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"Joan, are you in a state of grace?" Joan of Arc and Late Medieval Catechesis Lualdi, Katharine PDF (193kb)
Guilds, Businesswomen, and Early Modern Economics in a Transitional Era Hafter, Daryl M. PDF (178kb)
Privileged Enclaves: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Eighteenth-Century France Horn, Jeff PDF (223kb)
Domestic Expertise: Literacy and Numeracy in the Eighteenth-Century Kitchen Takats, Sean PDF (4.0mb)
"A Nation much given to changes": The French Understanding of English Politics in 1715 Szechi, Daniel PDF (225kb)
Condorcet’s Science Obscured: Shadows Cast by the Enlightenment Rieucau, Jean-Nicolas PDF (338kb)
"Courtesans of the King": Diplomats and the French Revolution Frey, Linda S.; Frey, Marsha L. PDF (203kb)
What was "Absolute" about the "Absolute veto"? Ideas of National Soveignty and Royal Power in September 1789 Blackman, Robert PDF (269kb)
Politics and Class, 1790-1794: Radicalism, Terror, and Repression in Southern France Miller, Stephen PDF (266kb)
The Washerwomen of the Night: Women’s Revenge in Breton Folklore Locklin, Nancy PDF (186kb)
The Church in the Street in Nineteenth-Century France d'Hollander, Paul PDF (269kb)
Colonial Prospecting in Independent Mexico: Abbé Baradère’s Antiquités mexicaines (1834-1836) Edison, Paul N. PDF (275kb)
Religion and Republican Principles in the Climate of 1848: Debate and Division within French Protestantism Koehler, Ellen Astrid PDF (270kb)
The Memory of Opposition: The Collective Identity of Louis-Napoleon’s Political Prisoners Davis, Stacey Renee PDF (226kb)
Balzac’s Le Médecin de campagne in Medical Discourses: Imagining the Doctor’s Role in the Third Republic Hildreth, Martha L. PDF (282kb)
Who Lost the Franco-Prussian War? Blame, Politics, and Citizenship in the 1870s Chrastil, Rachel PDF (241kb)
Dressing Down: Nudity in Bell Epoque Theatrical Entertainment Felter-Kerley, Lela PDF (205kb)
Nomadic Technicians and Migration in the Francophone World Ringrose, Daniel M. PDF (282kb)
Eco-Governance in French Algeria: Environmental History, Policy, and Colonial Administration Davis, Diana K. PDF (1.7mb)
Propaganda within a "Research Workshop": Refashioning the Society for Modern History, 1918-1939 Harvey, John L. PDF (296kb)
Regeneration through Labor: Vocational Training and the Reintegration of Deportees and Refugees, 1945-1950 Cohen, G. Daniel PDF (230kb)
Curing Patients, Connecting Lives: The Centre Médico-Social Bossuet, the West African Community, and the Struggle Against Tuberculosis in Paris, 1963-1979 Glaes, Gillian PDF (190kb)
Utopia Aborted: May ’68 in the Philosophy of Guy Hocquenghem Haas, Ron PDF (282kb)
Une génération de salariés Parisiens élevés à Paris ou en province: contribution à une histoire sociale des Parisiens du 20e siècle Cribier, Françoise PDF (292kb)