The University of Michigan, an encyclopedic survey ... Wilfred B. Shaw, editor.
University of Michigan.
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Gifts and Grants

The total value of monetary gifts over the years recognized in the University books of account has reached $455,997,370 at June 30, 1977. This includes gifts for operating purposes which have been expended and gifts for permanent purposes such as for endowments, student loans, and lands and buildings.

The University is nationally recognized for its volume of gifts. A significant part of this is represented by the Michigan Alumni annual giving program. In honor of the institution's Sesquicentennial year of 1967, a special campaign was mounted, entitled the $55 Million Campaign. It was very successful, resulting in gifts and pledges exceeding $72 million. In the last eleven years, annual gifts have exceeded $20 million every year except one, and have averaged over $24 million per year in this period. In 1973-74 the level was over $29 million, and in 1976-77 it was over $28 million.

In addition to the amounts received and booked as gifts, many pledges of future gifts have been made on behalf of the University, such as beneficiary designations in life insurance policies and in wills, and pledged payment of gifts in future years.

The following table describes the general uses for which gifts were received in ten-year periods from 1939-40: Page  24

1939-40 1949-50 1959-60 1969-70 1976-77
Current Operations $ 419,470 $1,101,840 $5,042,896 $16,875,044 $20,725,855
Student Loans 8,610 16,654 99,398 93,717 142,227
Endowments 291,987 196,269 1,012,164 1,148,576 5,027,438
Physical Properties 1,048,133 82,048 2,259,225 1,146,066 2,416,986
Total $1,768,200 $1,396,811 $8,413,683 $19,263,403 $28,312,506