The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.
Dearborn Campus

The Dearborn Campus was originally a gift from the Ford Motor Company of the Fairlane mansion and accompanying out-buildings and 210 acres of land, and from the Ford Motor Company Fund of $6,500,000 to provide an initial complement of buildings. These gifts were gratefully accepted by the Regents in February of 1957. Preliminary planning was provided by Barr and Linde, architects. In July of 1957, Hubbell, Roth and Clark of Birmingham, Michigan, were employed to design roadways, utilities, and parking areas, and Giffels and Vallet, Inc. of Detroit were employed as architects for the buildings. The general construction contracts were awarded in April of 1958 to Spence Brothers of Saginaw. The first buildings were completed by the fall term of 1959 and consisted of a classroom and administration building, engineering laboratory, and faculty office building.

Student housing facilities at Dearborn were first discussed by the Regents in April of 1962 and construction was Page  93authorized in September of 1962. Work began in the fall of 1963 on the Dearborn Fairlane Apartments and they were completed in February of 1965 at a cost of $700,000 to be financed by unit revenues.

Additional buildings have also been constructed. The Dearborn Classroom and Office Building was started in May of 1972 and completed in December of 1972, financed by state appropriations. The Dearborn Student Activities Building addition was completed in May of 1975, financed by University sources. The Dearborn Engineering Laboratory renovations were completed in December of 1975, financed from state appropriations. A Dearborn parking Structure was completed in November of 1976, financed from University sources.

The Dearborn physical Activities and Recreation Complex - Phase I was begun in March of 1977 and was scheduled for completion in December of 1977. This is financed from University sources.

The June 30, 1977, records for the Dearborn Campus show assets at $1,680,079 for 196.0168 acres of land, and $9,322,580 for thirty-nine buildings.