black Business Student Association, 1990-1993 Black Law Student Alliance, 1985-1993 Black Pre-Medical Association, 1988-1993
Black Student Athletes, 1986-1993
Black Student Media Coalition, 1986 Black Student Medical Association, 1988-1992 Black Student Psychological Association, 1972, 1988-1992
General, 1987-2000
History, 1969
Publications, 1990, 2002, 2005-2007
Black Students, 1986-1993
Black Theater Group, 1985-1993 Black Undergraduate Law Association, 1991-1993 Caribbean Students' Association, 1989, 1992, 1999 Directories, 1985-1992 Force for Black Women, 1991-1993 Global African Dialogue Series, 1990-1991 Haiti Solidarity Group, 1993 Kuumba Players, 1990-1992 Lesbians of Color Collective (LOCC), 1992-1993 Michigan Student Assembly (MSA), 1986-1993 Minority Organization of Rackham, 1989-1990 Multiracial/Multicultural Group, 1991-1993 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 1985-1991 National Black Graduate Student Association, 1990-1991 Programs and Events, Joint, 1989-1993 Public Health Students of African Descent, 1991-1993 Sistahs Organizing in Unity for Real Change (SOURCE),1992-1993 Society of Minority Engineers (SMES),1990-1993 Students of Color of Rackham (SCOR), 1992-1995
Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, 1981-1983
Air Force ROTC, 1990-1991 Area Studies, 1991 Career Planning and Placement, 1990 Coalition for the Use of Learning Skills, 1979-1982
General, 1987-1992
Mentoring Program, 1984-1992
Dearborn Campus, 1989-1990 Flint Campus, 1987, 1993 Minority Student Orientation, 1988-1989 Office of Affirmative Action, 1974-1987 Office of Financial Aid, 1987, 1991
General, 1988-1993
General, 1988-1993
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Committee, 1992
Staff Listing, 1993
Office of the President, 1988-1992 Opportunity Awards Program, 1969-1971 Policies, 1988-1990 Sexual Assault and Prevention Awareness Center, 1988-1993 Speakers, 1986-1993 Undergraduate Library, Peer Information Counseling, 1987-1989 University Library, Diversity Task Force, 1988-1995 Vice President of Academic Affairs, 1992-1993 Vice President for Research, 1986-1991 Vice President for State Relations, 1990 Vice President for Student Services, 1991-1992 Vice Provost for Minority Affairs, 1988-1993

Organizational archives of CAAS, 1962-2010

Series Overview

The third series, CAAS organizational archives, 1962-2010 (17 linear ft.) includes correspondence and administrative files; course descriptions and syllabi; articles and research by faculty members and visiting scholars; and fliers and programs from CAAS events. The series is divided into nineteen subseries: Administrative records, 1970-2010 (1 linear ft.), Brown bags and colloquia, 1970-1998 (0.6 linear ft.), Committees and meetings, 1974-1993 (0.2 linear ft.), Conferences, 1991-2002 (1 linear ft.), Co-sponsored programs, 1979-1995 (0.1 linear ft.), Courses and syllabi, 1970-2009 (1.9 linear ft.), Directors files, Kevin Gaines, 1974-2009 (restricted) (0.7 linear ft.), History, 1970-1981 (0.2 linear ft.), Library, 1970-2000 (0.6 linear ft.), Persons, faculty, 1962-2005 (5 linear ft.), Persons, non-faculty, 1986-2001 (0.1 linear ft.), Programs and events, 1972-2002 (0.3 linear ft.), Publications, 1971-2000 (0.6 linear ft.), Research projects, 1982-1997 (1 linear ft.), Rodney, Walter, Student Essay Competition, 1985-1997 (0.1 linear ft.), Study abroad, 1986-2005 (0.4 linear ft.), Working papers, 1990-1998 (1.1 linear ft.), Photographs, 1997-1994 (0.8 linear ft.) and Posters, (1 outsized folder).

All of these subseries are arranged alphabetically, with the exception of the Working Papers subseries. That subseries derives from faculty and graduate student conferences and lectures in the 1990s and its arrangement derives from a numbering system used by CAAS. Not all of the papers were transferred, as there are gaps in the sequence.

The records in the largest subseries, Persons, faculty, 1962-2005 (5 linear ft.), are not personnel files and do not contain sensitive information but are primarily biographical, and consist largely of publications by and about faculty members. Occasional administrative records can also be found among the faculty records.

Researchers interested in the history of CAAS will find useful material in the History subseries in Box 16, and in the audio and video recordings relating to the 20th Anniversary of CAAS in 1991. Reports on the results of the Ford Foundation-funded research projects, referenced above in the administrative history of the unit, are given in the Research projects subseries, under the heading "Ford Foundation Project."

Archaeology of the African Diaspora, 2001 Constitution-Making in South Africa, 1997
Gender and Urban Policy, 1996
General, 1970-1989
First Annual Graduate Student Multidisciplinary Conference: Challenging Paradigms of the Diaspora, 1991
Second Annual Graduate Student Multidisciplinary Conference: Second Generational Themes in Africana Studies, 1992
Seventh Annual Graduate Student Multidisciplinary Conference: Voices in a Mosaic: Creating Multicultural Communities in the Academy, 1997 Eighth Annual Graduate Student Multidisciplinary Conference: Highlighting the Multidisciplinary Scholarships of Students of Color, 1998
Seventh Annual Midwest Graduate Student Conference in African Studies, 2002
Robert Hayden, Tribute, 1980
Robert Hayden, Words in the Mourning Time, 1990
Twentieth Anniversary Conference: Reflections and Revisions, 1970-1990, 1991
Urban Underclass, 1992
World the Diaspora Makes, 1992
Adebiyi, Nike, 1989 Allen, Bazel, 1980-1985 Allen, Richard, 1986-1987 Allen, Walter R., 1976-1989
Allen, Walter R., Publications, 1978-1989
Askew, Kelly, 1999-2005 Atkins, Keletso, 1983-1995
Atkins, Keletso, Publications, 1986-1995
Awkward, Michael, 1985-1995 Baddo, Jean Paul Boubacar, Barry, 1995 Bowman, Phillip, 1980-1991 Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo, undated Brown, Elsa Barkley, 1990-1996 Bryant, Bunyan, 1981-1990 Chrisman, Robert, 1989-1993 Clark, Gracia, 1988-1992 Clark, Gracia, Publications, 1988-1992 Cogburn, Derrick, 1998 Cooper, Frederick, 1983-1993 Cruse, Harold, 1970-2005 Cruse, Harold, Bibliography, 1992-1993 Cruse, Harold, Biography and Interviews, 1973-1988 Cruse, Harold, Publications, 1950-1978 Cruse, Harold, Publications, Book and Play Reviews, 1969-1971
Cruse, Harold, Publications, Book Reviews of "Crisis", 1967-1991
Cruse, Harold, Publications, Book Reviews of "Plural But Equal", 1981-1991 Cruse, Harold, Publications, Book Reviews of "Rebellion or Revolution", 1968-1973
Cruse, Harold, Publications, Essays, 1962-1979
Davis-Roberts, Christopher, 1977-1985 Dawson, Michael, 1988-1993
Dawson, Michael, Publications, 1988-1990
Demerson, Bamidele, 1974-1987 Deskins, Donald, 1990-1992 Deskins, Donald, Publications, 1969-1984 Diouf, Mamadou, 2003 Dykes, Jr., DeWitt, 1988-1992 Enyia, Dike Ogbuefi, 1975-1979
Enyia, Dike Ogbuefi, Syllabi, 1975-1980
Edie, Carlene J., Publications, 1988
Esonwanne, Uzoma, 1990-1992 Evans, Billy J., 1990 Eyetsemition, Frank, 1980-1990 Farley, Reynolds, 1986 Fields, Barbara J., 1920-1990 Flanagan, Brenda, 1990 Francis, Jacqueline, 2003 Gaines, Kevin, 1990-2006 Gish, Oscar, 1979-1981 Goduka, Ivy, 1987 Grovoqui, Siba, 1990 Hadjor, Kofi B., 1985-1987 Hall, Jo Anne, 1985-1994 Hamer, Alice, 1986 Haniff, Nesha, 1987-1990 Hayden, Robert, Essays, 1990 Holl, Augustin, 2007 Holt, Thomas C., 1982-1991
Holt, Thomas C., Publications, 1982-1992
Jackson, Charles A., 1990 Jackson, James, 1989-2003 Jackson, Murray, 1991 Jessye, Eva A., 1976-1992 Johnson, Lemuel, 1986-2002
Johnson, Lemuel, Publications, 1969-2000
Jones, Gayl, 1975-1984 Kelley, Robin, 1991-1994
Kelley, Robin, Publications, 1984-1994
Kolole, Omari, Publications, 1984-1987 Lawal, Babatunde, 1990-1991
Lawrence, Morris, 1962-1980
Lewis, Earl, 1989-1994
Lewis, Earl, South Africa Project, 1991-1992
Lewis, Earl, Publications, 1987-1996
Lewis, Earl, "At Work and At Home" book MS, 1988
Omer, Afaf, 1992 Lindsay, Lisa, 1997 Lockard, Jon, 1985-2007 Lockard, Jon, Publications, 1983-1997 Locke, Rovan, 1977 McLoyd, Vonnie, 1987
McLoyd, Vonnie, Publications, 1979-1983
Makoni, Sinfree, 2000 Mitchell, Michele, 2004 Moody, Charles, 1992 Morris, Aldon, 1981-1986 Norman, Martha, 1989 Owusu, Maxwell, 1978-1996 Patton, Sharon, 1983-1993 Patton, Sharon, Publications, 1983-1992 Porter, Cornelia, 1991 Quarcoopome, Nii, 1990-1993 Ransby, Barbara, 1988-1989 Ransby, Barbara, Publications, 1987-1990 Richard, Glen, 1991 Roberts, Allen, 1982-1988
Roberts, Allen, Publications, 1979-1986
Roberts, Allen, Refrigerator Project, Mr. Wizard, 1983-1984 Ross, Richard, Publications, undated. Samoff, Joel, Publications, 1979 Scott, Rebecca, 1986-1991 Shepherd, Verne, Publications, 1991 Shirley, George, 1988-1989 Standifer, James, 1985-2000 Stone, Pauline, 1979-1982 Stone, Pauline, Publications, 1975-1980
Stone, Pauline, Publications, 1975-1980
Sudarkasa, Niara, 1981-1992
Sudarkasa, Niara, Publications, 1963-1987
Theoharis, Jeanne, undated Tillery, Alvin, 2004 Twumasi, Yaw, undated Ukadike, Nwachukwu Frank, 1990-1992 Ukadike, Nwachukwu Frank, Publications, 1988-1994 Uzoigwe, Godfrey, 1981
Uzoigwe, Godfrey, Publications, 1971-1988
Wagaw, Teshome, 1981-1999
Wagaw, Teshome, Publications, 1971-1991
Walton, Hanes, 1990 Whatley, Warren, 1983-1996 Wilson, Ernest, 1984-1989 Wilson, Francille, undated Woods, Ronald, 1980-1982 Young, Alford, 1998 Zafar, Rafia Associates, 1971-1993 Directories, 1977-2004 Exchange Programs, Benin, 1981-1987 Exchange Programs, South Africa, 1991 Leave and Space, 1983-1985 Research and Teaching Assistants, 1991-1994 Research Seminars, 1993-1994 Searches, 1987-1993

Audio recordings on cassettes, 1975-2001

Series Overview

The series "Audio recordings on cassettes" contains 486 cassettes, and largely consists of spoken word recordings of talks and professional meetings. Many of these cassettes have been digitized. The quality of these recordings is uneven -- some are very good, and others were made with portable recording equipment by volunteers. Because of uncertainty about the copyright status of these recordings, the digitized files are available for use in the reading room only.

The cassettes are divided into seventeen subseries, arranged chronologically unless otherwise indicated: Early recorded speakers, tapes 1-76, 1975-1984 (arranged alphabetically by speaker's name); Jamaica Study Abroad Program, tapes 77-109, 1991 (arranged by tape number designated by CAAS); Gender and Urban Poverty Conference, tapes 110-116, 1996; Brown bag talks, tapes 117-202, 1986-1995; Dialogue series, tapes 203-221, 1991-1993; Robert Hayden Memorial, tapes 222-235, 1990, Workshop on Strengthening CAAS and Africana Studies at U-M, tapes 236-243, 1989, CAAS Symposium for Black History Month: Black American Families, tapes 244-253, 1991, Inventions of Africa: Africa in the Literatures of the Continent and the Diaspora Workshops, tapes 254-258, 1991-1992, CAAS 20th Anniversary, tapes 259-271, 1991, Race, Culture and the Politics of Intellectual Inquiry Lecture Series, tapes 272-278, 1991-1992, Remapping of Scholarship: African peoples in the Industrial Age, tapes, tapes 279-284, 1994, Graduate Student Conference [became Student of Color of Rackham (SCOR), tapes 285-293, 1991-1993, Barbados, tapes 310-330, 1989, Martin Luther King (MLK) Day, tapes 331-350, 1987-1992, CAAS Mini-course 324: Black Educational Achievement over the Life-Course, tapes 351-361, 1988, and Chronological events, tapes 352-486, 1983-2001. The last named subseries, Chronological events is the largest, comprising 137 recordings. Undated tapes appear at the end of this subseries.

U-Matic Videotapes, 1971-1989

Sister Zubena Memorial (Cynthia Conley, d. 1971 February), 1971 Bethel A.M.E. Church Youth Choir. "Black Church and Music.", 1971 March Imamu Amiri Baraka, "Black Nationalism, Theater, and Blacks in the Media" (Black Liberation Week), 1971 March Imamu Amiri Baraka, "Discussing His School in Newark;" Jimmy Garrett, "On Education" (Interview), 1971 March Jimmy Garrett; Philip Lee, "Independent Black Educational Institutions" (Black Liberation Week), 1971 March Keorapetse William Kgositsile, South African poet and activist (Interview and Poetry Reading), 1971 March Don L. Lee, Blacks as artists, "Dynamite Voices," and Literature (Interview), 1971 March Al Loving, "On the Black and Abstract Art" (Interview), 1971 April Tony Brown, "Blacks in the Media" (Interview), 1971 May Fred Snowden, "Blacks in Athletics" (Interview), 1971 July Kuumba Murals, "Dedication Ceremony for the Kuumba Murals at the Center for Afro-American and African Studies," Part I: Dances and Part II: Speakers (Jim Ingram, Tony Brown, Murry DePillars, Ken Blake), 1971 July 21 Ken Cockrel, "Socialism, The Law" (Lecture), 1971 September 21 Morris Lawrence, "Afro-American Music and its African Roots" (Interview), 1971 October Mardia Weebuweh, "African Wraps and Fashion Trends", 1971 October 25 Albert Cleague, "Black Christian Nationalism" (Lecture), 1971 October 28 Mildred Jackson of Eastern Michigan University, "Role of the Black Woman in Education" (Interview), 1971 November Harold Neal, "Black Art" (Interview), 1971 November 17 Gloria House and Jim Ingram, "The Media and Its Role in Oppression" (Interview), 1971 November 22
Paul Ramsey, AAS 100: "Thoughts for Blacks" (Orientation Tape), 1972 Preston Wilcox, Part 1: "AFRAM, Part 2:"Methods of Unity" (Lecture), 1972 January 28 "Annual Harold Cruse Symposium," Northeastern Illinois University, Center for Inner City Studies, 1972 February 20 Lee Gill, "Arts of Black Folk" Black Cultural Living Unit, 1972 March 20 Sylvia Wynter, "The Culture of the Black Revolution" (speaking at the CLR James Conference), 1972 April Earl Lloyd, Interview with basketball players; Ernest Johnson, Ken Brady, Campy Russell, Henry Wilmore (Interview), 1972 September 19 Raymond Giles, "Separate Black Studies vs. Curriculum Reform", 1972 October 20 Melvin van Peebles, "Cinema, Theatre, etc." (Interview), 1972 October 30 Fred Kwesi Hayford (Interview), 1972 October 31 Juanita Anderson, "Tribute to the Black Man, an Essay Toward Freedom", 1972 November Eleo Pomare, "The 'history' of Eleo Pomare; Dance and Black Dance; The Black Artist (does he have a duty to Black society?" (Interview), 1972 November 11 Julian Bond, "The Present Political Scene", 1972 November 14 "Black Politics I," Part III, 1972 December 08 Avon Gillespie, "Sea Island Music: Black Games and Songs," Parts I and II, 1972 December 09

VHS Videotapes, 1971-2004

Frameworks II (Graduate Student Conference), 1991 February 01 Teshome G. Wagaw, University of Michigan, Center for Afroamerican and African Studies. Another Ann Arbor / PSA's TV Show, 1991 October 06 Barbara Ransby, NBC Today Show, 7:45am, 1991 November 15
Panel 3: "Literary Perspectives," Second Annual Graduate Student Conference, 1992 M. Dawson, Panel 4:, 1992 Pamela Crockett, "Rape in the Black Community," Baker-Mandela Center Campus Forum, 1992 April 07 "500 Years of Resistance: Political Prisoners", 1992 October 11 "Genocide Then and Now," Baker-Mandela Center, 1992 October 14
Dhoruba Bin Wahad, University of Michigan, 1993 January 20 Arnold Rampersad, "Arthur Ashe's Days of Grace" (First Annual Zora Neale Hurston Lecture), 1993 November 10 Derrick A. Bell, "Keynote Address," "In Celebration of Black History Month 1994", 1994 February 02 "Hellshire Beach bus shots" and Verone Shepherd, "Historical Overview: Colonialism, Gender Roles, and Women's Resistance in Jamaica," Study Abroad Jamaica, 1994 May 08 Hermione McKenzie, "Reproduction, Family, and the Organization of Households: Class & Gender Relations in Domestic Sphere," Study Abroad Jamaica, 1994 May 11 "Student Interviews and Evaluations," Study Abroad Jamaica, 1994 June 09 "Million Man March ", 1995 October
Conference: "Keepin' It Real: Authority and Authenticity in the Performance of African-American Scholarship," Michigan Association of Black Graduate Students, University of Michigan, 1997 October 17 "Race Relations in Higher Education", 1997 November 19 African Student's Association African Nights II, 1998 April 06 "I'll Make Me a World" (documentary), 1999 "Recalling the Future: Art in Contemporary Africa" (documentary), 2000 March The University of Michigan Sixth Annual Black Celebratory Graduation Program Hill Auditorium (2 hrs.), 2000 April 29 Anointed Men of God Mentor Program Trip to U of M on MLK Day, GCBC/Big Brothers Big Sisters, University of Michigan Trip, 2001 January 15 University of Michigan Black Celebratory "1 hour, 39 min.", 2001 April 28 Judith Carney, "Rice.," MLK Day Symposium, 2002 January

Open Reel Video, 1971-1980

Val Gray Ward & Co., Part II; Robert Williams, "Community Development, Socialism" and Barbara Ann Teer, "National Black Theatre (Entire Troupe)", 1971 March "Seminar on King Christophe and the Negritude Movement", 1973 April 12 NCA, Elma Lewis, "Preserving Our Culture", 1973 April 19 James Turner, "Black Studies: Retrospect and Prospect" (complete tape), 1979 March 01 James Turner, "Black Studies: Retrospect and Prospect," Part III and M. Ron Karenga, "The Fundamental Crisis in Black Life: Analysis and Alternatives" Part I, 1979 March 01 M. Ron Karenga, "The Fundamental Crisis in Black Life: Analysis and Alternatives" Part II, 1979 March 01 Panel, "The Organizations and Significance of BAM," Part I of 3, "Attn Cynthia Stevens, Attn Ron Harris, Attn David Lewis, Prof. Niara Sudarkasa" 1:30-3:30, 1980 March 20 Smith, Varner, Hefner, Mann, Yates, Panel, "Perspectives on BAM from the University Community," 4:00pm (Part I), 1980 March 20 Smith, Varner, Hefner, Mann, Yates, Panel, "Perspectives on BAM from the University Community," 4:00pm (Part II) and Panel: "The Challenge of BAM for the 1980s" 5:30pm (Part I), 1980 March 20 Jemadari Kamara, Ben Newhouse, Vicky Rowels, Virna Hobbs, Janice O'Neal, Obika Gray, Panel, "The Challenge of BAM for the 1980s, 1980 March 20

Reel-to-reel audiotape, 1971, 1980

DV Cam tapes, 1998-2000

SAIO (South African Initiative Office) Awards ceremony, Undated Interview with Nozizwe M. Routledge, [circa 1998 or 1999] Moody Training Program Lecture 3., 1999 February 17 Teshome Wagaw, Lecture 4, tape 1. Students discuss issues related to South Africa., 1999 Lecture 6, 1999 March 17 Bernadette and friend guest lecture in Johannesburg., 2000 July 04 Safari trip, God's Window, and pot holes., 2000 June 30 Jumah and Sam give presentations to soccer team., 2000 July 04 South Africa Study Abroad trip. Interviews with group about first 3 weeks were in S. Africa., 2000 June 09 Interview - Mr(s?) Moffat, 2000 July 05 First interviews about South Africa Study Abroad trip with students and faculty., [2000] Interviews about the trip to South Africa: Jumah Hamilton, Lesley ., [2000] Interviews about the Study Abroad to South Africa with: Alexis, Kylie, Elizabeth, Jumah (1/2), [2000] Second interviews a week before the S. Africa trip: Rashad, Hilary, Phyllis, Sabrina, Diana, 2000 May 24 South Africa meeting no. 3, 2000 March 10 Chris Hani (Hari?) teaches back; presentation of certificates; listing to President, Mbeki's speech on TV., [2000] Les and Sabrina, Maguboni(?) and Daisy (2 of 2), [2000] Jumah and Kyle cptn; Lesley and Sabrina; traditional healers (1 of 2), [2000] Traditional healers presentation; Leslie and Sabrina, [2000] Langa Certificate presentations, [2000] Student interviews: Pedagogy of Action Study Abroad to South Africa, [2000] Documenting travel to South Africa, [2000] Student interviews: Pedagogy of Action Study Abroad to South Africa, [2000] "The Barbecue" (Braai), [2000]