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Colored Soldiers and Racial Formation in the Great War: French Racial Attitudes toward American Negro Troops and Algerian "Tirailleurs" Aarim, Najia vol. 28 2000
Religion, Sexuality, Power: The French in Morocco 1900-1914 Abernathy, Whitney vol. 41 2013
Dissemblance and Dissemination: Birth Control Debate and the French Press, 1900-1914 Accampo, Elinor vol. 23 1995
The Social and Economic Development of Bonnieres-su-Seine in the Nineteenth-Century France Ackerman, Evelyn vol. 2 1974
Attitudes toward Health and Disease in the Department of the Seine-et-Oise: The Importance of the Medical Paraprofessional (Abstract) Ackerman, Evelyn Bernette vol. 4 1976
The Provinces Versus Paris? The Case of the Society for Maternal Charity of Bordeaux Adams, Christine vol. 23 1995
The Estates General in the Noble Fronde: The These Nobiliaire in Crisis Adams, Elizabeth C. vol. 4 1976
Before Calas: Anti-Calvinist Prejudice in Voltaire Adams, Geoffrey vol. 4 1976
The Call of Conscience: The Reformed and the Popular Front, 1934-38 Adams, Geoffrey vol. 19 1991
The Influence of Lucan on the Political Attitudes of Suger of Saint-Denis Adams, Jeremy DuQuesnay vol. 12 1983
The Patriotism of Abbot Suger Adams, Jeremy DuQuesnay vol. 15 1987
A Reconsideration of Bertier de Sauvigny, Last Intendant of Paris Adams, Thomas M. vol. 4 1976
Marianne v. John Bull: Power Play and the Origins of the EU; the View From Paris, 1957-1963 Adamthwaite, Anthony vol. 22 1994
Secularization and Revolution in the Bishop-Principality of Liege Addison, Jr., Bland vol. 16 1988
The American Reception of the Histoire des deux Indes (Abstract) Addison, Jr., Bland vol. 17 1989
The Illyrian Provinces: Repercussions in the South Slav Lands (Abstract) Adler, Philip J. vol. 21 1993
The Efforts of French Jews to Win Citizenship Status Adriance, Thomas J. vol. 2 1974
Commentary: The Birth of the New Wave Affron, Charles vol. 8 1980
Changing Idioms of Dissent: A Young Suicide, an Old Peddler, and the Second Republic (Abstract) Ahr, John vol. 21 1993
Cartography and the Emergence of Territorial States in Western Europe Akerman, James R. vol. 10 1982
A New Image for Youth?: The Design for Adolescence in Social and Moral Space During the Early Third Republic (Abstract) Alaimo, Kathleen vol. 16 1988
The Dynamics of Money in Post-Nolieresque Comedy Albanese, Jr., Ralph vol. 8 1980
Contemporary Critical Perspectives on Moliere Albanese, Jr., Ralph vol. 9 1981
Comment on Session: Influential Queens in History and Literature Albanese, Jr., Ralph vol. 10 1982
Contemporary Perceptions of French Jewry as a Political Entity Albert, Phyllis Cohen vol. 9 1981
The Metric Revolution: A Social History of the Metric System in France Alder, Ken vol. 21 1993
Anglo-French Planning and the Deployment of the BEF in France and Belgium, September 1939-May 1940 (Abstract) Alexander, Martin S. vol. 14 1986
The Federations of 1815 and the Continuity of Anti-Bourbon Personnel, 1789-1830 Alexander, R. S. vol. 17 1989
The Apostleship of Suzanne Voilquin (Abstract) Alkana, Linda Kelly vol. 16 1988
Slavery on the Balance Sheet: Pierre-Samuel Dupont de Nemours and the Physiocratic Case for Free Labor Allen Harvey, David vol. 42 2014
The Moral Universe of Nineteenth-Century Parisian Readers Allen, J.S. vol. 10 1982
In the Public Eye: A History of Reading in Modern France (Abstract) Allen, James Smith vol. 14 1986
Critics in Search of a Text: Book Reviewers as an Interpretive Community in Modern France Allen, James Smith vol. 18 1990
Political Trials by Jury in the Côte-d'Or, 1792-1800 Allen, Robert vol. 18 1990
The Making of the Parisian Political Demonstration: A Case Study of 20 June 1792 Alpaugh, Micah vol. 34 2006
From Schism to Reunification: Conflict and Compromise in Provincial French Labor Politics, 1922-1936 Amdur, Kathryn vol. 8 1980
Jules Valles's Reaction to the 2 December Coup d'Etat Amelinckx, Frans C. vol. 14 1986
Chenier's Charles IX: Historical Discourse and Revolutionary Action Amelinckx, Frans C. vol. 16 1988
Victor Hugo's Perception of the Police in the Coup d'Etat of 2 December 1851 Amelinckx, Frans C. vol. 19 1991
The Creation of Consumer Society in Zola's Ladies' Paradise Amelinckx, Frans C. vol. 22 1994
Colbert and the World Market Economy, 1661-1683: Bourbon Absolutism and the Compagnie Royale des Indes Orientales Ames, Glenn J. vol. 19 1991
Francois Bernier and the Mughal Empire: French Views of Northern India in the 1660s (Abstract) Ames, Glenn J. vol. 20 1992
The Perils of Spreading the True Faith in Asia: Fr. Ephraim de Nevers and the Goa Inquisition, 1650—1651 Ames, Glenn J. vol. 23 1995
Colbert, Mercantilism, and the Portuguese Quest for Renascent Trade in Asia, c. 1661 -1683 Ames, Glenn J. vol. 25 1997
A Royal Bride for Two Brothers: Marie-Francoise of the Savoy-Nemours and the French Lobby at the Court of Portugal, 1666—1672 Ames, Glenn J. vol. 26 1998
Trade and Inquisition: Fr. Ephraim de Nevers, M. Dellon and the Challenges Confronting the French in India, ca. 1650-1677 Ames, Glenn J. vol. 28 2000
Between Auteurs and Abonnés: Reading the Journal de Paris, 1787-1789 Andrews, Elizabeth vol. 37 2009
The Feminist and the Socialist: Adèle and Alphonse Esquiros Andrews, Naomi J. vol. 29 2001
The Debate on Kingship in the French Humanist Tragedy in the Time of Henri IV (Abstract) Annandale, E. T. vol. 17 1989
The French Communist Party and the Government of Francois Mitterrand (1981-1983) Antonian, Armen vol. 11 1983
Historical Discourse and Society in Seventeenth-Century-France Apostolides, Jean-Marie vol. 9 1981
The Syndicat de la Magistrature and the Art of Living Contrary to All Forms of Fascism (Abstract) Applebaum, David R. vol. 14 1986
Political Alignment in the French National Assembly, 1789 to 1791 Applewhite, Harriet B. vol. 8 1980
The Cooperative Ideal in the Socialist Thought of the First International in France Archer, Julian vol. 6 1978
Working Class and Socialist Culture in Late Nineteenth- Century France: Comment on Papers by Hall, Haine, and Jonas Archer, Julian vol. 15 1987
Rethinking the First International: Its Place in the History of Socialism and Labor (Abstract) Archer, Julian vol. 18 1990
Indissoluble Marriage Aries, Philippe vol. 9 1981
Commentary on Papers by James Friguglietti,Morris Slavin and Themistocles Rodis Arnold, Jr., Eric vol. 2 1974
The Historicity of Emile Zola'a La Debacle Arnold, Jr., Eric A. vol. 8 1980
Rouget de Lisle and the "Marseillaise" Arnold, Jr., Eric A. vol. 5 1977
Comment Arnold, Jr., Eric A. vol. 1 1974
Jean-Paul Sartre and the Battle of France (Abstract) Arnold, Jr., Eric A. vol. 10 1982
The Drink Question: Comment on Papers by Strieter and Prestwich Arnold, Jr., Eric A. vol. 13 1985
Napoleon's St. Cloud Decree, 3 July 1810: Text and Analysis Arnold, Jr., Eric A. vol. 25 1997
English Language Napoleonic Historiography, 1973-1998: Thoughts and Considerations Arnold, Jr., Eric A. vol. 26 1998
Comment on Session: Peasant Volatility and Mobility: Sixteenth Through Nineteenth Centuries Arthur, Allan G. vol. 10 1982
The French Press and the American Revolution: The Battle of Saratoga Ascoli, Peter M. vol. 5 1977
Commentary on Papers by Christopher W. Stocker and James Eastgate Brink Ascoli, Peter M. vol. 3 1975
The Parliamentary Politics of the French Right from 1879 to the Ralliement Ashley, S. A. vol. 2 1974
Ministries and Majorities: France, 1879-1902 Ashley, Susan vol. 9 1981
Liberalism and Radicalism in Fin-de-siecle France: Comment on Papers by Hall and Stone Ashley, Susan vol. 13 1985
End of the Century Crises Ashley, Susan A. vol. 10 1982
The Radical Left in Parliament, 1879-1902 Ashley, Susan A. vol. 11 1983
The Mechanics of Social Reform: Accident Insurance in France and Italy Ashley, Susan A. vol. 18 1990
Marginal People: Degeneration and Genius Ashley, Susan A. vol. 24 1996
The Pathology of Extravagant Behavior Ashley, Susan A. vol. 27 1999
Railway Brain: The Body’s Revenge against Progress Ashley, Susan A. vol. 31 2003
An Episode in Franco-Italian Relations: The Duel Between the Prince of Orleans and the Count of Turin Atkineon, John L. B. vol. 3 1975
Repression and the Printing Press in Nineteenth-Century France Atkins, Stephen vol. 12 1984
Restoration Policies Toward Books and Pamphlets, 1814-1830 Atkins, Stephen vol. 13 1985
Politics, Protest, and Violence in Revolutionary Bordeaux, 1789-1794 Auerbach, Stephen vol. 37 2009
Commentary on Papers by Black and Saab Austensen, Roy A. vol. 18 1990
Women's Rights and the "Doleances du sexe du St Jean de Luz et Cibour au roi" Ayres, Susan Skoglund vol. 4 1976