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With volume thirty-one, the Western Society for French History takes on a new editorial team and takes the Proceedings to a new publishing home online. We look forward to the increased readership and quicker production time that we anticipate from internet publishing. In our first year as the Proceedings' editors, we would also like to thank our academic home, the History Department at the University of South Carolina, for its support. Our graduate assistant, Andrew Stager, also deserves recognition for his contribution to this volume.

Shortly after the 2003 Newport Beach conference, whose papers we present here, the Western Society learned of the death of Joy Hall. Joy was a pillar of the organization, elected twice to the governing Council. She attended every conference, presented a variety of papers on fin de siècle France, gave countless comments, hosted a lot of really memorable parties, and sustained us all with her wit, her grace, and her style. Joy also edited the Proceedings for five years, which probably tested her wit and grace, but she always kept her style. We dedicate this volume of the Proceedings in memory of Joy, her work in French history, and the sparkle she brought to the Society.