Dear Readers,

Inquiry is a foundational stone of our remarkable progress as a society. With each new study that unveils the unknown before us, we affirm the countless hours and trials of scientists, philosophers, and other researchers who built the ground behind us. Even evidence that overturns this foundation may advance the field, as the search for truth invites critical thinking and re-imagining just as easily as risks and accidental discoveries. As researchers, each of us has a role and a contribution to our societal progress. Each piece, no matter how small, helps to build the greater whole. Thus, in order to assemble the pieces together, research must be collaborative. While collaboration, in theory, appears simple, it is actually a complex effort between many investigators studying the same topic across the world. In order to truly be successful, there must be a medium for these investigators to communicate their work in an effective manner. Our mission as the journal for undergraduate research is to be this medium.

This chain of communication begins naturally with the researchers: those with findings to convey. It is difficult and rather uncommon for undergraduates to publish their work, and as the medium for their efforts UMURJ must diminish the barriers to publication, which include credibility and more simply, time. The support and sponsorship in their work are enormously important, as most undergraduates receive the input of their mentors and principal investigators throughout the process. Further, the support of our faculty reviewers is integral to our efforts in the journal, and we are extremely grateful for their time. Their help enables researchers to learn to write to their audience, perfect their delivery of results, and envision where their work fits into the wider literature. Our sponsors are also vitally important to the publication process and the success of this organization; only with their help could we achieve our goals.

The final piece in this collaboration is your responsibility, as the reader. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone when reading this journal. Though it may not be your particular field, or even your discipline, we have published these pieces because each has something to teach us, sometimes outside of the results section. So, we challenge you to take away something new each time you look through this journal. You are the integral third piece, and now it is your turn to support undergraduate research.


Matt and Itai
Co-Editors in Chief