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Letter from the editors Ward, Matthew; Palmon, Itai PDF (147kb)
Acknowledgements PDF (257kb)
Mission Statement PDF (852kb)
An interview with Professor Matt Chapman Chapman, Matthew; Palmon, Itai PDF (174kb)
An interview with Professor Costas Lyssiotis Lyssiotis, Costas; Ward, Matthew PDF (211kb)
Abstract: Understanding challenges stemming from survey on the impact of gender-affirming top-surgery on female-to-male transgender patients Hines, Kaitlyn; Lane, Megan PDF (183kb)
Abstract: The societal impact and economic implications of the last arrow ceremony Chakraborty, Tuhin; Hughes, Bethany PDF (155kb)
A review of the biological and physical mechanisms underlying aortic aneurysm pathology Palmon, Itai; Zochowski, Michal PDF (848kb)
Symplectic geometry through polytopes Kelln, Colby; Burns, Daniel PDF (521kb)
Live cross exchange of plasma in normothermic perfusion to extend limb viability Guy, Erin; Gok, Emre PDF (212kb)
The role of TGFb in alveolar epithelial homeostatic turnover in mice Aspal, Mohit; Vaishampayan, Neil; Jansing, Nicole; Pallas, Brooke; Zemans, Rachel PDF (367kb)
Stressful experiences are associated with greater PTSD and depression symptoms Kubat, Bradley; Duval, Elizabeth PDF (270kb)
Promoting undergraduate research publishing: next steps in supporting undergraduate research engagement Aenășoaie, Luciana; Ferrez, Michelle PDF (177kb)
About the staff PDF (1.8mb)