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Title Contents

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Coun[...] to its [...] Salem [...] titled "G [...] Civil War," [...] Archut, of [...] files of the old [...] Woodbury. There is a story [...] booklet that may w[...] here since the hero was [...] father, we believe, or Rob[...] yer, of Alloway, who is the [...] band of the former Miss Marguer ite Dunham, daughter of Mrs. John W. Dunham, of that town. The details of this story, as ex- tracted from this pamphlet, are as follows: Retaliation Sometime in May last (1863), two rebel cap

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[...]his[...] [...]volun-[...] [...]armed[...] [...]Seen[...] [...]understandings[...] [...]the fact that[...] [...]for pre-induction[...] [...]sed along with the[...] [...]teers at the U. S[...] [...]U. S. Air Force Re-[...] [...] Main Station located in[...] [...]den. All men being selected and those volunteering for the Army or Air Force are combined in this processing station for economy measures, as well as the fact that the Army and Air Force Recruit- ing Service were ge

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{torn page with miscellaneous sums (not transcribed) and text} Jessey Emery $150 June the 30th 1865 Hill Cato Dennis Mahony Charls Cuff 3 of them one day 3 da 1 da little sam one day August the 2nd 1865 dr to Charles Cuff {two columns of hours and days} {begin column one} 1 hors 5 hors 1/2 a day 1/2 a day 8 hors 1/2 a day 8 hors 5 hors {begin column two} 2 da 3 da 1 da 4 da 1 da 1 da 1 da 2 da 2 da _____ 24 da _____ 1 da 2 da 1 da 1/2 1 da 1/2 2 da

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{torn page with miscellaneous sums (not transcribed) and text} it moved and secended that we mee at the hall at the hour of 1 oclock

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{blank page except for miscellaneous sums and jottings (not transcribed)}

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{page containing miscellaneous sums and jottings (not transcribed) and the following names and text} William Stratton Henriella Johnson Henriella Joho Stratton Emery 10 [...] Peace be to me Commend good men Aan be not ashame of goo religion the way to glory is is stormy corce

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{page containing miscellaneous sums (not transcribed), and the following names in two columns:} {Begin column one:} Guar S Price Silas Gua Samu. Benson E Cuff 3 meetings Paid 1.75 Dollars {Begin column two:} Dena Rollards A Jonson Silas Garden Sam Benson Charles Guardem

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1 Constitution of the united Sones of Salem Benevolent Society of the free Sons of. ethiopia of Salem March the 26 1839 Preamble Whereas the great creator of the universe Has forcibily inculcated the lessons of charity By the universal dispensation of his beneficence To the beings of his creation and therefore any Association whose object is to encourage this Amiable vrtue must be as pleasing in his Eye as it is useful to the individuals and human nature whatever may be it s

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2 Constitution Article the 1 The name style and title of this Socety Shall be the united Sones of Salem The free sons of of Salem March the 6 1839 Article the 2 Members Candidates for membership shall be men of colour of good moral character citisens of The Common Wealth of Salem free from all Bodily infirmities which might render them Burthensome to the Society of the full Age of 21 years and not exceeding 45 it Shall be the duty of the Society strictly To investigate their ch

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3 When July elected to any of the above offices shall refuse to serve he shall Forfeit and pay to the funds of this Society 50 cents but no member after Having paid his fine or served the Preceding term in office shall be re elect[ed] Within two years after without his consent Article the 4 President an V preside[nt] it shall be the duty of the president To preside at all meetings of the society To preserve decorum regulate debate Decide all questions of order subject To an appeal

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4 Pay all orders signed by the presidend and Attested by the Secretary he shall keep A regular account of all receipts and expendit[ures] Wich he shall have ready to exhibit To the auditors as often as they may Request it and he shall deliver all the Effects belonging to the Society to the President or his successor in office within Thirty days after receiving notice from the Society so to do Article the 6 of Secretary it shall be the duty of the Secretary To keep a fair record of

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5 the Article 7 of committee of investigation And Auditors ures {carryover from previous page "expenditures"} The committee of investigation shall Consist of three members whose duty it shall be to examine strictly the Characters of all persons proposed for Membership and to report to the Society At their next stated meeting the substance of their prceedings and no person shall Be balloted for unless two of the Committee have seen him and strictly investigated into his character t

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6 Member terminate in death the Stwards Shall give notice thereof to the Secretary of the time and place of burial at least Eighteen hours previous provided the Stewards be excused from attending the Sick or notifyin the decease of members During the prevalence of any malignant Disease within the said limits At the next Stated meeting after the death of a member The Stewards shall report wether the Deceased has left a widow and children And if children their respective names and Age

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7 Article the 10 of vacan[cies] in case any of the above offices should become vacant by death resignation or removal such vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the term by a special election when the society deem it necessary it shall be the duty of all the officers above mentioned to perform such other duties as a majority of the members present at any stated meeting may direct Article the 11 Stated meetings and Contributions thear shall be a stated meeting held in ever

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8 Every member of this society shall atend the funeral of a deceased member provided he has been duly notified for the same under the penalty of 25 cents Article 13th Expulsions Should any member report out of this society Any of their transaction so as to injure the society or any of its members he shall be expelled and forfit all he has paid thereon Should any member impose on this society by feigning himself sick or disabled or be convicted in any court of justice or before any

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9 from the time of his application to the president whilst the funds exceed 200 hundred dollars {"50" written over "dollars"} and if the funds do not exceed that sum he shall be entitled to 1 50 per week while there is any money in the funds provided his sickness dose not arise from Any Criminal Conduct the Stewads shall be the jud[g]es whether a man is capable of Attending his usual Business and take the opinion of any Physician thay please should any member be Come insane it the

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10 Members of this Society residing out of the limits of the Stewards whe[n] through indisposion they should be unable to attend their usual Business shall on sending forward to the President a Certificate Confirming the truth of their situation signed by any tow respectable Citizens of the neighbourhood in wich they reside have the same Benefits Allowed them as are allowed to members residing within the limits of the stewards provided that Such Certificates be forwarded every tow we

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11 Article 17th By-laws It shall be lawful for a majority of the members present at a stated meeting to adopt by laws not repugnant to the Constitution and all by laws attaching fines or penalties not exceeding 50 cents shall be obligatory Article 18th of Constitution the Constitution Can neither be altered or Amended but at a stated meeting of this Society of wich at least one months notice must be given and then Allowed only by a majority of tow thirds of the members present no

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12 By Laws Article 1st Every member who shall neglect to pay his Monthly Contribution or neglect attendance of the regular meetings of this society shall Be fined twelve and a half cents unless A good excuse Section 2d For none-attendance at annual Meetings of this society the fines shall be twenty five cents Which will be enforced unless a good excuse be Made to the satisfaction of this society at their next stated meeting Section 3d Fines for none attendance at funerals of De

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13 Article 3d No Member shall be allowed to leave the room during the siting of the society with out leave of the President or Chairman Article 4th The President in the presece of this society shall put the following questions to each Candidate for membership before he signs the Constitution which he is required solemnly and truly to answer to the best of his knowleage otherwise should it afterwards Apear that he has used deception he shall be expelled And forfit All claims on th

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14 Article the 9 No extra Contribution shall be demanded of a Member so long as the funds of this society remain At the sum of $500 {$250 inserted above $500} unless it is for burying a person Who has not been twelve months a member and then the extra Contribution shall be 12 1/2 cents Article the 10 No order of Business at the regluar and special Meetings: roal Called fines and dues Collected Minutes of the meeting read reports of Committees with unfinish business Members propos

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15 Article the 14 the secretary shall be Allowed 3 dollars for his for his yearly attendence Article the 15 it shall be the duty of the marchall to serve All notices belonging to the society Article the 16 No persons shall be allowed to speake more than three minutes at a time under A fine of 12 1/2 cents Article the 17 No person shall be Allowed to rise more than three times to speake on one subject With out leave of the President or Chairman under a fine of 12 1/2 Cents Art

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16 Articl the 20 For untendence at the regular bord meeting Thare shall be 25 cents find Articl the 21 it Shall be the duty that each and Every member belonging to this Society When back in his monthely donations Seventy five cents Shall recive Nothing Whilst oing that Sum Articl the 22 it Shall be the duty that a member Shall pay his monthely donation out of His Sick money Articl the 23 it Shall be the duty that each and Evry member that is not present at Half past 8 o clock

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{Begin column 1} Members Names Josiah Cornelius Josiah X Cor[?]ell Aco[son?] Johson Jesse Emery Henry Brown James Hollon [?] isac X Buck Daniel X Eats Joseph X Cornish Leads X Thomas Clemant X Baner Samuel X Henry John X Price Samuel nckls William Stratton Urias X [his mark] Willits William [Doren?] Joseph Thompson {Begin Column 2} March 2 1852 Nomanateing Committee thomas brown first Article 25 On mosion resole that any membr beinig 3 dollars in ears he shall

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August 4the 1857 By order of the trustees & consent of the Societey the loan of 10 dollar to Charles Gardener for ninty days to Be return with lawful intres At the end of the ninety days Josiah More received the valeu of old qurters 88 cts Detor Leeds Thomas $2 00, Credit By Cash in full $1 60 Detor Thomas Brown $2 00, paid April the 6th 1858 Detor Amos P Duck $2.12 1/2, __________________________ January 5 1858 Rec of William Stratton for fore books of the constitution .20

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Expendicturs May the 5 1857 August 1 1857 Cash to Samuel Benson for one weak sickens $2 00 cts In quarters old and levys $7 12 1/2 cts August the 15 Cash to Silas price $3 00 August the 22 cash to Silas Price $3 00 August the 29 1857 cash to Silas Price $3 00 September 1 1857 settleed with William Stratten and received on account {"of Edward Emery" inserted above account} 2.00 Dollars the Ballence in full Due to the united Sons of Salem Beneficial Society September 1

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Expenditure for the year 1857 April May 5the1857 June 2 fine mone 62 1/2 Extra contribution 75 cts August 4 cash receved from [the table?] 37 cts September 1 cash recevied from the table 12 cts Novem nothing $1 87 December fine money 75 cts 25 $1 00 dollar January 5 1858 Book money 00 35 cts fine money 34 cts fine 12 1/2 cts 12

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Recepts for the Year 1857 May the 5 1857 April cash received from the Table $12 37 1/2 cts June 2 Cash receved from the tabl $8 7 1/2 cts July 7 cash received $5 50 cts August 4 cash receved from table $8 00 cts September 1 cash recevied from the table $ [?] October 6 cash from the table $2 50 November 3 Cash from the table 4 50 December 1 cash received from the table $ 6 00 $ 13 00 cts Fine money $23 00cts 1 00 $24 00 Expenditure

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January 5 1858 Cash to James henderson from the table the sum of six dollars the same is the sume due him toward the expence of his deceased wife $6.00 April 6 1858 Expenditures for children Cash to Elisha Cuff for Decesed wife $6.00 Cash to Samuel Benson for Decesed child $3.00

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1858 January 22 Cash By order Jese Emery $2 00 february 1 1858 Cash to Jese Emery 1 50 february 8 1858 Cash to Jesse Emery 1 00 February 14 Cash to James Hollen two weeks 6 00 14 Cash Leeds Thomas one week 3 00 14 Cash Jesse Emery one week 00 50 23 Cash Leeds Thomas one week 3 00 March 2 Cash to Leeds Thomas for one week 3 00 29th Cash to Jesse Emery for one week sick 3 00 31 est Cash to Jesse Emery for one week sickness 3 00 April 6 Cash to Elisha Cuf

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April 6 1858 Jesse Emery $3 00 16 " Jesse Emery 2 50 21 " Elisha Cuff 3 00 22 Jesse Emery 2 00 28 Jesse Emery 1 50 May 4 Jesse Emery 1 00 6 By order cash Silas Price 3 00 7 By order cash to Denard Robbards for 3 00 To pay for the writings of the property 14 Cash Silas Brice 3 00 24 Cash for Leeds Thomas 3 00 31 Cash by order for Leeds Thomas 3 00 June 5 Cash by order Charles Guardenner 2 50 7 Cash by order Leeds Tomas 2 00 9 Cash by order C Guardennor

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11 " 36 cts May the 4 1858 Rec from the table Cash fin and dues $ 12 25 June Cash received at the table 6 75 July cash receved at the talbe 6 00

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April the 2nd 1867 A year meeten of the united Sons of Salem Beneficial Society met at their hall after singing and prair the hous was cold to order By the presadent in the chair Charles Garner receved on per Bation 6 moth Age 36 years old paid on enterns $3.00 dollars Receved from the table $2 50 cts Paid over to Denar R Rabers $2 35 cts Set tled with the Treasur Samiel Benson found in his hand $17.75 cts On motion thhat the house Be Repaied By the Society June the 4th 1867 A

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August the 20th 1867 a cold meetion off the united Sons of Salem met at our hall after singing and pray the house was cold to order By the presadent in chair Taken Josep Sepp Jonson on per Bation 6 mont. paid on enterns $1 00 on motion that the united Sons of Salem Benefecial Siety Shall have genel turn on the 22nd of September with speek Augus the 20th 1867 Receved from the table $2 25 on motion that all membrs that all membre that Dont turn ot on the praid Shall pay the sum of

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November the 5th 1867 A sudd meetion of the united Sons of S Bnefecial Society met at thar hall After ss and prayed the haus wors cold to order By the presdent in [A chare?] novmber the 5th Recevd from the tabl $2 50 December the 3rd year 1867 A stated meeton of the united Sons of Salem met at thair hall after singing and prayr the house wors cold to order By the presadent in the char chair

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Feb 23th 1841 Recvd from the united Suns of Salem the sum of sixty two and a half cents for hall rent 62 p In full Henery Hutchens March 30 1841 Recd from the united suns of Salem the sum of thirty one cents in ful

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Minnit Book June 25 1839 on motion resolved that Josiah Carnles Bill Be excepted which motion was carried June 25 on motion resoled that franses Turner be Come a member of this Society aged 39 And unamusely caried on motion resolved that fillip Cornelius aged 25 years age bcome a member of this Society And unasely caried on motion resolve that Samuel Nickins Shall be come a member of this Society Annd unamusley caried aged 21 On motion rsolve that William freeman shall be come a

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Janary 21 1840 The bord meettin meet at the hall and after prayers comments bisness On mosion resolved that of W Jonson makes application to become a member of this society Age 35 January 28 1840 A stated meeting held at their of the united Suns of Salem was held at there hall the President in the chair on mosion reolved that John W Jhnson bcome a member of the uni ted Suns of Salem Febuary the 5 1840 On motion resolve that Leeds thomas shall have 2 00 Dollers to ade him in hi

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Leeds thomas Presedent Steven harris Vise President W Stratton Secetary James hollen Asistent Secetary Jesse Emery Oretore Daniel Ates Oretore Samuel henery Oriter Isaac Buck Marshell Josiah Conwell steward Wesley Jonson Steward Joseph cornish Steward W doren treasure Clement bannerds hose the house fore the present yere at the 4 00 dollars a yeare June 30 1840 on motion resolved that Samu el clark be stuard for the in suing three munts Aaron Johnson Josiah Conwell Jul

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he pays with inn seventy five cents And the balance taken out of weekley do nation for his monthley contribution August 25 1840 a stated meeting of the united Suns of Salem was held at ther hall and after prayers proced to bisness on motion resolved that William Dobson be com a member of this Society on motion resolved that Samuel henery be fined 25 cents for disordely conduct on motion resolved that Joseph Tom pson be receved in the board meeting and laid over for the next st

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on motion that Stephen Stanford be offred as a respectble cande date to the next stated meeting On motion resolved that each and every member shall cum pre pared to Recev his badge the nex stated meeting on motion resolved that James Hollon be apointed to get the crape for the Society On motion resolved that every member after receving his badge shall keep it clean and desent and faling to due so shall pay a fine of 12 1/2 Cents to this Society October 27 1840 A stated meeting of

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And at the age of forty six After the sam investagation on motion resolved that every can a date receved in this Society at the age of forty six shall pay the sum of two dollars entrenc on mtion resolv that the funs of this Soci ety shall be Closed for three months on conditions in case enn of our mem bers that are up in thir rears shall be such And nesestated ther shall be permission made for them January 26th 1841 A stated meeeting of the united Suns of Salem Was held in their ha

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April 27 1841 Stated meetin of the united Suns of Salem Was held in their hall and after prayr proced to bisness the president in the chare on motion resolved William [Dron?] Tresure for the suin year May the 25 stated meeting united Son of Salem Was held in there hall and aft er prars proseed to bisness June 29 1841 a stated meeting of the united Sons of Salem was held at ther hall and after Prayers perseded to bisness July 27 1841 a stated meeting of the Uniteted sons of salem

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November 30 1841 the United suns of salem A stated meeting was held at thar hall and after prayers perseded to bisness November 30 1841 thomas mirse has gaind his a lecttion December the 28 1841 the united Son of Salem our astated meeting hel in our hall and after praysers perseded to bisness it moved and seccond that two treasure and secertary shall settle With Wm g Besley Jan the 25 1842 the united Sons of Salem our astated meeting is hel in our hall and after praysers prose

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March the 29the 1842 the united Son of Salem our as tated meeting is held in our hall and after praysers procede to bisness it moved and second that Edward Johnson shall became a member to our Society it moved and seccond that Samuel Johnson shall become a member to this Society it moved and seccond that it shall stand at two dollars the enterns shall stand the year out April the 26 1842 the united Sons of Salem our astated meeting held in our hall and after praysers prosede to

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July the 26 1842 the united Sons of Salem is our stated meeting is held in our hall and after prayers proced to bisness Wm dorum Chearmon for the eaving August 2 30 1842 the united Sons of Salem is our stated meeting is hedd in our hall and after prayers procede to bisness Isaac buck president Sep the 27 1842 the united Sons of Salem is our satated meeting is held in our hall and after prayers proced to bisness vice president Stepen Harris it move and seccond that Daniel Chace is