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The Center for International Reproductive Health Training (CIRHT) works with medical schools to integrate hands-on, clinical training in comprehensive reproductive health care, focusing on family planning and safe abortion. Together we are committed to training the next generation of doctors, nurses and midwives to be confident, compassionate leaders in their communities. To learn more, visit the CIRHT website.

The UM-CIRHT Framework for Integrating Comprehensive Contraception and Abortion Care Competencies into Health Professions Education


Solomon W. Beza, MD, MPH; Bekalu M. Chekol, MA; Munir K. Eshetu, MD; Lia T. Gebremedhin, MD, MHA; Berhanu G. Gebremeskel, MD, MPH; Mengistu H. Damtew, MD

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This framework document describes the strategy used by the Center for International Reproductive Health Training at the University of Michigan (UM- CIRHT) to integrate preservice family planning and comprehensive abortion care training into health professional schools’ curricula. The program is designed to ensure acquisition of requisite competencies so that partner schools can graduate competent health professionals able to deliver high-quality, comprehensive reproductive health services to women.

The framework is intended to provide guidance on how the programmatic and operational strategies for family planning and comprehensive abortion care could be executed in countries or institutions that seek to replicate the UM- CIRHT model in their settings. It may be adapted to the local context of individual countries and institutions.

This framework document is produced by UM- CIRHT with funding from an anonymous donor.

Integrating Family Planning Training into Medical Education: A Case Study of St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC), Addis Ababa


Lia T. Gebremedhin, MD, MHA; Balkachew Nigatu, MD; Delayehu Bekele, MD, MPH; Senait Fisseha, MD, JD; Berhanu G. Gebremeskel, MD, MPH

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This case study chronicles the integration of pre-service training in contraception and comprehensive abortion care into the medical school and OBGYN residency training program at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC) through an authentic partnership with the University of Michigan. The case study showcases the key elements that were crucial in the successful implementation of the SPHMMC program, which has now become mainstream and has been emulated in eight other medical schools in Ethiopia through the University of Michigan’s Center for International Reproductive Health Training (CIRHT).


The innovative approach, founded on the values of sustainable capacity building through academic partnership and centered on improving access to dignified women’s reproductive health care through effective pre-service training, has the potential for expansion to other countries with high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity. In this case study, we spell out the best practices, which we hope will inspire academic medical centers in the Global South, global health departments/centers internationally, and the reproductive health community at large.