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Royal Protocol and Cultural Synthesis in the Preparations for the Chevalier de Chaumont's Embassy to Siam in 1685 Love, Ronald S. PDF (320kb)
Creating and Belonging to Community: Race and Gender in Eighteenth-Century La Rochelle Palmer, Jennifer PDF (219kb)
God's Black Firstfruits: Creating Community among Eighteenth-Century Nantes' Gens de couleur Pruitt, Dwain C. PDF (193kb)
Utopie et libéralisme à la fin du XVIIIe siècle: le cas Grivel Grélé, Denis D. PDF (221kb)
The Impact of Trauma in the Early French Revolution Shapiro, Barry PDF (319kb)
The Uses of Power: Lafayette and Brissot in 1792 Neely, Sylvia PDF (224kb)
The Making of the Parisian Political Demonstration: A Case Study of 20 June 1792 Alpaugh, Micah PDF (243kb)
The French Revolution and the Enlightening of Military Justice Hammond, Jr., Charles H. PDF (180kb)
"Bad citizens" with "murderous teeth": Goats into Frenchmen, 1789-1827 Matteson, C. Kieko PDF (215kb)
Between France and the World: Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism in the Work of Flora Tristan Nuñez, Rachel PDF (205kb)
Citizenship, the Limits of French Identity, and Pensions for the 1851 Insurgents Davis, Stacey Renee PDF (230kb)
Suspect Physiognomy: The Male Prostitute in Belle Wilson, Michael L. PDF (216kb)
The Arts and Science of Criminal Man in Fin-de-Siècle France Dobelbower, Nicholas PDF (192kb)
The Problem of Proof: Denunciations, Confessions, and Medical Evidence in Reproductive Crimes, 1900-1940 Huber, Karen E. PDF (226kb)
From French Federalism to World Federalism: Jean Hennessy's Société Proudhon Bouchard, Carl PDF (205kb)
White Blood on Rue Hue: The Murder of "le négrier" Bazin Vann, Michael G. PDF (271kb)
Gift-Giving and the Management of Justice: Borderland Basques under German Occupation (1942-1944) and during the Liberation Ott, Sandra PDF (284kb)
Citizenship and Assimilation in Postwar Martinique: The Abolition of Slavery and the Politics of Commemoration Childers, Kristen Stromberg PDF (231kb)
Atlantic Amnesia? French Historians, the Haitian Revolution, and the 2004-2006 CAPES Exam Sepinwall, Alyssa Goldstein PDF (303kb)
Morris Slavin, Historian of the French Revolution Friguglietti, James PDF (167kb)
In Memorial: Francis J. Murphy (1935-2006) Friguglietti, James PDF (71kb)