The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.
Flint Campus

During 1955-56 planning was under way for the Flint Campus. First classes were held in September of 1956 in temporary spaces while the Mott Memorial Building was under construction, a gift from the Charles S. Mott Foundation. This building was owned by the Flint Board of Education but dedicated for use by the University of Michigan. An agreement between the University and the Flint Board of Education concerning the shared use of facilities was formalized in May of 1959.

Expansion of the Flint Campus facilities was not long in arriving. In February of 1965 the firm of Nurmi, Nelson and McKinley Associates was hired as architects for the expansion program. In March of 1970, 17.27 acres were purchased. A gift of Mr. and Mrs. Colman J. Ross was accepted in November of 1971 for a Chancellor's residence, and this was named the Ross House.

Page  94In October of 1972 the Regents adopted a resolution to relocate the campus from Court Street to a riverfront location near the center of Flint. State financing was sought and obtained for this move.

The Flint Court Street Building, financed by gifts, was completed in December of 1973 by the Cunningham-Limp Company. This served to supply additional needed space pending the move to the new location.

A large classroom and office building was built on the riverfront site, financed by state appropriations. This structure was begun in June of 1974 and completed in January of 1977.

The June 30, 1977, records for the Flint Campus show assets at $1,123,942 for 52.94 acres of land and $10,350,623 for ten buildings.