ï~~Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists 44 (2007) 41-73 Back to Oegstgeest The von Scherling Papyrus Collection Some von Scherling Texts in Minnesota1 Marja Bakker, Alette Bakkers, and Klaas Worp Leiden University Abstract Survey of the dispersal of the von Scherling papyrus collection and edition of eleven von Scherling texts in the University of Minnesota collection. Part 1: The von Scherling Papyrus Collection The website of the Department of Special Collections and Rare Books at the University of Minnesota University Libraries2 contains scans of a small but interesting collection of two ostraka, numbered 1 (a Greek text) and 2 (an Egyptian text), and almost two dozen papyrus fragments. The latter are numbered consecutively 1-21 and most of them are written in Greek. But #19 is actually written on leather, while #3 is a papyrus with Egyptian hieroglyphs. A few items were bought from Maggs Brothers in London,3 but most came from Egypt to Minnesota via the Netherlands.4 They were bought before or after WW II from Erik von Scherling, a rare book dealer of Swedish descent selling, among various collectibles, papyri and manuscripts from his office in Oegstgeest (a suburb of Leiden) through a private journal called Rotulus (on this, see below). When visiting Egypt in 1935/6 he apparently bought from 1 This paper derives the first part of its title from a novel, Terug naar Oegstgeest, by the well-known Dutch author Jan Wolkers. We owe many thanks to our colleague B.P. Muhs for polishing our English. Moreover, he gave a decisive impetus to this paper by his discovery of the website mentioned in n. 2. 2 See http://special.lib.umn.edu/rare/papyri. 3 Papyri nos. 7-9a-b. 4 Ostraka nos. 1-2; papyri nos. 1-6, 10-21. 0
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