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Editors' Note
Travail et justice au royaume d’Antangil (1616) Grélé, Denis D. PDF (238kb)
"Plus que l’exemple des saintes vertus": Catholic Women and the Communication of Relics in Seventeenth-Century France Cupples, Cynthia J. PDF (225kb)
Patronage and Kinship in Women’s Teaching Orders of Seventeenth-Century Bordeaux Marshman, Michelle PDF (212kb)
Putting Pascal to Practical Use: Jansenist Women at the Peace of Clement IX Kostroun, Daniella PDF (191kb)
Benefit or Burden? The Balancing Act of Widows in French Princely Houses Spangler, Jonathan PDF (263kb)
1693: The Year of Battles Martin, Ronald PDF (231kb)
A French Physician at the Court of Gondar: Poncet’s Ethiopia in the 1690s Love, Ronald S. PDF (262kb)
French Harems: Images of the Orient in Cosmetic Advertisements, 1750-1815 Martin, Morag PDF (180kb)
Understanding Crowd Action: Machine-breaking in England and France, 1789-1817 Horn, Jeff PDF (208kb)
Imagining Reality: Telling and Retelling the Buzançaise Riot of 1847 Bouton, Cynthia PDF (286kb)
Railway Brain: The Body’s Revenge against Progress Ashley, Susan A. PDF (230kb)
From place to escape: Napoleon III’s Transformation of the Bois de Boulogne Hopkins, Richard S. PDF (199kb)
"For Family, France, and Humanity": Authority and Maternity in the Tribunaux pour Enfants Kimble, Sara L. PDF (238kb)
To Save Future Generations: Masculine Honor and Reproductive Duties, 1914-1918 Rhoades, Michelle K. PDF (181kb)
"Victims of War"? Mentally-Traumatized Soldiers and the State, 1918-1939 Prestwich, Patricia E. PDF (176kb)
War Widows and the Expansion of the French Welfare State Lanthier, Michael PDF (213kb)
Denunciations, Community Outsiders, and Material Shortages in Vichy France Fogg, Shannon L. PDF (226kb)
Changing Homes, Changing Lives: Material Conditions, Women’s Demands, and Consumer Society in Post-World War II France Pulju, Rebecca PDF (217kb)
Rethinking Memory: The Musées de France and Jewish Art Collections, 1940 to the Present Karlsgodt, Elizabeth C. PDF (223kb)
José Bové vs. McDonald’s: The Making of a National Hero in the French Anti-Globalization Movement Northcutt, Wayne PDF (235kb)